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True Father: The Heavenly Kingdom is the world of heart

Bruno Klotz
December 12, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "The Heavenly Kingdom is the world of heart." [1]

The Kingdom of God, on earth as well as in heaven, is the world of heart and true love:

True Father: "Heaven is a world filled with the air of true love, where all breathe true love. Its life throbs with love, everywhere and all the time." [2]

There is only true, divine love in that world, and that means there is only harmony, no conflict at all:

True Father: "... antagonism and jealousy cannot be found anywhere in that world." [2]

We are the ones to establish such a world, to do this holy task, together with God and True Parents:

True Father: "God is longing to see the eternal ideal Kingdom of God built on earth as well as in Heaven. Let us join in this holy task." [3]

And in the next sentence of that speech True Father is telling us how to establish the Kingdom of God:

True Father: "I pray that you all become the owners of God's true love." [3]

This is the key! We need to strive to become owners of true love. We need to become able to love the way God and True Parents do. Then we can create the culture of the Kingdom of God, the culture of heart:

True Father: "When you live with the heart of God and the heart of parents, constructive and creative power is generated.......we can truly become dynamos to create a new world culture." [4]

We need to certainly strive to become such dynamos of love, creating the new world, the Kingdom of God. That we become such people, that is what True Parents are praying for:

True Father: "Father is looking at you, literally looking at you, and wishing that one day you will be the second God, you will be the small God, and that is what Father is waiting and praying for, nothing else. Whether Father has tremendous influence in the world or anything, that's small compared to what Father looks [wants] you to be." [5][

Aju! The more we become the people that God and True Parents want to see, the faster the world will be saved. It all depends on how much we are growing, in heart and love. That is what will change the world:

Heung Nim: "It is not what you KNOW that's going to change this world, it's what you can BECOME as a man and a woman following our True Parents....They want you to inherit their very heart.... but many of you have not reached your own hearts yet... " [6]

Knowing many things, even knowing the truth, is not enough, if our hearts and our love do not advance, if our hearts are more or less locked in:

Heung Jin Nim: "It hurts my heart to see how locked in our people are. In so many ways. Many times you think that the providence is going forward because Father's projects are going forward and Father, he is going forward. And you are working hard, whatever your job be, your mission -- you have to understand something. That going forward at this time....means going forward in your heart..." [6]

Indeed! Going forward in heart and love, breaking down barriers in our heart. And that requires to focus on it. That does not just happen one day, automatically:

True Father: "You cannot just will this to happen one day. You must make daily efforts and struggle to overcome the limitations of your heart. That is what we are here for... what we are doing is as permanent as a rock." [7]

That is what we really are here for, to become people with the heart of God in ourselves, small Gods, so to speak.

Heung Jin Nim: "And you need to move into a new realm of belief in your deepest heart. Please understand. Belief is in the heart. Your heart needs to open so deeply. It is something far beyond the letter of the law, far beyond the word." [8]

True Father: "Once the heart of God dwells within you, you will be filled and the universe will be filled." [4]

The universe will be filled with our love!

Love from Bruno

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