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Forgiveness: the Way Forward for the Unification Movement

Christopher Krefft
November 9, 2013

Presenter: Reverend Christopher C. Krefft
Date: Monday, November 11, 2013
Location: The home of Anne-Marie Mylar
500 Ethel Court
Middletown, DE 19709

Schedule: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm with a one hour break for lunch

Cost: $40.00. Covers lunch and expenses for the program (including a contribution toward the travel expenses of Rev. Krefft).

Driving directions: From the NY area, approach from I-95. From the DC area, approach from Rt. 301 over the Bay Bridge.

Please plan to arrive early to allow time after a long drive for refreshing yourself and preparing to focus on the presentation.

RSVP: Glenn Strait,

True Mother's Words

"Recently, sweet persimmons were sent from Japan…. the person who had raised them had always read the Divine Principle to the persimmon tree and let it listen to holy songs. The persimmons were so juicy and delicious. As such, all creatures like to listen to the truth. The more [truth and love] you give to the nature, the more it returns to you, but why is it so difficult when it comes to the world of people?

"We have to change the way we think and empty our minds. You should become happy people with overflowing feelings of gratitude, and then you could share your happiness with others."
Hak Ja Han, "Hoon Dok Hae at the New Yorker Hotel," Nov. 5, 2012

"Before receiving the Messiah of the Second Coming, the spirit world had been in darkness. True Father, who has concluded the era of restoration through indemnity, opened the gate of the era of Cheon Il Guk. Foundation Day is the day when we start Cheon Il Guk. That's not the day when heaven and earth are destroyed."
Hak Ja Han, "Practice love for the whole," Special Assembly of 2nd Gen in Korea, December 12, 2012

"During the Old Testament period, we called God 'Yahweh' and during the New Testament period we called God 'Heavenly Father,' but True Father completed providence history. The Foundation Day is the day that God's dream will be accomplished…we need to change the name of God. We shouldn't call out to God, we should call out to Heavenly Parents."
Hak Ja Han, "New Directions at Leaders Conference," January 7, 2013


By Glenn Strait and Antonio Betancourt based on words from Heavenly Parent as received through Rev. Krefft.

Our original ancestors, Adam and Eve, were created as the visible manifestation of God's original harmonious and love-filled duality of interdependent, interconnected, and joyfully radiant masculinity and femininity. Through the Fall Adam and Eve became instead a grotesquely distorted reflection of God's masculinity and femininity, a conflictive and fear-filled duality of independent, disconnected, and grievingly sullen masculinity and femininity with a prevailing male gender focus anchored in Eve's lead off role in the Fall.

Such conditions blocked the gender-balanced Father and Mother God from caring for Adam and Eve and forced God the Father to adopt the position of a single parent, who parents men and women without Him having the attributes of God the Mother. As a result, God the Mother had no power and no voice, and consequently all women of history have similarly suffered, lacking representation either to speak up or to listen to Mother God about their own femininity and their role in parenting humanity.

Foundation Day changes that, it gives freedom to Mother God for the first time, to speak, to be herself, as a key player of original femininity in bringing peace, harmony and unity within the human family. This is the original position of the mother in the home. Peace in the family cannot be achieved by the Father alone; for that the Mother has the lead responsibility. True Mother, with all the limitations that she has, is nonetheless the pioneer true woman, the visible manifestation of Heavenly Mother, and the potential voice of Mother God here on earth, as was her husband and partner, True Father, representing and being the voice of God the Father.

As Unificationists we may agree that we need to be agents of forgiveness, making sure that within ourselves we have forgiven God, True Parents, True Family, our leaders, our Church, our spouses, our families, and then too ourselves. Beyond these, the list of what we might forgive could be endless.

If we are to understand the place of forgiveness in this post-Foundation Day era after the coming of heaven, however, as True Mother has said, we need "to change the way we think and empty our minds." We need to open our hearts and minds to appreciate God's original heart, mind, and authority as Father, Mother, and Parent -- before "the era before the coming of heaven, which was marked by sin and indemnity [atonement]."

In Delaware, Heavenly Parent wants six symbolic hours to review human history, making a kind of new start with representatives of humanity. We will be standing on foundations established by God, True Parents, and the Unification movement and sealed on Foundation Day. For perspective, we may recall the image of Moses during the Old Testament period coming down from the mountain top carrying the tablets on which God had inscribed the Ten Commandments. In contrast, we can imagine ourselves in Delaware as receiving Moses, Ziporah, and their family coming down the mountain together with God as Father, Mother, and Parent. One of the topics covered will be circumcision and God's commitment to end it.

We may think of this presentation as a conversation on the movement. Alternatively, through our investment prior to the meeting, we can set the stage for going to the next level beyond a conversation on the movement to a discussion about how God, in Heart, can move in choice with humanity. To set the stage for that discussion, we can kneel down in front of God and think about choice confer with God on God's Choices, capture the moment in history for ourselves, and seek to multiply goodness, with absolute humility, humbly seek what God Needs, envision a process of consultation with God

Through such preparation, we can bring a higher result in Delaware, stop the clock of time, and look for better results and better futures for our siblings. That would be called Family Planning involving representatives of the family.

