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True Father: Heaven starts by loving another human being the way God does

Bruno Klotz
July 26, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Father and Heung Jin Nim:

True Father: "How much are you loving? How much will you love? There is no guarantee how much you can do. If you have a guarantee that you can do this, then you can really and truly represent God. Then happiness truly dwells with you and the people you are trying to influence come under your domain." [1]

We all have this guarantee, that means we all have the necessary potential in our heart.

But then it is up to each one of us how much we are tapping into this potential, developing it and bringing it to fruition. That is our 5%, so to speak.

Nobody can do this for us, but if we are determined to do it, nobody can stop us. Then we will grow into true representatives of God and True Parents. We will then more and more embody the love of God. We will more and more be able to love the way God does, unchangingly, unconditionally, never expecting anything in return, but just investing and forgetting. And true happiness will increasingly reign our lives, and it will spread to others around us.

If, however, we think that this is only something that True Parents and Jesus can do, that this is "so difficult", then we have already defeated ourselves, and the potential in our heart will not become activated. And we are missing out on the most important thing in life. We will chase after true happiness, true fulfillment, but not find it anywhere. Because we do not go where it really is:

True Father: "What is heaven? Heaven starts by loving another human being the way God does." [2]

So is it enough then to just love ONE person the way God does? Well, the whole thing is not about numbers, but about the level, purity, maturity and quality of our heart.

As our hearts get closer to the level of God's love, we simply become ready to love and embrace everyone, without exception. To do this we need to constantly and consciously revolutionize our hearts, getting rid of all limitations and barriers there, that hold us back from unconditionally loving, respecting and embracing everyone we meet, even "enemies". Heung Jin Nim desperately wants to help us with this:

Heung Jin Nim: "Just ask me to show you the way. Ask me to show you through the darkness of your own heart, through the barriers that you have there. I will help you." [3]

If we ask True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus for help, they will help us to revolutionize our hearts. But we have to ask them!

And to grow fast to much higher levels, we need as much training of heart as possible. We need constant and conscious practice of loving. And that is not just an external thing. It has very much to do with the thoughts we entertain and the words we speak.

We need to watch our thoughts all the time when being around others, eliminating every self centered thought and word. Otherwise we are not truly loving, because we are trying to put ourselves into the center, instead of others.

Obviously all this is a matter of training. It requires constant self-observation and self-analysis. Maturing of heart and love takes some time. Like with learning to walk, we will stumble and make mistakes. Even after some time we may realize that still self-centered thoughts get in the way, even self centered speaking. We may try to make it better next time, and we may succeed or we may fall again into the same trap of self-centered thinking or speaking.

But even then God will not throw a hammer at us. God understands that on the way of growth we will make mistakes. Such mistakes are unavoidable and not a disaster:

Heung Jin Nim: "Everything was made to grow to perfection over a certain period of time. Every skill that you have was developed with a lot of practice and a lot of mistakes over a long period of time. Heavenly Father knows this very well. He created it that way. He is aware that you are going to make many, many mistakes." [4]

But what God wants to see is that we realize what was self centered, and then correct it as fast as possible. He is not interested in us repenting over and over, while repeating the same self centered thoughts, words and actions. He wants to see us grow up and develop a heavenly heart:

Heung Jin Nim: "As long as the child is making progress in his understanding of what is right in the sincerity of his heart, then you are satisfied with his growth. In other words, you can forgive immaturity as long as it is growing into maturity." [4]

That means that, in spite of all the mistakes we make while working on perfecting our hearts, God is happy as long as our immaturity grows into maturity. Just as parents do not worry about the baby stumbling while learning to walk, as long as they see some progress over time. They only begin to worry if there is no progress. In the same way God worries if he sees us making mistakes but cannot see us progressing in heart and love.

That applies also to True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus. They all want to see us grow, as fast as possible:

Heung Jin Nim: "Please, understand, this is your time to grow. And I want to see you grow." [5]

Grow in what? In heart and love of course:

Heung Jin Nim: "You've come to a certain amount of the way through the desert, but now sometimes you stop between two sand dunes and you don't have the power to climb up and really see if Canaan could be up at the top. And so you are digging sand, dutifully and obediently, but that's not your job. It is your job to go forward, and this is not just an external responsibility; it is not just obedience to Father's latest project. It is going forward in your hearts...." [5]

Perfecting our heart and love is our first and foremost responsibility. More than this, it is the most tremendous blessing! As soon as we seriously walk that road, we will increasingly experience true life and true happiness. Heaven and heaven's blessing will unfold in our life, based on us loving people the way God does.

We need, however, to break out of any defeatist mindset, out of limited concepts about ourselves:

Heung Jin Nim: "Many of you have a concept about yourself which is so limited. So limited! You say, well, I don't know about this, I'm not that type of person, I'm not spiritual, I'm not a heartistic type of person. But, what do you think heaven is? It is the realm of heart. And if you don't relate with that, then where are you going to go? To the intellectual heaven? To the instinctual heaven? What heaven are you going to? It is the heaven of heart and there is only one...

So if you have such a concept about yourself, what about your spouse? What about your family? What about the people you influence day by day? Where are you going to take them? That's why, really, I want to kick you, and make you realize that there is a new realm that is open, and that the time of growth is here. It's not the kind of person you always thought you were; something new has opened, and you can be a person you never even imagined....

You identify yourselves in certain ways because you're afraid to step outside of those boundaries you've set for yourself. Isn't that true?" [5]

It was Satan who "helped" us to think in limited and defeatist ways. That is how he can rule over us, can keep us in internal stagnation.

But it is all a big bluff. As soon as we see through it, do not believe in his lies anymore and seriously and consciously go the path toward perfecting our love, we can become people we have never imagined we would be. We are destined to become people with a divine heart inside ourselves, with the heart of heaven, who can embrace all humanity the way God does.

Love from Brunoj

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