The Words of the Klotz Family

True Mother: I want to beg you today to use your heart more!

Bruno Klotz
April 6, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration based on the words of True Family:

True Mother: "The most important thing is that you always live a life of truly loving the people you are dealing with. Although it is important to use one's intelligence in life, I want to beg you today to use your heart more."

Indeed, only if we focus on heart and love, can we be successful:

True Father: "We must find the original heart; that is more crucial than anything. If we focus on the heart, we can go beyond anything in the world. If we don't go this way, everything will be burned [lost]." [1]

If we are not focused on heart, then there is a problem:

Heung Jin Nim: " Exercise the heart in your actual practice, actual loving, actual reaching out. That's needed because if you just remain in your head, sooner or later you lose power. You become just a drudging-ahead member with dogged faith and determination, but dead." [2]

If our heart and love do not grow, then gradually we lose power and enthusiasm, become burnt out and "die":

True Father: "Stoppage of growth is equivalent to death. Who shall make you grow, who shall nurture you? You yourself will help yourself grow. You must grow every day." [3]

How much are we supposed to grow? We need to develop God's heart in ourselves, which means we need to make constant effort to learn to love the way God does. Then our first goal will be achieved:

True Father: "Living in the image of God means having God's words becoming your words and God's love become your love. That is your first goal." [4]

If we work on fulfilling our "first goal" while focusing on heart and love, we become more and more different from people in the fallen realm, which means that the quality of our love will rise and rise:

True Father: "The mission of restored man is to demonstrate a higher quality of love than ever existed in the satanic world. "[5]

And we need to demonstrate even the highest quality of love, God's own quality. Then we will be ready to embrace everyone in the world, at least with our heart. And that includes so called enemies. We will not see anyone as an enemy in the first place. We simply want to invest heart and love into everyone, not because we have to, but because we WANT to. That is the heart of heaven, based on divine love:

Heung Jin Nim: "Can you understand the heart of heaven that wants to help you for no other reason but divine love? It doesn't want to help you because you've been sick or because you're in such a woebegone state, such a bad state. It doesn't want to help you because you're members of the Unification Church. Heaven wants to help you because you're the sons and daughters of God, very simply. And I feel that heart of heaven for you." [6]

The heart of heaven wants to invest heart into everyone, simply because everyone is a son or daughter of the living God. And the heart of heaven certainly does not wait for response and cannot be stopped if only negativity is returned. The heart of heaven is not interested in receiving in the first place, but only interested in investing.

To develop such a heart we need to move into a new realm:

Heung Jin Nim: "And you need to move into a new realm of belief in your deepest heart. Please understand. Belief is in the heart. Your heart needs to open so deeply. It is something far beyond the letter of the law, far beyond the word. It is a part of you which many of you have not yet discovered." [7]

Heung Jin Nim wants to help us to move forward in our heart, because that is the most important thing of all:

Heung Jin Nim: " We go through many things. But I'm here to help you. I want to help you. I cannot dominate you, as I said. But I can take your hand as you reach out. As you reach out in belief, in heartistic belief, I can help you. Please understand that..." [7]

True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus want to help us to become victors of love. But we need to call them. And we need to make our own effort to raise the level of our love, the quality of our love. First of all we need to understand that we all have this God-given potential for perfecting our love, more or less hidden in our heart. If we do not believe that or think it is too difficult to constantly develop our heart, we have lost before we even started.

In fact, is much more difficult to live life while stagnating in heart. As soon as we move forward in heart and love, life becomes truly exciting. God's blessing will chase after us, even if we do not want it. True life has started.

Love from Bruno

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