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True Father: Today we have a revolution to break up the boundaries of the universe

Bruno Klotz
January 8, 2015

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Now, carrying with us this heavenly message, we must depart to spread the seeds. Each of us should become the creators of this new world, as we go out to plant the seeds of true life and true love and represent heaven's family...

Break down the walls between races, abolish the national borders and bear the fruit of cross-cultural, interracial marriages that go beyond religion and nation." [1]

Breaking down all the barriers that exist between people, between nations, religions, cultures, races, poor and rich people etc is our very task. It goes by planting the seeds of love. That makes us co-creators of God's Kingdom.

True Father: "Today we are having a revolution to break up all the boundaries of the universe. It is our task to spread love. In the end only love will remain strong and prosperous." [2]

As we fulfill this task, all the barriers, that still exist in this world, will disappear and belong to the past.

True Father wants us to spread love by looking at people through the "glasses of love", by seeing only "in love":

True Father: "Once you come into the world of love, everything is love and you cannot help but see everything that way... Whether a man was Western or not wouldn't matter. When you look through the glasses of love, you see only in love." [3]

When we look through the glasses of love, then many things that matter so much for so many in this fallen world, will not matter to us anymore. We will not worry about nationality of people, race, culture, religion, opinion, that they may have. We will love them no matter what. It makes no difference if they are poor or rich, good or bad, if they have hurt us or not. We will treat them all as who they all really are, precious beloved children of God. We will see them with God's eyes and treat them accordingly. We just want to give love to everyone, are ready to forgive those who hurt us, want to uplift everyone, encourage them, be a blessing to them, without exception:

True Father: "Don't look at things selfishly, but with a desire to give love... Pull out your old vision and replace it with "new eyeballs" of true love." [4]

We may ask what difference it makes if we love just a few people here and there. Yes, the number may be very small compared with the whole world population. But we should never forget the power of divine love. This power is at work, as soon as we love people with God's love, no matter how many.

Apart from that Heung Jin Nim tells us something very interesting:

Heung Jin Nim: "Spirit world looks at one person and sees a whole universe. You have to understand. The rational mind just looks at what is here and now, but the spiritual world looks at something far beyond. That's why Father many times speaks, "When you meet one man, you've met his nation." This is really the high, divine-realm concept of love, loving that one man as you love a nation." [5]

We need to adopt this divine-realm concept of love. When we love a person, we love his nation, especially if we think of him or her as representative of that nation. If we meet a person of a certain race or religion and love that person, even thinking of him or her as representative of that religion or race, then we have loved all people of that religion or all people of that race. Apart from all this we love the ancestors of a person if we love that person. All this puts everything into a divine perspective, the perspective of the divine-realm concept of love. It shows us how powerful we can really be, even if we meet only a limited number of people, but have the divine-realm concept of love.

Since True Parents know how powerful we can really be, True Father asked us to build God's Kingdom even in our life time:

True Father: "Let us complete, on this earth in our lifetime, a new heaven and new earth, filled with true love and free from the struggle between Cain and Abel."[6]

The new heaven and new earth is the world of love without all those useless barriers that still paralyze our world and cause so many conflicts and bloodshed.

By us practicing divine love we can make a massive difference:

True Father: " When you invest beyond your limits and even your life, the power of true love generates ten thousand times more energy. You will never fail when you invest true love. The amount of true love you invest will multiply and develop. The more you set the power of true love in motion, the greater it will grow so that you can embrace the world, the universe and even God." [7]

Love from Bruno

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