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True Father: You cannot harbor any hatred or grudge

Bruno Klotz
October 13, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Mother: "Love is not just loving somebody who is easy to love, but enduring, forgiving, and embracing people in order to fulfill the providence. Father is now showing us this kind of love."

Exactly! Divine love requires to strive to love even people full of hatred, resentment etc:

True Father: "Let's look at two different people. One embraces and accepts only those people who are good, positive and respectful to him, while the other embraces people full of negativity and hatred. When God looks at those two people, which will He pay more attention to? Yes, it is the second one because God knows that the second person is more like Him." [1]

True Parents have loved the unlovable all the time, and are still doing it, thus moving the providence, attracting incredible blessing from God:

True Mother: "My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable and, for the sake of humanity, loved enemies unlovable... No matter how unjust the persecution we receive, we do not blame anyone, rather we love them. When we overcome ordeals in this manner, blessings that we could not even imagine took place." [2]

Indeed! And we all can and should do the same, attracting incredible blessing from Heaven by walking in the footsteps of True Parents' divine love:

True Father: "No matter how difficult is may be, you should inherit our True Parents' TRADITION to be patient and OVERCOME WITH TRUE LOVE. You cannot harbor any hatred or grudge. There is NO WAY you can, because God and True Parents have not done that. You should EXACTLY FOLLOW TRUE PARENTS' FOOTSTEPS... I am telling you this is the way to go. This is my MOST IMPORTANT TEACHING to you today on this Day of Victory of Love." [3]

This teaching will indeed move the world and change history, as soon as it is being seriously applied in our lives:

True Father: " If the world began in hatred and lies, then a course which is 180 degrees different would be one of absolute love, love so great that you love even your own enemy. To me that is a powerful slogan, which can change the course of history. Can you find anything more powerful than this?." [4]

There is nothing more powerful than that. This is indeed the key. Nothing but a love that can love everyone unconditionally, not expecting anything in return, can bring this world back to God. That is why Father said the following words:

True Father: "All we have to do is to practice this principle [of loving the enemy]. We are not going to destroy our enemies but will liberate them. We find love by loving them." [4]

And we will find blessings coming down into our lives:

True Mother: ""We must live a life of forgiveness... When you forgive the sins of others, amazing blessings are given to us from Heaven." [2]

As we live with divine love, the whole world will receive blessings, because of us. And that of course includes our own descendants. They will receive much blessing and will be proud of us:

True Father: "Your children will be proud of you because of your pioneering work, based on divine love." [5]

True Mother: "Please become sons and daughters that resemble True Parents and realize their hopes. This is the way to give blessings to our descendants in the future." [6]

Resembling True Parents means first and foremost to reach their level of love. As we seriously strive to get there we realize the hope of God, of True Parents and of all mankind.

We may think that we can never get closer to that level, let alone reach that level. If we think so low about ourselves then we are already putting a major obstacle in our way.

We have to remember who we are and what God created us for. He created us to become Kings and Queens of love, perfect as God and True Parents and Jesus are perfect, perfect in love. And True Parents have opened the way for all this to become possible.

But it only becomes possible if we take responsibility to use and develop our divine potential. We need to exercise our heart. We need to strive to practice an unconditional love towards everyone, including unlovable people. And that includes to forgive them and keep investing, unceasingly, always ready to give love and kindness, always ready to forgive them, never allowing resentments to poison our heart.

All this certainly requires from us that we never just follow our feelings, no matter how strong they are. Practicing divine love means to ignore and push aside such emotions, like resentment, impatience, jealousy, anger etc etc.

If we just allow us to be dominated by such and similar emotions, we cannot talk about divine love. Such feelings can hit us hard, very suddenly and unexpected. So we have to always be alert to make sure that we act out of divine love, not out of emotions that have nothing to do with divine love.

That must be our daily training, from morning to night. Then the divinity in our hearts will grow fast and we will become more and more able to follow the logic of love, not being dominated by disturbing emotions. Indeed, those emotions will affect us less and less and loose more and more power over us:

True Father: "When fruits start to be borne, flowers and leaves drop off. Similarly, when divinity grows in your heart, all your shortcomings will fall away." [7]

The more people go in this direction, the more the evil power that is still plaguing this world so much, will collapse fast and be never seen again. Only God's love will reign, everywhere and anytime. It is all up to us, up to each one of us:

Heung Jin Nim: " But before we talk about reviving the nation or even before we talk about reviving the Christian ministers, and before we talk about reviving our movement, each one of us needs to be revived in the spirit of God and in the spirit of our True Parents and in my spirit of victory...It begins with each one, with each one of you." [8]

And True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus are ready to help us to get revived in that spirit of victory. But we need to ask them for this help, not just once, but often. The best is to build a personal relationship with all of them.

Love from Bruno

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