The Words of the Krefft Family

Miami Church Visit

Alisa Krefft
February 7, 2006

Today, 29th of January 2006, Tonya's stationary team and Christophe's team gathered for the first time at the Miami church. We were all quite excited to meet this community, our extended family who we really wanted to make a sincere offering to. We prepared a song to offer our appreciation and SunMee and Jared prepared testimonies as external ways of showing our heart of sharing and gratitude.

Sunday Service started out today with a quick announcement about the family and spouse relationships. Emphasizing quality time together to become more grateful for one another, the speaker made references as to how simply holding the door open for his wife was just one way to show his appreciation. Although not many of us could directly relate to this internal guidance yet, I feel we could realize its value for the future, for our own parents and also on a broader scale how small acts of appreciation can strengthen and deepen horizontal relationships. It was good to hear this guidance before we really had a chance to connect to the members, so we could keep this in mind later.

Then STF had our chance to share with the community. We all introduced ourselves, showed the STF video, and Jared Howard and SunMee Holmes each gave a testimony. The church members really wanted to understand us more deeply. This was very moving and welcoming to witness. With such a prospering group of BC's, we all felt that we could share openly and honestly and set a good example for the future.

A translated morning service was given today by Carlos Chavez. Concerning becoming sons & daughters of God, he focused on how to understand what's good or evil. He said that at first, God was alone with creation and He just focused on projecting his image into man and woman. But because of the fall, human history began the wrong way- without God. He also spoke of the 100% effort God put into making us, and how we as humanity have to live for His sake, since He lives for humanity's sake. A reminder that this Sunday service was not so that we could space out but so that we could live for god by investing in our brothers and sisters.

After the service, we all joined in for lunch, some discussion, where many first Generation shared that they felt inspired by us and many Second gen were also very interested. We really tried to make a good foundation with our brothers and sisters here through investing our hearts. We all can't wait to see everyone again next Sunday to really further this relationship and be able to offer more to these members who gave us so much love.

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