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True Father: I pray that you all will become the owners of God’s true love

Bruno Klotz
June 24, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here another inspiration, based on the words of True Parents:

True Father: "How can you say that a person is valuable? Only by seeing the quality of his/her love." [1]

The greater the quality of our love becomes, the more successful will we be in every aspect of life:

True Father: "According to how many people you can love and to what depth you have been loving those people -- this will define your qualification for the Kingdom of God." [2]

We are supposed to reach the level of God's love and thus become incredibly valuable in the sight of God. That means that our level of love has to go beyond anything the world has seen so far:

True Father: "The mission of restored man/woman is to demonstrate a higher quality of love than ever existed in the satanic world. “ [3]

God has given us the potential to reach those levels. He even wants us to become better than Him. He wants us to reach perfection of heart and love:

True Father: "The perfection of an individual is not realized through knowledge, power or money. It is realized through love – not earthly love, but the original love. Through this love everything can be perfected." [4]

Our heart becomes perfected by us practicing to love the way God does. Nothing else can bring about our own perfection of heart and love. Only exercising our heart in true love does. By practicing true love all the time we become true sons and daughters of God:

True Father: "Those who live with the love of God inside their hearts are sons or daughters of God. These are the central figures of the whole universe who can govern heaven and earth. Love is the essential element enabling people to attain this position." [5]

To live with the love of God inside our hearts means to resemble God. It means to love the way God does. That is our first responsibility:

True Father: "To become God’s children, our first responsibility is to resemble Him. We need to embody true love.” [6]

To resemble God means to be ready to love and embrace every person in the world, and to love and embrace that person without expecting anything in return, without any strings attached, and then forgetting what has been invested, and to invest again:

True Father: “It would be normal for you to love only those who respond to you in love. But when you sacrificially give of your love to those who are hostile to you, you begin to reflect the real quality of God's own love. True love moves in this way. Its quality does not change regardless of the response of the people.” [7]

We need to train ourselves to love in such ways as God does. Training ourselves in such a love will not only bring amazing blessing into our own life. As more and more people start practicing such a love, all divisions and conflicts in this world will be overcome. In the end cultural, national, racial, ethnic and religious boundaries will not divide people anymore. All people will be united under the banner of true love. Cultures, nations and religions will not matter anymore. They will fade away, and one family under God will emerge, based on divine love:

True Father: "God-centered love alone shall dominate the entire universe, and even control God, who is so vulnerable to love. God-centered love alone can unite the world. No matter how difficult it may be, no matter how severely divided it [the world] may be, the world can become one under the banner of such love." [8]

The main thing we need to do is to become people who resemble God and who spread divine love to everyone we meet, no matter who that may be. That and ONLY that will unite the world. And God wants us to be the spear head that practices such a love. We all, without exception, are called to be part of that spear head that will turn the evil world into the world of goodness for ever. No evil forces will be able to resist such a force of divine love. God and True Parents are waiting for that force to gain momentum:

True Mother: “I pray that FFWPU members and all Blessed Families come to possess an explosive love which can embrace and love the entire world." [9]

True Father: "God is longing to see the eternal ideal Kingdom of God built on earth as well as in Heaven. Let us join in this holy task. I pray that you all will become the owners of God’s true love." [10]

As soon as we realize what huge potential of love we have in our heart, we will certainly be encouraged to use it and bring it to blossom. Asking for the precious help of True Father, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim in this process will definitely speed up our own growth of heart a lot. It will help us to become most valuable people, true sons and daughters of God, owners of God's true love and even True Parents ourselves. There is no greater gospel than this!

Love from Bruno

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