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True Father: Think of how much ridicule and negativity God receives!

Bruno Klotz
April 11, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father: "The more you practice the way of life of God, the more you resemble God, the more you become God-like. When you live God's way of life, you will emerge as a leader in your own world. You will become the central figure, just as God is the central figure of the entire universe." [1]

What then is God's way of life?

True Father: "If you are ready to receive nothing in return then you become like God, because God is always giving out love with His whole being, getting nothing in return. That's the point where godliness starts." [2]

Giving love without expecting anything in return. And this not just for a certain period of time, but forever. That is God's way of life. And even more! Even giving love to people who are hostile:

True Father: "It would be normal for you to love only those who respond to you in love. But when you sacrificially give of your love to those who are hostile to you, you begin to reflect the real quality of God's own love." [3]

God's love has indeed never changed, and never will. Nothing can stop Him to embrace even the worst sinners:

True Father: "Think of how much ridicule and negativity God receives. The worst things have been said about God. People say, "God is dead, God is helpless, God is too old." Communism rises up and claims that there is no God. God has been thoroughly ridiculed and persecuted by mankind; you have no idea of the extent of it. What you experience is nothing in comparison to what God has received, yet God is still embracing and calling out to the most satanic people." [4]

Inheriting this heart of God is indeed crucial. Then we can live God's life. Then we resemble God:

True Father: "Many people accuse God, saying, "Look, God! Look at how evil that person is and how unworthy he is of Your love!" Yet, God replies, "Is that so? Well, I will still embrace him." That is the nature of our God, our Father. We have to ask ourselves a question: how much do we resemble God, our Father?" [5]

The more we resemble God, the more we can move the providence:

True Father: "If you put yourself in the position of God or Jesus -- trusting persons while they betray you, loving persons when they don't deserve it, wanting to live and care for those persons while they are not qualified -- the world will change." [6]

The world will change, and God will raise us higher and higher:

True Father: "God will always raise up those who are on the side of true love, bringing them higher and higher...." [4]

Because we are giving the greatest treasure to the world:

True Father: "The greatest treasure you can give to the nation and the world is true love. The tradition of love is the core of life." [7]

We need to make some love training to become people who can live God's life:

True Father: "You should make an effort to expand yourself and grow more like God every day."

Advancing in heart and love is what really matters:

True Father: "How rich is your love? That is all that really matters." [9]

Love from Bruno

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