The Words of the Klotz Family

True Mother: Move forward with confidence!

Bruno Klotz
September 14, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Anyone who is strongly connected to God can become a life giving object…. You may not become a sun, but you can at least become a lighthouse in the dark." [1]

How do we get strongly connected to God?

True Father: "Once you reach the divine mind within you and come back out to the world, you will find that God is already before you; thus nothing will be able to disconnect you or overcome you. " [2]

To get strongly connected to God we need to reach the "divine mind" in ourselves. We do that by striving to live more and more in the image of God, in our loving, our thinking and our acting:

True Father: "Living in the image of God means having God's words becoming your words and God's love become your love. That is your first goal." [3]

The more our love becomes like God's love and our words like God's words, we not only become light houses in the darkness, but we become like the brightest sun:

True Father [in prayer]: "I humbly pray that You can bless them [the Unification members] to be the lights in the world of darkness, shining like the brightest suns, brave and strong like victorious generals…" [4]

A sun gives out light and warmth all the time. It never stops. And True Father wants us to be like such a sun, giving out truth [light] and love [warmth] all the time, unceasingly, unconditionally, to everyone, without expecting a return.

Giving out light [truth] means to get the people of the world out of their ignorance. Because of their ignorance they create more chaos every day. They do not know the way out. Who will show them the way?

True Mother: "At this providential time of harvest, our responsibility is to witness -- to find the many prepared and ripened grains; hence, you should boldly let people know about True Parents... Even though this age has many great figures, people are still waiting for a true owner. You have received the Holy Marriage Blessing from True Parents. Do not be afraid! If you become one with True Parents, you can overcome and resolve all the world's problems.

Should a person, who knows about this, just remain dormant? You should take the lead to witness and educate people! True Father always spoke of this. There is no perfection in ignorance; hence, you should let people know." [5]

No perfection in ignorance indeed! No world peace in ignorance either. People are in darkness. They create new conflicts every day. They do not know the heart of God. They do not know God's original ideal nor the goal of history. They do not know their own divine destination. They do not know divine love. They do not know about human responsibility. They do not know that salvation through the Blessing is available. They have no direction. That includes even religious people. At the same time we DO know about all these points. We know the clear direction.

We might be afraid of the Christians telling us we are heretic, we might be afraid of other people telling us this or that. That is why True Mother says this:

True Mother: "Now is a time when you should boldly advance in this area. Do not fear the more established religious groups. Do you understand?" [5]

Those Christians may think very badly about our movement. They may ridicule True Parents, they may ridicule Divine Principle. But in reality they are in darkness and just asking everyone to blindly believe in what they believe. But many of their basic concepts simply make no sense. So there is not the slightest need to be afraid of them. We rather tell them what they have to hear.

True Mother: "Remember, many prepared lives are waiting to hear from you and be touched by you. Challenge yourselves and meet them!..... When we convey the word, you are people that can digest anything, therefore, move forward with confidence! My hopes for you are high." [5]

Meeting all kinds of people all the time and challenging them and (possibly) ourselves is what is needed.

True Mother: "The work that we have to do is save people. What else is greater than this, what task can we be more grateful for?" [5]

We even have to move the providence, to save the world! And that goes by way of divine love. And loving the people with divine love includes saving them from ignorance and blindness. We need to get them out of darkness, boldly, without fear, no matter how they might respond. Even if they do not respond so great, still we have sown the seed and God can work. If we do not inform the people, not much can happen.

True Mother: "Please become sons and daughters that resemble True Parents and realize their hopes. This is the way to give blessings to our descendants in the future... Just as I did, you should be able to say, "Follow in my footsteps!" Only by doing so, can the Cheon Il Guk era appear." [5]

Cheon Il Guk certainly does not fall from the sky one day. It emerges as we shine our divine light and divine love upon anyone that comes across our way, on the street, in the bus, on the train, on the internet etc. Then people will not only HEAR important things from us, but they will also SEE something. They will see the living word in us.

True Father: "What we have to do is not just receive the words through hoon dok hae, and not just follow them or be pulled by them and carried around, but we should be able to go around and plant the words, i.e. plant ourselves, which means to be the substantiation of God's words. Wherever we go, we should plant ourselves as the word of God." [6]

The more we substantiate or embody the word of God, the more we become like God Himself. We will BECOME the word. And people will notice and be moved:

True Father: "Through Hoon Dok Hae the word, the seed, is being given us. Now we have to germinate the seed and bear the fruit... We have to embody the words through true love. Then when you plant those seeds that stem from the original seed, people will be inspired and moved." [6]

Love from Bruno

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