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True Father: The only thing that matters is whether you have the heart of heaven!

Bruno Klotz
May 9, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Father, True Mother and Heung Jin Nim: True Father: "What is a true man [woman]? The true man [woman] must know the truth, and by the truth he [she] must attain a God-like personality." [1]

Knowing the truth is great, but by far not enough. Knowing truth alone will not change our life, and certainly not the world. It needs to be applied and used, so that we become the people that God and True Parents want to see:

Heung Jin Nim: "Never forget that. It is not what you know that's going to change this world, it's what you can become as a man and a woman following our True Parents....They want you to inherit their very heart..." [2]

It is all about BECOMING, instead of just knowing. It is about inheriting the heart of God and True Parents, developing a God-like personality, becoming True Parents ourselves. It is all about applying the teachings of True Parents in our lives, so that we can perfect our heart, our personality, our love:

True Father: "The absolute values of true love that I am teaching you today will bring a revolution of character within humankind. Those who follow my teachings will achieve individual perfection and participate in the construction of the ideal of Heaven on earth." [3]

True Father: "Live for the sake of others. Invest yourself with true love and forget what you have invested. Practice this and you will perfect yourself as the owner of love." [3]

We need to invest our heart and love into people, again and again, then forgetting it, and then investing heart and love over and over again, into everyone, good and bad alike. We need to do this without expecting anything in return, unceasingly, without wavering. We need to nurture and develop the desire to be a blessing to everyone that comes across our way, no matter who that may be:

True Father: "Don't look at things selfishly, but with a desire to give love. Look upon a person who hates you with love, and eventually he will change. Begin sending out messages of love to those around. Pull out your old vision and replace it with "new eyeballs" of true love." [4]

True Father: "I want you to be always humble, kind, loving and understanding of others, even though the person visiting you may be a cross or evil person -- even unforgivably evil." [5] This is the way to reach the perfection of love. That is the way to revolutionize our hearts, use all the potential in our heart and develop it, so that our true selves, our original selves, can emerge, and we become the people God wants to see, people in His image:

True Mother: "... you must divest yourselves of the traits that hold you back, and allow your new selves, your true selves to emerge, so that you can become the heroes who will build the future." [6]

True Mother: "At this moment, as we work toward opening of the Cheon Il Guk era, you must be able to find the perfected original mind..." [7]

True Father: "We must find the original heart; that is more crucial than anything. If we focus on the heart, we can go beyond anything in the world. If we don't go this way, everything will be burned [lost]." [8]

The more we reach our original heart, and the more we develop the Heavenly Heart, the more we become God-like people. That is what God and True Parents are waiting for, to the very least:

True Father: "You should aspire to become embodiments of God, embodiments of the True Parents and embodiments of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. In fact, all these Parents want you, their embodiments, to be better than they are." [9]

To become such people is what really matters in life:

True Father: "Children of filial piety are those who feel a parental heart. It doesn't matter what worldly knowledge or position you have. The only thing that matters is whether you have the heart of heaven." [10]

Love from Bruno

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