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True Father: The Heavenly person loves the people in hell

Bruno Klotz
May 2, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the word of True Family:

True Father: "If you are with ten people that you do not like then you will have no friends and be lonely. You have to embrace these ten people. Hell is where you do not embrace everyone. Heaven is where you embrace EVERYONE. It should not take our whole life to accomplish. If you do it in 10 years, God will embrace you and say, "You are my child, I will serve you." [1]

True Father embraced everyone, even in prison, even his enemies. Thus he created heaven everywhere he went, even in hell.

True Father: "The Heavenly person loves the people IN HELL, and when we practice that, that is Heaven."

Who are the "people in hell"? People with hatred and resentment, with no love in their heart, just emptiness and bitterness. These people are not easy to love, but loving them just as others is what divine love is all about:

True Father: "Let's look at two different people. One embraces and accepts only those people who are good, positive and respectful to him, while the other embraces people full of negativity and hatred. When God looks at those two people, which will He pay more attention to? Yes, it is the second one because God knows that the second person is MORE LIKE HIM." [2]

Hallelujah! Such love takes us more and more right into the heart of God! And it creates Heaven in our own heart!

God and True Parents certainly want us to live such a life, where we embrace everyone around us. Where we embrace everyone, not out of duty or only from the head, or more or less reluctantly, but willingly, FROM THE HEART, without expectation to get anything in return. God and True Parents simply want us to become Heavenly People, with a Heavenly Heart.

True Mother: "The most important thing is that you ALWAYS live a life of TRULY loving the people you are dealing with. Although it is important to use one's intelligence in life, I want to beg you today to USE YOUR HEART MORE."

Thank you, dear True Mother! What wonderful words! To love truly means to love the way God does:

True Father: "What is heaven? Heaven starts by loving another human being THE WAY GOD DOES." [3]

That is where Heaven starts. And if we love everybody like that, then Heaven expands fast, on earth and in the spiritual world.

And how does God love?

True Father: "Many people accuse God, saying, "Look, God! Look at how evil that person is and how unworthy he is of Your love!" Yet, God replies, "Is that so? Well, I WILL STILL EMBRACE HIM!" That is the NATURE OF OUR GOD, our Father. We have to ask ourselves a question: how much do we resemble God, our Father?" [2]

Indeed, if we love like that, then our movement becomes what Father is waiting for:

True Father: "If you have such great love that you can love even your enemy, that power will MELT EVERYTHING. God NEEDS A MOVEMENT that can melt the wrong world down and change it into the right one … Which of all saints do you think would God love the most? The answer is simple because there is someone who proclaimed this slogan. Jesus Christ stands like a giant because this is what he said." [4]

And not only that. He lived according to his proclamation! That made him a giant of love! Praise the Lord!

And it is the power of the love and spirit of Jesus that changed the face of the earth over the last 2000 years. Because of this the Second Advent of the Lord, the arrival of True Parents, became possible. Just ONE person could achieve so much, although he was treated like the worst criminal. It was the power of Jesus' love, that made this happen.

True Father: "The greatest of all statements made by Jesus Christ was, "Love your enemy." The power of that statement can conquer the world."[5]

Indeed, divine love has that power!

True Father: "Even [although] Jesus was crucified he could still pray to God to forgive the very people who killed him. NO POWER COULD BE ANY GREATER! Love can overcome any walls, no matter how high and thick. Jesus knew that individuals have enemies, families have enemies and tribes and nations have enemies. Hatred and animosity always cause killing on each level, and ONLY ONE STRATEGY can break down this wall – love your enemy." [4]


And God and True Parents are waiting for us to strive to become people of the highest quality of love, so that we can love the way God does.

True Father: "The mission of restored man/woman is to demonstrate a higher quality of love than EVER existed in the satanic world."[6]

That is certainly our very main mission. And then the world will change rapidly. Why:

True Father: "Once you have true love in your hands, you have absolutely EVERYTHING ELSE in the universe."[5]

Is this an exaggeration? Not for those, who have experienced and know or at least believe in the power of divine love:

True Father: "My only principle is to live for the sake of loving mankind and God. When I act out of love, I find that somehow things get done. FROM EXPERIENCE I know that love is the greatest power." [7]

The more we strive to develop such love in our own hearts, the more we will realize that divine love is indeed the greatest power. By practicing this love we grow towards perfection of heart, and if more and more of us will go this way, we will see the world changing in no time. It is all in our hands, and God and True Parents are certainly eagerly waiting that we accomplish this miracle, based on divine love.

Love from Bruno

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