The Words of the Kondo Family

Response To Andrew Wilson's Comments About The Church Providing A Matchmaking Service

Marina Kondo
August, 2002

I was reading the report about Andrew Wilson, analyzing the "American Church" and expecting the Church to have matchmakers to match their kids. I feel the proposal doesn't catch the heart of God and True Parents.

True Parents are asking us to take responsibility and inherit their task of matching children, preferably our own. What a wonderful and glorious time! What a grace and blessing that God is now trusting us all with this responsibility.

Why wouldn't God work through us as he has through our True Parents? Wouldn't it make sense that this is the original plan that was meant for us? How can we be so selfish and expect Father to do everything? We need to stop complaining and holding on to our fears and let go and let God work through our original minds. We need to be serious to pray. Why wouldn't God answer us and guide us? What are we all afraid of?

I am so happy and grateful that this time has come. My children are still babies, but I always know God has someone prepared for them. I know that even now my prayers will guide me to that time. I already have gotten the inspiration that I shouldn't wait so long. I should match them early, maybe 16. There is no time to waste. Kids need their mates.

I wish I were matched at 16. It would have saved me a lot of heartache.

I think that if second generation couples were already matched, we shouldn't criticize the motivation of the parents to match. That was God's decision. There are no bad matches. How dare we put down those couples?

Whomever the parents decide, that was their effort and responsibility. No one can judge them for uniting with Father's direction.

I want to share my personal testimony. I was standing at the Holy Ground, here in Portland, Oregon, and in my prayer I felt one sister was supposed to get blessed immediately. I even felt to whom that person was supposed to get matched. I immediately called her mother and I felt the power of God so strongly. I said, "Don't wait. She needs to get matched now! Now is the time. Don't deprive her of her happiness anymore."

This sister and her mother decided to do a 40-day prayer together to prepare for her blessing. They didn't know until the last minute who her spouse would be. I also continued to pray for her. I knew God would find her happiness.

One week before the blessing, the match was made. Her mother felt she should ask her own spiritual mother. That's where the answer came from.

I am so happy God could guide these two young people together. I also feel they shouldn't wait too long to start their family. They are not single anymore. They should grow their hearts from being a couple. ( I will not mention names because neither of the people I am speaking of knows I am writing this.)

If we want our kids to be happy, we have to be happy. We have to remember that God put us together and that He will do the same for our children through us. Wouldn't God know your hearts and your prayers? Wouldn't God be overjoyed to inspire you all with the happiness of your children. Oh you all of little faith!

For God's sake, stop wondering what to do and just do it. Your kids are lonely and they need you to be confident. Then they need you to guide them along to be good grandparents. The journey is for everyone to take together. Thank you God. Thank you True Parents! What a wonderful day this is!!!!!

Marina Kondo
Oregon and SW Washington Family Church

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