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True Father: You will be qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven!

Bruno Klotz
February 18, 2014

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father, True Mother and Heung Jin Nim:

True Father: "You are to go to the Kingdom of Heaven by riding on the TRACK OF LOVE." [1]

Aju! Without focusing on divine love we cannot enter Heaven.

True Father: "There is only ONE thing we must accomplish, ONE thing we should have in our minds: to achieve [fulfill] human responsibility and enter the realm of the DIRECT DOMINION OF GOD. In other words, achieve true union with God and become the BEARER OF GOD'S TRUE LOVE. You have no other or more important goal in life than this because, in a way, you will be qualified to enter the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN." [2]

Who is the bearer of God's true love? The one who loves the way God does. To become such a person is our responsibility. Well, even more, it is a big blessing! How then does God love?

True Father: "Heaven is waiting in anticipation. It does not want gold, silver, precious gems, or pearls of the world. You should know that heaven ONLY wants a person who can love and embrace ALL THE WORLD with heart, heart, and more heart." [3]

God loves and embraces the whole world with heart, heart and more heart. And that includes the most disagreeable people.

True Father: "The Heavenly person loves the people in Hell, and when we practice that, THAT IS HEAVEN."

God as well as True Parents embrace the whole world, including the people in hell, which includes the most unlovable ones. Aju! That is certainly the Heavenly way of life.

God and True Parents love unconditionally, embracing everyone. Therefore that is most definitely the mainstream:

True Father: "What is the MAINSTREAM CONCEPT? You must invest and forget. You must forget. I really, really ask you, so you must do it because of God and True Parents." [4] Investing and forgetting.

Without end. Embracing everyone. That is the mainstream. And that mainstream concept, if we take it serious enough, leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven. And establishes Heaven as well.

True Father: "As members of the Unification Church, we must love EVERYBODY. First we must love OUR ENEMIES, whether some personal enemy or some enemy on the family level. WE MUST LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE... Otherwise we cannot go to Heaven because Heaven will REJECT us." [5] We may be blessed since decades, we may have faith that moves mountains, we may have prayed a lot and worked hard and sacrificed a lot, having done many "conditions", thinking we are certainly qualified for God's Kingdom, because of all we have DONE. But God is much more interested in how much we have inherited His very heart and love, having become people whose love resembles God's love. God is far more interested in who we have BECOME than in what we have DONE. He wants us to become people of deep love and heart. If we do not get to that point, then what is the point of all the hard work and other things we have done? Already St Paul noticed that without love we are nothing.

If we have not become the people who can love the way God does, loving and embracing good and bad, loving the whole world as God does, Heaven "will reject us". Hard work, titles, degrees, conditions and whatever will not get us into heaven, and also by all this we do not CREATE heaven either. Heaven is created by divine love, and only divine love will get us there:

True Father: "According to how many people you can love and to WHAT DEPTH you have been loving those people -- THIS will define your qualification for the Kingdom of God." [6]


True Mother: "You must be humble to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be humble in terms of embracing your brothers and sisters. You should embrace them even if they have some flaw." [7]

Thank you, dear True Mother! We need to be humble enough to embrace everyone, even those with flaws. Even our enemies.

The more we develop divine love in our heart, the more humble we become. We would never become self righteous, looking down on others, judging them. Instead of that we would rather go "down" to lift everybody else up, with heart and love. We would treat everyone as being better than ourselves. And we would never stop doing so.

Where this happens, that is the Kingdom of Heaven:

True Father: "What is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the place where you love the people of the world as your own family, and people who do this are the people of the Kingdom of Heaven." [8]

Heung Jin Nim: "Everywhere you go, you must create the Kingdom of Heaven just as our Father does. I will be with you. The whole spirit world will be with you. The Kingdom of Heaven is IN YOU, and you must let it out." [9]


True Father: "We must think, "Within me is the Kingdom of Heaven and, because of me, that Kingdom is possible." [10]

We must develop Heavenly Love in our heart, by practicing it relentlessly. Then the Kingdom is possible, because of us! We have the potential in our hearts! All of us!

Heung Jin Nim: "You just have to learn the secrets of bringing a HEAVENLY ENVIRONMENT around you. And the simple secret is to keep calling my name. And I can come. Call Jesus' name...

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It's right there. It's right there, everybody. It's right there in front of you. Just take it and put it in your heart. You can have it. Today you can have it. But when you get it, it will BURN IN YOUR HEART. You won't be able to hold it inside yourself. You'll have to give it out.

Our Father has been burning all his life with the Kingdom of Heaven IN HIS HEART. You have to decide if you want to take it in your own heart. Once you take it in, it burns; you have to give it out. You have to give love. It's not easy. Your life will have to change. You will have to STRUGGLE TO LOVE PEOPLE...

It's a burning sun, right in front of your chest. Open your heart and it will go in. Every one of you can be a messiah. That means you can give the Kingdom of Heaven to other people. You can take it in your heart and from this day you can start giving it to others. The Kingdom of Heaven is unlimited. You never lose when you give the Kingdom to others. When you give love, you will always have more."[11]

Wow! Heung Jin Nim wants us to call on him and Jesus for help, while struggling [making effort] to love all kinds of people. As we do that, and even call on True Father as well, then we "can never lose". We will go from strength to strength, becoming the people that God and True Parents want to see.

At the same time we will build the Kingdom of Heaven, starting in our own heart, spreading to other people. And eventually the Kingdom of Heaven will welcome us with open arms! God Himself will welcome us, wherever we are! Hallelujah!

Love from Bruno

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