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True Father: God-centered love alone can unite the world

Bruno Klotz
June 5, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Today we are having a revolution to break up all the boundaries of the universe. It is our task to spread it [love]. In the end only love will remain strong and prosperous." [1]

True Mother: "Let us constantly strive to spread true love. Let us sow the seeds of true love throughout our lives." [2]

True Parents have come to initiate a revolution of true love that can liberate the world. A revolution of love is the only thing that can save and liberate this world. But this revolution can only come about, if more and more of us become true representatives of God and True Parents, which means nothing but true representatives of divine love, embodiments of true love. That will finally liberate God, True Parents, the world, ourselves included:

True Father: "Liberation comes to our world only when you members truly represent God and the True Parents to the rest of the world. When people in the secular world come into contact with you, they are actually contacting the True Parents and God; thus salvation can come to them. Their original minds, like antennae, are pulled toward you.” [3]

They will only then be pulled toward us, if we strive to demonstrate a standard of love that is equal to God's. And that is a love that loves and respects others unconditionally, not expecting, not calculating, not manipulating. It is a love that is genuine and that wants to be a blessing to everyone, no matter who that person is, what that person does or has done, no matter what that person believes or not believes, no matter if that person is hostile or friendly or whatever. As soon as we become people of such love, people certainly will feel attracted to us, and the true love movement can grow steadily until it covers the globe:

True Mother: "You should show them what kind of person you are and tell them you became what you are because of True Parents, and encourage them to join you. That is what True Parents meant by starting a true love movement." [4]

The more we become people of heavenly love, the more people will notice something special about us. That is the moment they become truly attracted to us, because of heavenly love. And then they can start their own journey to become people of divine love.

It is not simply what we know that will save the world, but what we become after having met True Parents and their world view:

Heung Jin Nim: "It is not what you know that's going to change this world, it's what you can become as a man and a woman following our True Parents....They want you to inherit their very heart....but many of you have not reached your own hearts yet." [5]

True Parents want us to "reach our own hearts" and become people of Heavenly Love, resembling God and them. That is what they are strongly hoping for, and that will establish God's ideal. Certainly nothing else will do:

True Mother: "You were determined to love and respect True Parents throughout their lives, but were you also determined to achieve their dreams?" [6]

Their greatest dream is us becoming divine people, people in the image of God and True Parents, and certainly nothing less. Just praising and respecting True Parents is by far not enough. To just be respected or praised is not what they came for. That is not their dream. That alone will never bring about the ideal that they came to establish. It requires more. It requires us becoming people who resemble God and True Parents:

True Mother: "Please become sons and daughters that resemble True Parents and realize their hopes. This is the way to give blessings to our descendants in the future." [7]

This is the way to give blessings even to the whole world. The deepest hope and desire of True Parents is that we resemble them in heart and love, achieving perfection of heart and love. Because otherwise the ideal world cannot be established:

True Father: "All the difficult problems in the world now can be fundamentally solved only through the perfection of true love." [8]

And we are the ones that are supposed to perfect love. True Parents' perfect love alone does not bring about the ideal world. True Parents and Jesus are the pioneers. And we need to walk in their footsteps, perfecting our own love and heart. That is the only way for the ideal world to come about. It is the only way, but this way certainly leads to the goal:

True Mother: "True Parents opened the way for humanity to be reborn and engrafted to the ideal lineage of the Heavenly Parent through the Blessing. True Parents paved the path for us to be able to restore ourselves and achieve individual perfection." [9]

As we head in the direction of perfecting our love, liberation of the world will occur because of the divine love that we develop in our hearts, making us embodiments of true love:

True Father: "God’s realm of liberation can only emerge when society becomes a place where people love one another more than the True Parents love humankind... Then the joyful realm of liberation can emerge." [10]

True Parents want us to love the people of the world more then they do and have done. For that we need to strive to become people of perfect love. That will indeed break down all the barriers and boundaries in this world:

True Father: "You have to overcome divisions and become glued together with the love of God."

This "love of God" must be in our heart. That means our hearts must go towards the level of the love of God. Then we will have God's love in our heart, more and more. And such a love will unite the world and purify it from all evil:

True Father: "God-centered love alone shall dominate the entire universe, and even control God, who is so vulnerable to love. God-centered love alone can unite the world. No matter how difficult it may be, no matter how severely divided it [the world] may be, the world can become one under the banner of such love."[1]

Our love needs to be truly God-centered. It must be in line with the love of God. We were born to reach that level, for the perfection of true love:

True Father: "You are born as the princes and princesses of love. You must become kings and queens of love and create the kingdom of love. That is God's ideal and that is the true purpose for your being born. Human dignity and value is that great. We were born for the perfection of love." [11]

We were all born for the perfection of true love. We were all born to reach God's and True Parents' level of love, and we all have the potential, most certainly. Using this potential to the fullest, means to live a true life, a truly blessed life, a life of true joy and happiness, no matter what happens otherwise in life.

Love from Bruno

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