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True Father: God is embracing and calling out to the most satanic people

Bruno Klotz
June 17, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "You may take it for granted that I will overcome all persecution, yet thousands, even millions of people have prayed for God to destroy me. The only way I could surmount that was to penetrate deep into the love of God and act accordingly." [1]

To penetrate into the love of God! True love was the weapon that Father used to overcome all adversities:

True Father: "Our battle is not the knife battle or the gun battle or the fist battle. Our battle is that of love. Love is our weapon." [2]

True Love is the real weapon, by far the strongest. Based on this weapon True Father fashioned his victories, victories of love. Without divine love we do not get very far, no matter how talented, well organized, prayerful, hard working or sacrificial we may be. It divine love is not in the equation, things get slow and slower. God's power and blessing get blocked. Our life gets dry, we lose power, hope, inspiration and enthusiasm. That is not the way to achieve big victories in our life and beyond.

If, however, we practice divine love, then we will find satisfaction along the way:

True Father: "You must go and find the way to true love. I am the forerunner along this way... This is a path which you have to go all by yourself. It is an internal path which is very lonely at times. But knowing that you are moving toward the greatest treasure, you can have the greatest satisfaction going this way." [3]

Indeed! Greatest satisfaction! And power to continue on the course:

True Father: "What is the central force moving God's providence along? Certainly the central theme of the providence has been true love... True love is so powerful and wonderful that once you have the hope of acquiring it for yourself nothing else really matters to you. The taste of true love gives you the power and determination to pursue it further." [3]

Divine love in their heart is the source of True Parents' power and determination. It is the source of their victories. And developing such love in our own hearts gives us the same source of energy and victory. Divine love is the love of the highest quality as we can see in the following:

True Father: "It does not matter how many times another deceives you or betrays your expectations. Do not give up because you will not lose. I was actually betrayed many times and know that I will continue to be betrayed, but I am secure in my way and I go on. I have never found that my position gets worse; instead it is always improving. That is the heavenly standard." [4]

Truly! This is the heavenly standard! To love unconditionally, no matter what.

True Father: "Like God, when you are opposed by others, you have to tolerate them with love... That is my standard in educating you; no matter what others may do to you, persevere and they will feel badly about it and stop. When each one of us becomes like that, this church will be a true church." [3]

Indeed! Because by developing this kind of love in ourselves we become true people, people of divine love, people who are like God.

True Father: " God has been thoroughly ridiculed and persecuted by mankind; you have no idea of the extent of it. What you experience is nothing in comparison to what God has received, yet God is still embracing and calling out to the most satanic people." [5]

True Father did exactly the same thing, reaching out to people like Kim Il Sung. That is what he means with "penetrating deep into the love of God and acting accordingly" [see the first quote above]. Father made the incredible love of God to his own and acted accordingly, even risking his life to go to North Korea to embrace Kim Il Sung. He acted exactly according to the following words:

True Father: "No matter how difficult is may be, you should inherit our True Parents' TRADITION to be patient and OVERCOME WITH TRUE LOVE. You cannot harbor any hatred or grudge. There is NO WAY you can, because God and True Parents have not done that. You should EXACTLY FOLLOW TRUE PARENTS' FOOTSTEPS... I am telling you this is the way to go. This is my MOST IMPORTANT TEACHING to you today on this Day of Victory of Love." [6]

Overcoming with divine love! That is the most important teaching! And divine love is of the highest quality, a love that gives and gives, joyfully, no matter what comes back. A love that wants to be a blessing to others, no matter how they respond. A love that is not interested to stand in the spotlight, but wants to lift others up and encourage them. A love in line with God's parental heart. With this kind of love also True Mother could overcome many difficulties:

True Father: "The first seven years were a period of trial in which negative power tried to destroy the family, concentrating mostly on Mother. Women were despising her and trying to destroy her in her mission... the realm of women was jealous. But Mother used my tactic and never made excuses or accused anyone, no matter how unjust people were toward her." [7]

Praise to True Mother! Mother used divine love and because of this, God raised her higher and higher.

True Father: "God will always raise up those who are on the side of true love, bringing them higher and higher... "[3]

And True Parents want us to use that very same victorious formula:

True Father: "True Parents' love here on earth is like a formula or tradition. Anybody who follows that formula or tradition is bound to succeed. Not only will you succeed here on earth, but you will also succeed in spirit world.... This kind of love will be welcomed anywhere, anytime, because this is the love of God." [3]

Indeed, divine love is like a formula. Everyone has to potential to use this formula and rise up higher and higher. And Heung Jin Nim is waiting for us to call him, so that then he can help us developing that love:

Heung Jin Nim: "I said before that love is the key, but actually because of your barriers of love you need help. You need help to guide you to the deeper levels of love. Therefore your faith is the key because through your faith I can be with you and when I am with you then I can lead you in an understanding of love. And with that faith and with that love then nothing can stop your march forward to victory." [8]

That applies to True Father and Jesus as well. They can all guide us to higher and highest levels of love. But they can only do it if we invite them, ask them, call them and open our heart for them to come in! Otherwise they are blocked from helping us, as Heung Jin Nim told us over and over.

Love from Bruno

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