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True Father: There is only ONE mainstream!

Bruno Klotz
July 16, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Parents and Heung Jin Nim:

True Mother: "Please arm yourselves with the Principle. Connect to God’s heart, not in a relationship of master and servant, but in a relationship of parent and child in the realm of heart." [1]

God's ideal is the world of the heart, not the one of master and servant, command and obedience. God is not interested in "ruling" over us, but in us having a relationship of heart with Him, a relationship of love. And not only with Him, but with also with His children, the people of the world.

And not only that. God wants us to inherit His very heart. He wants us to be able to love the way He does. He wants us to become even better than Him, when it comes to love.

God wants His love to reach every corner of the world, which means each and every human heart. That means everyone has to become a channel for the love of God, the highest quality of love. Everyone has to develop the heart of God in himself/herself. Everyone has to become a divine being, a small God:

True Father: "In spirit world we will all have some accumulated testimony about how much love we gave to God and [to] the people... In love you become a small God here on earth... " [2]

Heung Jin Nim: "You were all meant to be Gods. There is not limit to your heart, and there is no limit for all eternity. Your heart will get bigger and bigger and bigger." [3]

To become such people is most certainly not the monopoly of True Parents. It is the destiny of all of us. It is the destiny of each and every human being. It is the purpose of creation.

True Parents are the pioneers, together with Jesus. But we are to inherit their level of heart and love. If we do not do that then their pioneering work does not bear fruit. Then everything stagnates.

Therefore we are to be their fruits. We are to inherit their heart. Our heart has to become the extension of the heart of God, True Parents and Jesus. Then the ideal world will come overnight, faster than we ever thought:

Heung Jin Nim: "It is not what you know that is going to change this world, it is what you can become as a man and a woman following our True Parents. That is the inheritance. They want you to inherit their very heart..." [4]

Certainly nothing less! They want our love to vibrate in a God-like way for the people of the world, no matter if good or bad. They want us to love the way God does. They want us to become real peace makers who create peace with the power of their heart and love, thus bringing God fully into action, so that all evil in this world will simply collapse in a short time:

True Father: "Before God hits the power of evil, we must accomplish the desire of God." [5]

What then is the real desire of God? True Parents make it clear:

True Father: "Your perfection is the source of joy for the universe. That will truly be the ultimate good day." [6]

True Mother: "As we work toward opening of the Cheon Il Guk era, you must be able to find the perfected, original mind....." [7]

True Father: "I pray that they [the Unification members] can be protected on all sides by the shield of love, and learn to walk the path of tradition as they march toward the Kingdom of Heaven and become the representatives of heavenly love." [8]

True Father: "Living in the image of God means having God’s words becoming your words and God’s love become your love. That is your first goal." [12]

Our first goal! It cannot be more clear! Our perfection of heart and love is the desire of God. God is waiting for us to make His dream real, to perfect our love and become representatives of heavenly love.

We may do many great things, but if we do not constantly and consciously develop ourselves towards perfection of heart and love, we are missing the real essence of our life. Father expresses it this way:

True Father: "The purpose of life is to occupy the love of God. If you do not occupy the love of God, even if you think you have achieved all your hopes, you have not achieved anything." [9]

True Father: "Be a hero of love and hero of heart! No matter how great a man you may be, you will be a failure unless you conquer the heart of mankind." [10]

To occupy the love of God and to become a hero of love means to develop the heart of God in ourselves, and certainly nothing less. It means to become the embodiment of God and True Parents. It means to reach the level of God's love by constantly revolutionizing our heart and love in divine ways:

True Father: "Father is looking at you, literally looking at you, and wishing that one day you will be the second God, you will be the small God, and that is what Father is waiting and praying for, nothing else. Whether Father has tremendous influence in the world or anything, that’s small compared to what Father looks [wants] you to be." [11]

No matter how great the influence of True Parents in this world may be, if we do not become like them, if we do not become second Gods like them, then the world can still not become one with God, can still not become one family under God, can still not become ideal.

That can only happen if more and more people make perfecting their heart and love their absolute priority in life, realizing how precious this is. That is the real unity between us and God and True Parents. It is the main stream:

True Father: "Your gradient of influence and power is based on how much you are growing. Ultimately you will become like the original center, like a sun which generates energy rather than the moon which reflects energy.

By practising this you can come to fully understand my situation and God’s loving heart. Only then can we have oneness and common pride between us. There is only one main stream, and it is connected to this way of life." [6]

And in order to grow quickly, we need to exercise our heart and love at all opportunities. And certainly everyone has enough opportunities for constant exercise!

And we need to ask for the help of the great experts of love in spirit world: True Father, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim. We need to constantly ask them to enter our hearts and revolutionize them! Without us asking them all the time, they cannot help us, no matter how much they want it. And they definitely want!

Heung Jin Nim: "So you must connect... Just ask me to show you the way. Ask me to show you through the darkness of your own heart, through the barriers that you have there. I will help you... Believe that there is nothing in the realm of heart that I cannot do if you ask me... If you ask, before you even finish the question, the desire, I can come and start to work." [13]

That certainly also applies to True Father and Jesus! Great help is all around us!

Love from Bruno

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