Message from Heavenly Parent
Received through Rev. Krefft
Our World and the Unification Movement

The new definition of forgiveness

Forgiveness, as a definitive value

After the human fall, humankind went about looking for ways to achieve restoration. It culminated in the birth of True Parents, but they themselves were bound to listen to God. God, in turn, instructed Parents, to institute a new foundation, which is the same as, the original (pre-Fall) foundation: Foundation Day.

Foundation Day is set squarely in the mind or Mind's Eye of God.

Foundation Day requires real, true and devoted movement. In the past, devotion meant women and men put aside the foreskin, separated good from evil, and, in practicality, they positioned themselves as nuns, monks and priests, to leave sexual contact outside of their earthly life.

Forgiveness, for the Delaware program, in the context of, "Forgiveness: the Way Forward for the Unification Movement," is as much a part of women and men receiving understanding on love, as it is about processing love, in acts of forgiveness.

If the Unification Church movement can move aside, for a moment, and, in retrospect, coolly, simply, and, at times, analytically analyze capacity, and the ability or inability, to process love, we can see human beings coming into true understandings of love, devotion, honor and happiness. With such things finding sure footing in God, then love, character and development can be set up. This then sets the stage for true forgiveness. That is, God can liaise with anyone over what is or is not forgiveness, how it can be employed, and if such deeds, always made with heart and love, or with heart and love linked, or, at a minimum level, with it in the mind's eye, we can change the Unification Church movement to reflect God, fully. This is why, the title, "Forgiveness: the Way Forward for the Unification Movement," makes the case for the optimum level of God, working in the Unification Church movement.

The title, "Forgiveness: the Way Forward for the Unification Movement," is given, not just for the pure empathy and value that comes with forgiveness itself, but it is given as a pre-determinant for change.

This is acceptable to God, because even if humanity had not fallen, there would be pre-determinant decisions, decision-making, and a contributory outlook, not just from the mind, but from the human heart, that could coincide with the Heart of God, in Value, and be set up to correspond, in motion, action and love, with all that is absolutely valued.

All human beings are absolutely valued by God, Creator. Joy comes in the creation, and the management, in the fulfillment, and, in the presence of God. Forgiveness makes a plausible place for God to dwell.

Human beings tend to appreciate hearing from others, "I am dwelling with God, and my decision, it came, it was made, and it was sanctioned, in God."

If we achieve this, we may be able to re-introduce respect into the Unification Movement, which would vastly change the outlook, experience and considerations of First, Second, Third, Fourth and soon to be Fifth Generation Unificationists.

"Forgiveness: the Way Forward for the Unification Movement" is as much a part of the Hopes of God as it is part of a One-Time Strategy: advising Unificationists on Forgiveness, not as an art, but, as a practice.

I look forward to sharing more in Delaware.

Aju, Heavenly Parent


Selected additional excerpts from Heavenly Parent's words received through Rev. Krefft

We don't walk into the future based on ransom.

Not after Foundation Day, yet all of history set out, before Foundation Day, and the conclusion of the laws of indemnity, to achieve this.

We don't support religious people by paying homage to false concepts of redemption, but we, instead, work with God to renew faith in the Ideal of God….

Christ, Jesus symbolized all the hopes of God, even while not, in practice, being portrayed,

as such; instead, humans have chosen to have him symbolize the needs of men, males, leaving women, men and children alike to "find" God through his window.

With Mother, we change much of that, but we failed to identify the way forward for women. This must, after Foundation Day, change. The way forward for women is not in redemption or salvation; it is in relationship with God. All women are eternal, and their relationships with God are equally eternal.

We must improve relationship management between women and God; this is a family priority…

…all Unificationists have capacity for growth, drive and a desire for improvement. All love God. All care about God, make no mistake about it.

It is a very, very precious movement, despite dysfunction. How then, are we to go forward?

We go forward in love, not faith. We go forward in consultation.

We truly unpack the meaning of consultation after Foundation Day. What, in the Ideal, in contexts of creation, and before the human fall, did consultation look like?

What was the vision of Heavenly Mother for consultation? Heavenly Father? Heavenly Parent?

If you come to Delaware to hear God, where is the consultation? You would only be arriving as the faithful, and faith is not how we go forward. No, we go forward in love.

Love requires consultation.

It is true that boundless lectures and copious amounts of information can be given, but there has to be consideration too of immediate need, not just planning for humanity's future, and the long-ranging goals of God for humanity.

Every generation deserves the chance to make a contribution.

About Rev. Krefft

Christopher Krefft was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As a small child, he was visited by members of the spirit world, first his uncle, then Jesus and Mary.

Later He met John the Baptist, Joseph and Zechariah, St. Francis and more.

He sat through many spiritual lectures.

From age 5 God began to identify Him/Herself to him and to communicate.

Chris joined the Unification movement at age 16 and was blessed at age 25 in the 2075 blessing. He worked as a missionary for about four years in Russia from 1991 and has resided in New Zealand since 1995. From 2004, he has been continuously spiritually open, communicating with biblical figures, ascended members of the True Family, and other leaders in the spirit world. 

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