The Words of the Klotz Family

True Mother: Broaden your minds and hearts!

Bruno Klotz
March 22, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Mother: "Soon after True Father's Seonghwa, I asked members and leaders to revive the spirit of our early church communities; communities of heart filled with Truth and the Holy Spirit. I also asked the FFWPU family to advance continuously, to broaden your minds and hearts, and to build the ideal world." [1]

To build the ideal world of God's design, we indeed need to constantly advance in heart and love, so that our heart becomes deeper and wider all the time. We need to make constant effort to love and embrace everyone the way God does:

True Father: "Once you are following God's heartism, it means you must make a constant effort to become like God." [2]

We must become like God, living in His image. That is our first and most important goal in life:

True Father: "Living in the image of God means having God's words becoming your words and God's love become your love. That is your first goal." [3]

We can advance towards that goal only by using all kinds of situations in daily life to express the heart of God to people we meet, including the most unlovable ones. And we need to do this day by day, relentlessly:

True Father: "You should make an effort to expand yourself and grow more like God every day." [4]

If our heart is stagnant, then we lose something truly precious:

True Father: "The person who ignores the value of each and every moment to love will lose what is truly precious." [5]

Therefore it is so extremely important to realize that every encounter with a human being is our chance to make our heart and love grow. If we are not aware of that in living our life, we are losing precious time:

Heung Jin Nim: "Do not waste time. Use time wisely. Your days on earth are surely numbered. Do you want to stay at the same level for the rest of your life? A lot of people waste their time because they do not understand God and they do not want to live according to God's standard. But you should not waste even a second. Use every second you have. When that second has ticked by, you have to be able to say you have grown a bit more."[6]

Grown in heart and love, of course. Such a life is a really blessed life. It attracts God's blessing into our life and activates His power. We can become people that we would not have imagined:

Heung Jin Nim: "... the time of growth is here.... you can be a person you never even imagined."[7]

We all have this potential! We all can become the embodiment of the love of God. To get there, we need to exercise our heart at every opportunity. In countless situations in daily life we have to decide in split seconds if we allow ourselves to become angry, resentful, impatient or the like.

We may have gotten angry, resentful or impatient in the past, in many situations. And we may have justified ourselves with how bad others treated us, how others provoked us.

Focusing on heart, however, means to keep loving, embracing, and being kind and patient, no matter how people treat us. It means to keep loving, even if nothing or even hostility comes back.

If we do this, then after some time we ourselves -- and of course others -- will notice that we are changing, that we are progressing. And we will be very inspired. Because then we are living a true life. Then we become more and more like True Parents, like God:

Heung Jin Nim: "Open up your hearts and really embrace each person and don't let anything hold you back from loving the people. That's how my Father lives. He just loves everybody, even the people that hate him, even the people that attack him, even the people who hurt him. My Father just keeps loving them..."[8]

That is the blessed life indeed. Such life revolutionizes the heart and makes us resemble God, more and more. That way we establish the ideal world, the world of the heart.

Love from Bruno

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