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True Mother: You must be able to arm yourself with true love!

Bruno Klotz
May 19, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration based on the words of True Family:

True Mother: "As we work toward opening of the Cheon Il Guk era, you must be able to find the perfected, original mind while carrying out your own responsibilities." [1]

The most important thing for us is to become people with a perfected heart and love, people in the image of God, who can love humankind the way God does. To get there we need to focus on heart and love in every encounter with people:

True Father: "We must find the original heart. That is more crucial than anything. If we focus on the heart we can go beyond anything in the world. If we don't go this way, everything will be burned [lost]." [2]

If we do not strive to love the way God does, then we cannot make much difference in the world, in spite of all kinds of capabilities that we might have and in spite of all activities that we might do:

Heung Jin Nim: " If you don't have the right heart first, all the organization in the world won't make any difference. The heart is the most important thing, the heart. What is your heart? What is the content of your heart? What is the level and depth of your heart? What is the level and depth of embracing people and feeling responsible?" [3]

We may not be perfect in everything, but as we improve the quality of our love all the time, God can use us in mighty ways, based on the "inner content" of our heart:

Heung Jin Nim: "...the inner content of your heart is what is going to bring the great success. We will make our mistakes.....But if your heart is there, God will guide you. We cannot do everything perfectly. But if you come into that direct dominion of heart, the dominion that some of you felt you weren't capable of, then so much can happen." [4]

We all are capable to reach higher and higher levels of heart and love. Nothing can stop us if we decide to move in the direction of developing the quality of our love. We will then reflect the quality of God's love more and more:

True Father: "It would be normal for you to love only those who respond to you in love. But when you sacrificially give of your love to those who are hostile to you, you begin to reflect the real quality of God's own love. True love moves in this way. Its quality does not change regardless of the response of the people." [5]

To become people of that quality of love is what we are born for, for nothing less:

True Father: "You are born as the princes and princesses of love. You must become kings and queens of love and create the kingdom of love. That is God's ideal and that is the true purpose for your being born. Human dignity and value is that great. We were born for the perfection of love. Do you follow?" [6]

As we develop our hearts in the direction of perfection of love, the world will change:

True Father: "Once we develop our hearts of love, North – South – Unification will be no problem at all. That is not all. Problems between East and West and the worldwide North-South Problem involving differences among rich and poor nations can also be completely resolved through the true love of God." [7]

And certainly we will be the winners:

True Father: "When you are living with this 100 percent commitment of true love, you don't have to worry or have ulcers. You can always have serenity and peace of mind, knowing that as you stay in the center, everything always comes back to you. You are the winner." [6]

And then God and True Parents can transform the world, through us:

True Mother: "True Father, who is in the spirit world, and I, here on this earth, are deeply concerned and anxious about the salvation of this world. If you really know our heart, you must be able to arm yourself with true love and true wisdom and go out into the world so that True Parents can transform this world through you. I pray that FFWPU members and all Blessed Families come to possess an explosive love which can embrace and love the entire world." [8]

Love from Bruno

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