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True Father: When people curse me, I just forget it

Bruno Klotz
May 31, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "The one who invests everything for the sake of others and forgets about it, repeating the same action over and over, will become the central being, a standard bearer for the sake of the whole, and the greatest among all people of filial piety.” [1]

True Mother: "We should live a life of absolute true love. True love is a love by which we continuously live for others, investing in others and forgetting we have done so." [2]

The heart of true love is focused on giving and investing. It is not worried about what comes back in return. It gives without any calculation. There are no strings attached. The heart of true love wants to be a blessing to others. Therefore there are no self centered thoughts involved.

A heart of true love can forget what was given. Instead of remembering what was given, true love looks for more ways to invest love and heart.

Therefore true love can continue forever without ever stopping. It rather gets stronger and stronger in the process of loving:

True Father: "Once genuine love begins, it increases. True love keeps increasing until it embraces the world. This heart that is infinitely embracing, this heart that holds everything, says, “I will embrace more. I will embrace more!” It is only true love that activates the original heart like this. Only true love does this". [3]

True love, divine love, does not worry if the response is good, or if there is no response, or if the response is hostile. True love cannot be stopped by any kind of negative response. It can digest all kinds of responses, even the worst:

True Mother: "Love is not just loving somebody who is easy to love, but enduring, forgiving, and embracing people in order to fulfill the providence. Father is now showing us this kind of love." True Father: "I am the one who carries God’s bitter sorrow deep in my heart. Yet I know that even if I could draw a sword and slash to pieces the heads and bodies of the thirty million people of this nation [of Korea] who behave like my enemies, it would still not dissolve God’s bitter sorrow. Instead, since I know that the way of love is to love them even more, I have to make known to them the love of God that I keep in my heart." [4]

In true love there is no resentment. True love does not allow any resentments to come up in the heart, no matter what. Where there is resentment in the heart, there is no true love. True love pushes all resentments out of the way. Rather it keeps showing the love of God to people, no matter who they may be, no matter what they have done or do, no matter what they believe or not believe. The heart of true love knows no limitations, no boundaries. It just keeps loving, and true love keeps growing:

True Father: " Heaven's true love is such that the more it is invested the more it grows. We must come to resemble God in this way. Even if our love is rejected, we should continue to love even more.... Our Heavenly Father walked such a path, and the Parents of Heaven and Earth walked such a path.” [5]

True Mother: "My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable and, for the sake of humanity, loved enemies unlovable... No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcame ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." [6]

True Father: "When people curse me, I just forget it.” [7]

By loving in such ways, we can never fail:

True Father: "You will never fail when you invest true love. The amount of true love you invest will multiply and develop. The more you set the power of true love in motion, the greater it will grow so that you can embrace the world, the universe and even God.” [8]

We all have the potential to become people who can set the power of love in motion, which in turn produces miracles and blessings. It should not take ages to reach such levels:

True Father: "Heaven is where you embrace everyone. It should not take our whole life to accomplish. If you do it in 10 years, God will embrace you and say, “You are my child, I will serve you.” [9]

Calling on True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus and asking them to give us education of heart, will certainly speed up our transformation of heart to higher and higher levels. Calling for such a help is highly recommendable.

Love from Bruno

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