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True Father: When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved

Bruno Klotz
September 22, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Once you are following God's heartism, it means you must make a constant effort to become like God." [1]

Father wants us to become like God, to become divine people, people of perfection of heart and love:

True Father: "Once you decide to live in the position of goodness, you should grow toward perfection every day." [2]

As we grow towards perfection of heart and love, we can more and more love the way God does, and that means that we become more and more like God.

So then, how is God, how does God love?

True Father: "Think of how much ridicule and negativity God receives. The worst things have been said about God. People say, "God is dead, God is helpless, God is too old." Communism rises up and claims that there is no God. God has been thoroughly ridiculed and persecuted by mankind; you have no idea of the extent of it. What you experience is nothing in comparison to what God has received, yet God is still embracing and calling out to the most satanic people." [3]

If we do not learn to love in such a way, we do not become like God, or, as Father says, we cannot return to God:

True Father: "I cannot return to God until I love the children of my fiercest enemy. Then my responsibility will be accomplished. We have to subjugate our opponents, not by force but by love, the natural process of the universe. That is our ideology. This is the most profound ideology anywhere, the perfection of religion. There is no better philosophy than that one." [4]

That is the standard of God and True Parents and Jesus.

True Father: "I want to see love in you that is not self centred, love that branches out to embrace your family, society, nation, world and God. As long as we have the right spirit of love it doesn't make any difference whether the World Mission Center, the News World Building and Belvedere are all blown up and nothing remains. With the right tradition we have everything. This is the only thing we want to keep and hand down from generation to generation." [5]

God's and True Parents' standard of love is the right tradition, that needs to be handed down from generation to generation. This standard of love is the highest of all.. And God created all of us to embody exactly this standard. Only as this standard of love spreads and expands all over the globe, will all the problems of the world be solved for all eternity:

True Father: "God is God because He has both qualities – the ability to take responsibility for those who sinned against Him and the ability to be sympathetic with them, ready to forgive them If you have the same quality as God has, you are in the position of God to other people and there is no problem at all." [6]

True Father: "When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved." [7]

How to get to that standard?

True Father: "You must make daily efforts and struggle to overcome the limitations of your heart." [4]

Heung Jin Nim: "Brothers and sisters, don't be satisfied with the level that you are at. Please reach out every day for a new level." [8]

We need to advance in heart all the time. We need to broaden and deepen our heart all the time. That has to be our constant focus.

Heung Jin Nim: "Exercise the heart in your actual practice, actual loving, actual reaching out. That is needed because if you just remain in your head, sooner or later you lose power...."[9]

In countless situations of daily life we can train our heart, train to love the way God does. That has to be our main determination, to become unconditional and unchanging in our loving, towards everyone, without expecting a return. That certainly will give us a lot of power.

Heung Jin Nim: "... you've been very stubborn and determined in the past, and not giving up in terms of your responsibilities But now you need to make a determined effort, ten times that determined in terms of reaching into yourselves." [10]

Reaching into ourselves, going forward in heart, is our real job:

Heung Jin Nim: "It is your job to go forward, and this is not just an external responsibility; it is not just obedience to Father's latest project. It is going forward in your hearts...." [11]

True Father: "I never want to feel that you are just following my instructions but rather that you have really perfected yourself in the image of God on your own initiative." [12]

That shows clearly what our priorities are.

And Heung Jin Nim wants to help us with perfecting ourselves:

Heung Jin Nim: "So I will continue to come, until the last person is restored. If you can meet our Father, our God, then my job will be done for you, and you can become a child of God. You can become a small God yourself, when you experience His love and you can give it to brothers and sisters. " [13]

And not only to brothers and sisters, but to all people of the world.

Also True Father and Jesus want to help us to grow fast. But we have to ask for this help:

Heung Jin Nim: "I am doing everything that I can for every one of you, from this side [spiritual world]. You have to ask for my help. I can't help if you don't ask." [14]

Asking for help is our responsibility. But we should not do it just from duty, but from the heart.

Love from Bruno

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