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True Father: When you really live and consummate the Divine Principle, your personality has a heart of love

Bruno Klotz
July 12, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Sun Jin Nim:

True Father: "Through Hoon Dok Hae the word, the seed, is being given [to] us. Now we have to germinate the seed and bear the fruit. That is our life, that substantiation that creates the new seed. That is the life of true love.

The words we receive through Hoon Dok Hae are not ours. If those words are not our own, no matter how much we try, people are not inspired. We have to embody the words through true love.

Then when you plant those seeds that stem from the original seed, people will be inspired and moved.” [1]

It is certainly important to read and study the word of God. But these words will not be our own, as long as we do not MAKE them our own.

As long as we do not make them our own, these words are just a theory in our life, not really connected with our reality. And then, passing on those words to others, will be hard, because then we are only speaking from theory, not from own experience, not from real life. And people notice that.

They will not be overly inspired by listening to theories. They would be much more inspired if they could see the theory embodied in our personality, in our quality of love. They want to see that we are genuine, that our love is genuine and of highest quality. They want to see the Principle in us:

Heung Jin Nim: "The Principle must be in you, not in the book."

This means that we need to apply the Divine Principle in our life so that our personality and love become more and more God-like:

True Father: "What is a true man/woman? The true man/woman must know the truth, and by the truth he/she must attain a God-like personality. “ [2]

Just "knowing" the truth in our head is not enough. It is not real knowing. Real knowing is based on experience. We have to make the truth our own, become owners of the truth, embodiments of it. We need to achieve a God-like personality. And that means that we need to reach the level of the love of God. Our love must become God-like, nothing less.

And that goes only by practicing such a love constantly and consciously, in every encounter with people, no matter who they may be, good or bad. Such experiences make our heart grow, we make the Divine Principle our own, we make the divine love of God our own. We BECOME the word, the living word, the manifestation of the word:

True Father: "We should become the manifestation of God’s word. If you talk true love, but do not practice it, it doesn’t work. No matter how beautiful the packaging, without [people] feeling the vibration of true love from you, it will not work.” [1]

Only the vibration of true love coming from our heart will inspire others. Nothing else really works. We may be able to give great lectures, we may be able to organize great events and do all kinds of "activities", but if we do not become people with the vibration of the divine love of God, then we are running pretty much in circles.

Only by us becoming God-like people we gain the ability to bring others there, too. Otherwise we cannot really make a difference, because true love is the greatest power, not theory, not events, not activities, not worshipping. It is only the power of true love that will change the world. And we are the ones that have to become people that can spread that love so that God's providence can move fast and the world will become one family under God soon, without delay.

Heung Jin Nim: "You must be able to teach Divine Principle without looking in a book. I do not live with books and pens. I do not need to plan what I am going to talk about. To do that you must live with the truth and be filled with the truth. How many of you want to live with the truth? You may search for the truth everywhere, but when you find it, the truth will say to you: “Live with me!” So live with the truth!"

If we live with the truth, in line with the logic of divine love, all the time, we become the living word, and our love will become God-like. There is certainly nothing greater and more important in life than this. And it only comes with constant practice and investment, revolutionizing our hearts on a daily basis:

Sun Jin Nim: "Just because someone joins, works as a missionary, and gets blessed and has a family, it doesn’t mean that perfection is readily achieved. Is any great achievement easily achieved? No, it takes practice, practice, practice. We must apply the Principle with sincerity in every single conscious moment of our lives...." [3]

Perfection of heart and love does not fall from the sky, but on the other hand it can be achieved by all of us, simply because we all have the capacity and potential. We only have to LIVE the Divine Principle, instead of just talking about it. We have to really live the Divine Principle, which means we need to really practice divine love:

True Father: "When you really live and consummate the Divine Principle, your personality has a heart of love." [4]

And our personality becomes God-like. Our love becomes God-like.

All this is only "too difficult" for those who THINK it is. Not for all the others. As soon as we realize our potential and do not block ourselves by limited thinking, we can certainly make it.

Love from Bruno

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