The Words of the Klotz Family

True Father: The greatest human rule is: Love your enemy!

Bruno Klotz
July 26, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "You should be that kind of person, so open-minded and open-hearted to embrace even your enemy." [1]

To resemble God, we must strive to love the enemy. Loving the enemy is the highest quality of love. This kind of love is the strongest and the most God-like. It is unconditional, not expecting anything. It is persevering and patient.

The enemy can be anyone that does not like us, who hurts us etc. The usual reaction would be to not like them either, to hurt them as well, etc. That is the formula of the fallen world.

And that is why all the many conflicts in this world continue and continue. People try to solve those conflicts by talks, but it does not really work. Because by mere talks the resentments on both sides do not disappear. They can even become stronger during such talks, because in those talks easily people can get hurt even more.

Satan of course is the master of erecting such spiritual walls between people and nations. And we can defeat him only by tearing these walls down. And that goes only by loving the enemy. Loving the enemy is the very boundary line between God and Satan:

True Father:"Even though you are persecuted by all of this world, which is the realm of the enemy, you must love the evildoer with your whole heart. That is the condition you have to fulfill. God is MOST CONCERNED about that condition, so those people who are striving to be God's children should also be most concerned about it. This standard of loving is... the very boundary line between God and Satan." [2]

Without us striving to love the enemy with our whole heart, we cannot defeat Satan, and that means we cannot establish the Kingdom either. But if we decide to walk in the footsteps of True Father and Jesus, then each of us can become highly effective in moving the providence in the right direction:

True Father: " When people oppose me, I take the attitude that they do so because I could not carry out what I wanted to do and give them more love. Because I could not achieve what I had pledged – to love people before God -- and because I could not prepare the right position for them they persecute me so loudly. But I love them even though I am persecuted. When I do this, the world changes. " [3]

"When I love them the world changes". That shows the power of divine love,a love that loves the enemy. No wonder that God needs people that practice such love:

True Father: " If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will melt everything. God needs a movement that can melt the wrong world down and change it into the right one." [4]

This melting down of the wrong world can only happen by a movement of people that love the enemy.

True Father: "The true dispensation cannot appear on earth unless an individual, family, tribe and nation can practise the principle of loving their enemy. Until such a nation appears, you cannot talk about the Kingdom of God on earth." [4]

Loving the enemy is obviously the most important aspect of restoring this world.

True Father: "The greatest human rule is "love your enemy". [5]

True Father: " The greatest of all statements made by Jesus Christ was, "Love your enemy." The power of that statement can conquer the world. " [6]

Loving the way God does, which includes loving the enemy, is indeed the greatest human rule. It is the greatest force. It is even the greatest blessing. And it is the real legacy of True Parents:

True Father: " Reverend Moon is one man who has been embracing everyone, including good people and evil people, trying to melt all their qualities with the true love of God... The True Father and True Mother have committed their lives for the sake of their mission, for embracing the enemy world. " [7]

Embracing the enemy world is the mission of True Parents. It is True Father's real legacy. And it is our mission as well:

True Father: "As members of the Unification Church, we must love everybody. First we must love our enemies, whether some personal enemy or some enemy on the family level. We must love them more than anybody else." [8]

By doing this, we will be able to overcome everything:

True Father: "My philosophy is very simple. If you have the attitude to love your enemy, then you can overcome any situation and there is no obstacle that can block you." [9]

We will be able to overcome everything and to attract the biggest blessing. And we will build the Kingdom of heart and love, God's Kingdom:

True Father: "From the moment you can love your enemy the Kingdom of Heaven shall come." [4]

It all depends on our ability and readiness to love those that are difficult to love. And how do we do that?

True Father: " Look upon a person who hates you with love, and eventually he [she] will change. Begin sending out messages of love to those around. Pull out your old vision and replace it with "new eyeballs" of true love." [10]

Constant love training is what is needed. This must be our very focus.

Love from Bruno

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