The Words of the Klotz Family

True Father: Your perfection is the source of joy for the universe!

Bruno Klotz
May 10, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Family and Jesus:

True Father: "We are talking about the heart of God, not just the concept of God's existence. Our ideology is simple. I want to love my spouse as much as I love God. I want to love my children as much as I love God. I want to love my neighbors as much as I love God. I want to love the world and mankind as much as I love God. Since I know that this is the only way of life that God can approve and the only way we can reach God, I have been completely practicing this life. I want to leave this tradition and conviction with you." [1]

The only way to come closer and closer to the Heart of God is by loving mankind the way God does. That is the way to inherit God's divinity fully. That is the way to become people in God's image, completely. That is what God desires the most, that we become like Him, even better, with regards to love. The day we reach perfection of heart is the day of greatest joy for God and True Parents:

True Father: "Your perfection is the source of joy for the universe. That will truly be the ultimate good day. Jesus taught and lived this way." [1]

True Father has always practiced a life of divine love. That is why – in terms of love – he is where he is, in the center of the Heart of God, in the center of divine love. But he wants all of us to inherit that tradition of divine love, so that we all reach higher and higher levels of heart, so that we all can more and more resemble God, so that God and True Parents can become fully visible to everyone, through us:

True Father: "Each of you should be an individual through whom the True Parents are shown to others." [2]

What that means is that each of us should reflect the heart of God and True Parents, not partly, but completely. Then people can meet True Parents fully, when they meet us.

Perfection of heart and love is our very destination. Because of True Parents' victory of heart and love we can also reach that same perfection. True Parents have paved the way. Green light is given for all. No matter what our level of love is right now, we all have the potential of heart to become perfect as God is perfect, in terms of love. This is the glorious time that God has been waiting for, the time of the fruition of the providence, of the establishment of the world of the heart. The door is open, green light is given! What remains for us is to walk the way of divine love:

True Father: "The perfection of an individual is not realized through knowledge, power or money. It is realized through love – not earthly love, but the original love. Through this love everything can be perfected." [3]

The original love is the love that loves the way God does. By perfecting this love in our own hearts we are not only heading to become True Parents ourselves, but also we will solve all problems of the world:

True Father: "All the difficult problems in the world now can be fundamentally solved only through the perfection of true love." [4]

As we strive to perfect our love a revolution of true love will happen. It will bring the world back to the origin, to God's ideal:

True Father: "In order to restore this tragic history back to its origin, a new revolution is necessary. This revolution cannot be accomplished by a political strategy, nor economic or social reform. More then anything else this revolution is only possible through the revolution of our fundamental consciousness. It should be a new revolution of love, centered on God's love." [5]

To perfect our love and to make the revolution of divine love, we need to act accordingly:

True Father: "We must become perfected individuals who match the standard of original, perfected individuality. To do this, we must continually revolutionize ourselves..." [6]

Continually revolutionize ourselves. If we do not revolutionize our love, our heart, we cannot make a revolution of love.

We can advance to higher and higher levels of heart and love much faster if we utilize the tremendous help that is available:

Jesus: "Our (Heung Jin Nim's and Jesus') direction is very simple.....Call on us. We will teach you to love each other...." [7]

Jesus will teach us to love the way God does. And True Father and Heung Jin Nim, too, are certainly ready to help us in this heartistic pioneering work. The only thing to do for us is to call them and ask them to show us the way forward in our heart, and of course make our own effort to love people in divine ways.

Love from Bruno

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