The Words of the Klotz Family

True Father: With the right tradition we have everything!

Bruno Klotz
December 30, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Therefore, please live in love, serve in love, and set the tradition of love. Then you will leave behind the fruit of love and become the ancestor of love. Once you have planted this tradition and disseminated this love throughout the world, when you are lifted up to the spirit world, you will encounter no barriers and will be welcomed everywhere." [1]

We establish the tradition of love by inheriting the heart of God:

True Father: "You must inherit the realm of God's heart. You have the theory, and when you practice it, you can become one with God. You must establish such a tradition."

To become one with God means to love the way God and True Parents love:

True Father: "No matter how difficult it may be you should inherit our True Parents' tradition to be patient and overcome with true love. You cannot harbour any hatred or grudge. There is no way you can because God and True Parents have not done that. You should exactly follow True Parents' footsteps... I am telling you this is the way to go. This is my most important teaching to you on this day of victory of love." [2]

True Parents' tradition is to overcome everything with divine love, to make huge victories based on true love, to attract incredible blessings because of the practice of true love:

True Mother: "My husband and I never stepped back from challenges. Even when we faced persecution, we did not harbor any ill-will but rather prayed for those who opposed us. By overcoming such challenges we were given even greater blessings than we could have dreamed of." [3]

True Parents are truly practicing such a tradition and want us to inherit it, to make it our own:

True Father: "As blessed couples, you are inheriting that tradition. You must receive it and uphold it, clean and pure. In order to inherit that tradition, you must become like the True Parents. You must live like them and embrace heaven and earth, the entire world and humanity. Then you can say, "Yes, Father, we inherited that tradition." [4]

True Father: "Reverend Moon is one man who has been embracing everyone, including good people and evil people, trying to melt all their qualities with the true love of God. No one has thought in that fashion, let alone lived his entire life that way. Without a doubt, all mankind shall come under this one tradition. The True Father and True Mother have committed their lives for the sake of their mission, for embracing the enemy world." [4]

Embracing the enemy world is True Parents' tradition! And they want us to do the same:

True Father: "There are many people around me, many people following me, including all the leaders. Among them, who is thinking of how to embrace the whole world? Who is trying to take responsibility for the bad things and melt them?" [4]

Loving all the people of the world means to love with divine love all those that we come across, no matter who they may be, good or bad. It means to embrace them all, no matter what they think, what they do, in what situation they are in. That is True Parents' legacy. This is the very tradition they want us to inherit and pass on:

True Father: "We are talking about the heart of God, not just the concept of God's existence. Our ideology is simple. I want to love my spouse as much as I love God. I want to love my children as much as I love God. I want to love my neighbours as much as I love God. I want to love the world and mankind as much as I love God. Since I know that this is the only way of life that God can approve and the only way we can reach God, I have been completely practicing this life. I want to leave this tradition and conviction with you." [5]

To inherit this tradition and thus to develop the right spirit of love, is the most important thing of all:

True Father: "I want to see love in you that is not self centred, love that branches out to embrace your family, society, nation, world and God. As long as we have the right spirit of love it doesn't make any difference whether the World Mission Center, the News World Building and Belvedere are all blown up and nothing remains. With the right tradition we have everything. This is the only thing we want to keep and hand down from generation to generation." [6]

If we inherit this tradition of divine love and pass it on from generation to generation as well to the people around us, then the Kingdom of God is just around the corner.

Love from Bruno

Have a blessed New Year 2015!

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