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True Mother: So what are you afraid of?

Bruno Klotz
October 30, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "The world is like a barren desert and it is very hard to find other people like you. Looking for true love in this world is like looking for water in the desert. However, the spirit world knows the true situation, and even though I may seem to be totally deserted and alone I am never lonely because God and the entire spirit world are with me." [1]

People in this world are talking about love, but they do not understand what TRUE love, divine love, is. They cannot even imagine that we were created for divine love, that all human beings have that potential in their heart, given by God. All they know is selfishness. But someone has to show and teach them what love, true love, is:

Heung Jin Nim: "America is starving, starving, starving for true love. Satan has given his filthy counterfeit. Everyone uses this word, they profaned it and defiled it, "love", and only they mean selfishness, greed and lust. They do not know what love is. But you must be the teachers of love."[2]

Not only America, but the whole world, all mankind, is starving for true love. All mankind is waiting for the teachers of love, for the representatives of God's love, for the owners of divine love. Our mission is to become such people of Godly love:

True Father: "Mankind is thirsty for love, dying for love. God is seeking somebody to represent him to give love to the people, his champion, family, clan and nation. This is what God has been seeking. If there is a true representative of God's love, all people will like to come under his domain or his influence. They will just be dying to be included in that group. Unification Church is intended to be the powerhouse of love. This is where we learn how to love and how to be loved. So we can truly organize and create the family of love, society of love, nation of love. This is our mission."[3]

And we need to spread divine love everywhere we go:

True Mother: "My message today for you is to become water that spreads out the true love of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Water is a living substance that is essential to all people, creation and animals, without exception." [4]

Indeed, we have to become like living water, reaching everywhere, giving true life everywhere, by ways of divine love, heavenly heart.

Without such living water the world has indeed nothing. What is there that we can expect from the world as it is? Not much:

True Mother: "In this world as it is today, there is nothing that we can expect from it." [5]

The world is comparable with a huge dark sea. Who is bringing the water of life, the light?

True Father: "1979 is the year we are definitely going to become bells of love, ringing out so the power of love resounds through the earth. You are the one who determines how bright your light is. The power plant is ready. God is just waiting for you to light up and decide how bright you will be. You should be so bright that no one can miss you; your bell of love should be so loud that no one can avoid hearing you. You are the only lighthouse on a lonely, dark sea, a beacon alerting the people to the emergency. Are you going to become such a light?" [1]

That surely applies just as much to the year 2014! The world needs the lighthouse more than ever. Can anything stop the living water, the light, the advance of divine love? Certainly not:

True Father: "If you ring the bell of love with such effort that you falter and die, nothing is ended. Someone else will rise up in your place because people will compete to pick up the rope and continue ringing the bell. There is no way that bell will be silenced. Some people think that if I die then the Unification Church will fade and die. Why won't this happen? I am ringing the bell of love with all my might, and if I die then millions of Reverend Moons will come forward to ring the bell in my place." [1]

As long as we ring the bell of love, the Kingdom of God is bound to come. Ringing the bell of divine love, of course, includes clearly, boldly and proudly telling as many people as possible that the world has True Parents for the first time in human history. Otherwise they keep living in darkness and despair, without any hope for a better future:

True Mother: "We have to unite and, to this world, we have to tell them with pride that True Parents have come and True Parents have done great works and that True Parents are victorious. We have to tell them that without fear! Whatever you do in the name of True Parents, the entire physical and spiritual realm will be with you. So what are you afraid of?!

Please proclaim with pride! Let the world know that you are the proud sons and daughters of True Parents! That is the only path leading to the Heavenly Kingdom where all seven billion people should go." [5]

Telling everyone this great news is like sowing the seeds. Even if people reject us and do not like the breaking news, we still have to tell them clearly and without delay. We have to keep spreading the breaking news no matter what. Then God can work, based on that foundation.

Otherwise God and spiritual world cannot move very much. Then we might wait for True Father to do great miracles, but in reality he is waiting for us to do the miracle.

Love from Bruno

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