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True Father: I proclaim today that no power can destroy unselfish love

Bruno Klotz
August 26, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "When you send a vibration of love, it sounds throughout the cosmos, particularly in spirit world." [1]

Vibrations of love can penetrate the cosmos. That means they can have quite an impact, even far away. Of course, these vibrations have to be vibrations of true love, divine love. We need to vibrate with the love of God, which means we have to become able to love the way God does. Then we are vibrating with the love of God:

True Father: "Man's ability to respond to the true love of God was killed due to the fall. People cannot even recognize God's true love, much less vibrate with it. The whole purpose of salvation is to restore that ability of human beings to vibrate with the love of God." [2]

Only if we vibrate with the love of God, are we truly aligned with God. Otherwise we do not have true union.

True Father: "Thought is a powerful thing. Thought is the power force in this universe. Your thinking pattern is powerful and love is the most powerful of all. It is so powerful that you can really dominate and really make the entire world as you wish. The world is at your disposal." [3]

Thoughts are indeed powerful, and by thinking in a positive way we attract positive things. But divine love that shines from our heart is even more powerful. It penetrates the cosmos. Only by this kind of love can we change the world:

True Father: "God has the principle pattern of life, which is giving love, unselfish love and he never changes. No matter how many times God is betrayed, he never changes position … This is God. There is no other way we can change this world unless we practise the principle of the love of God. [3]

The love of God is the love of the highest quality. It never stops loving, no matter what:

True Father: "True love means that when it is easy to love, you love, and when it is difficult, you still love. This distinguishes true love from false love." [2]

False love changes according to the response of people. True love keeps investing no matter what. It expects nothing. It is unconditional. That makes it so powerful. Divine love never fails.

True Father: "So please do not think that your effort today must be recognised in the next hour, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Do not become a small person on a short scale. You just continue your duty, your true way of life, in a wholehearted way for ten years, for twenty years continuously; without thinking of the fruit." [3]

True Father wants us to live the true way of life. The true way of life is a life of divine love.

Divine love is not concerned about response of people. That is why it can go on and on. And that is why it never fails. Sooner or later it removes all evil. It simply burns it away. Evil will just melt:

True Father: "Unselfish love won the heart of the past and wins the heart of the future because no one will disagree with it. I proclaim today that no power can destroy unselfish love. Someone may take a weapon and try to destroy it, but when they confront unselfish love, they will completely melt." [4]

By us spreading divine love we can purify the world completely:

True Mother: "My message today for you is to become water that spreads out the true love of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." [5]

Like water goes wherever it finds a way and finally covers everything, so divine love should cover the whole earth, even penetrate the whole cosmos. That is our holy task:

True Father: "I am conveying God's love to you. That love will not be contained within the container of the Unification Church. The love of God will endure forever in the container of the entire world, the container of all humankind. In order to plant such love throughout the world, I have to work through you, by placing you on the frontline. " [6]

God and True Parents cannot do the spreading of love all by themselves. We are to be the channels of their divine love. We have to embody that love and spread it.

Heung Jin Nim: "We [Heung Jin Nim and Jesus] want to give true life to this whole world, and we must do it through you." [7]

God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus want divine love to penetrate everywhere. But we need to be the ones through whom they can spread it. Therefore we must reach the highest levels of love, God's level. That is our destination, that is our capacity, our potential. That applies to everyone.

Heung Jin Nim: "Everywhere you go, you must create the Kingdom of Heaven just as our Father does. I will be with you. The whole spirit world will be with you. The Kingdom of Heaven is in you, and you must let it out." [7]

The Kingdom of God develops by us going forward in our hearts, becoming embodiments of divine love, sending vibrations of divine love everywhere. It is extremely important to ask True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus to help us in this holy task.

Love from Bruno

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