The Words of the Klotz Family

True Father: I pray that you all will become the owners of God's true love!

Bruno Klotz
May 23, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family:

True Father: "Let us become a bell of love which can resound throughout the universe. When the sound of the bell of love reaches the hospital it will liberate the patients into restoration. Then they can be discharged and become bells of love themselves, bells whose ringing will save more people. Your bell will bring resurrection, and then those people can do the same." [1]

Father wants world revolution of divine love. Nothing else can save today's world:

True Father: " No one can deny the truth, that nothing else other than a new movement or a revolution of true love, can save today's world." [2]

In order for such a revolution to emerge, we need to become those people who can make it happen. That means we need to become revolutionaries of divine love. We need to become "bells of love", that resound throughout the whole of the universe. That means that the vibration of our love should affect the whole world and beyond. Divine love has such a power.

True Father: "I want you to become somebody. Become a Moonie of true love vibration." [3]

What does true love vibration look like?

True Father: "If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will melt everything. God needs a movement that can melt the wrong world down and change it into the right one." [4]

That is what true love vibration looks like. God needs people who love with such vibration, who love in God's ways. And God loves His enemies, never abandons them, never cuts them off. God's heart embraces every single soul in the universe. A revolution based on that kind of love is like a fire that burns evil up and creates the new world of love.

Heung Jin Nim: "I am spreading a love epidemic. You see all the world is talking with great fear about the disease of AIDS. This is the result of the misuse of love. It can only be spread with the misuse of love and through similar conditions in the spiritual world. But you must spread the epidemic of heavenly love. Heavenly love is far more contagious than even the deadly diseases of satanic love. Heavenly love is like a fire." [5]

Indeed, like a fire! God and True Parents as well as Heung Jin Nim and Jesus want to see the fire of divine love burning in our hearts, burning down all evil, breaking down all barriers that fallen people have created. We can see these barriers all over the world, leading to conflicts and wars in many places. And the only weapon that can stop all this is divine love, heavenly love. Only divine love, the love of the highest quality, can create the world of the heart, where there are no conflicts anymore, forever. Without people developing heavenly love in their heart we will not see the Kingdom emerging.

God and True Parents want us to become the people who can turn this world around, by divine love, by becoming bells of love, by becoming revolutionaries of divine love, by spreading Heavenly love in all directions, by becoming small Gods ourselves, who can represent God in this world through a love that is God-like:

True Father: "Father is looking at you, literally looking at you, and wishing that one day you will be the second God, you will be the small God, and that is what Father is waiting and praying for, nothing else. Whether Father has tremendous influence in the world or anything, that's small compared to what Father looks [wants] you to be." [6]

And for us to become such small Gods we need to revolutionize our heart and love all the time. We need constant love training. Fortunately in our life there are many opportunities to train our heart muscles. We come into so many situations every day where in split seconds we need to decide if we want to react with divine love or with fallen nature. It is in our hands. Our destination is to become people in the image of God, but the speed of getting there lies entirely in our hands, in our hearts. God will not do that for us, nor will True Parents. If we wait for them to do it, it will not happen.

But as soon as we make all effort to apply divine love in all situations, with all people, then our progress is unstoppable. Some people may be afraid of progressing in heart, because they think that then the devil will attack more. Well, the devil is already attacking by trying to tell us that we cannot go anywhere because of our sinfulness. But the moment we stop believing in such lies he will simply run away, and God's blessing will increasingly come to us instead:

Heung Jin Nim: " My generals, go forth into the battle, armed with the shield of true love, and Satan will fall before you without touching. The power of your love will strike him down. Believe! Amen!" [7]

Our battle is one of divine love, and as we practice that quality of love, that will change our life forever. We will be the winners:

True Father: "When you are living with this 100 percent commitment of true love, you don't have to worry or have ulcers. You can always have serenity and peace of mind, knowing that as you stay in the center, everything always comes back to you. You are the winner." [8]

As we practice divine love in our lives, we attract God's blessing. We will rise and shine. God will fight for us in any situation, based on the foundation of divine love. We have nothing to worry!

True Father: "I cannot return to God until I love the children of my fiercest enemy. Then my responsibility will be accomplished. We have to subjugate our opponents, not by force but by love, the natural process of the universe. That is our ideology. This is the most profound ideology anywhere, the perfection of religion." [9]

Only by loving even the most disagreeable people, embracing them with our heart, forgiving them, can we return to God, can we penetrate the heart of God. And the good thing is that we all have the potential to do it. No exception.

True Father: "You must be dignified men and women standing as the backbone of God's love. You are a tower of strength, the visible form of God's love. As you achieve this nothing can deter you. " [9]

Hallelujah! The visible form of God's love! And these things are in our reach! We have the capacity in our hearts!

True Father: "God is longing to see the eternal ideal Kingdom of God built on earth as well as in Heaven. Let us join in this holy task. I pray that you all will become the owners of God's true love." [10]

To be owner of God's love means to exercise the level of the love of God in our life. The more we do that, the more we live a true life, a blessed life, a life truly centered on God. And we bring about the Kingdom:

True Father: " From the moment you can love your enemy the Kingdom of Heaven shall come." [11]

Aju and Amen!

Love from Bruno

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