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True Father: You are now like LIVING BOMBS waiting to be ignited... for salvation

Bruno Klotz
November 15, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Father and Heung Jin Nim:

From True Father's prayer: "I humbly pray that You can bless them [brothers and sisters] to be the LIGHTS in the world of darkness, shining like the BRIGHTEST SUNS, brave and STRONG like victorious generals …" [1]

Mansei! True Father wants us to become such incredible people! He wants us to even become GIANTS, to GROW into giants:

True Father: "I watch you more closely than you realize and seek to nurture you so that you can grow into GIANTS in the sight of God." [2]

Grow into giants! What kind of giants? In the sight of God. These giants can only be giants of love! Kings and Queens of love. Representatives of love:

True Father: "I pray that they [brothers and sisters] can be protected on all sides by the SHIELD OF LOVE, and learn to walk the path of tradition as they march toward the Kingdom of Heaven and become the representatives of HEAVENLY LOVE." [1]

Father wants us to grow into giants of love that are protected by the SHIELD OF LOVE, becoming the representatives of HEAVENLY LOVE!! Wow!

What means "protected by the shield of love"? It means that the more we practice divine love, the more we are getting protected from the attacks of the devil.

What means to be "representatives" of heavenly love? It simply means to be the channel for such love. It means that God can express His heart through us. That we are in God's image, fully, according to God's ideal of creation.

How can we grow to become such people? By training ourselves in practicing divine love all the time, towards everyone. Divine love is not just giving some money to someone. It is by far more than that. It is having the right heart, a loving heart, towards people, full of respect, compassing, understanding, forgiveness and the like. And all this has to be without expecting or wanting anything from the other person.

True Father: " I pray for the Unification members to be STRONG and BOLD so they can march forward, overcoming all things THROUGH LOVE." [3]

Hallelujah! Overcoming every obstacle with love. With divine love, of course. A love that even loves the enemies. Again, Father wants us to become giants of love who can overcome every obstacle WITH LOVE!

True Father: "We must find the ORIGINAL HEART; that is MORE CRUCIAL than anything. If we FOCUS on the heart, we can go BEYOND ANYTHING in the world. If we don't go this way, everything will be burned." [4]

What is the original heart? It is the heart that can love the way God does. By focusing on heart and divine love we will find our original heart, our true self.

True Father: "Your gradient of influence and power is based on how much you are GROWING. Ultimately you will become like the original center, LIKE A SUN which generates energy rather than the moon which reflects energy.

By practicing this you can come to fully understand my situation and God's loving heart. Only then can we have ONENESS and common pride between us. There is only one main stream, and it is connected to this way of life." [5]

Mansei! Father wants us to become LIKE A SUN, like the original center, which is God. He wants us to become like God Himself with regards to love. This is God's and True Parents' main desire. The more we get there, the more we are in ONENESS with God and True Parents. Only then can we fully understand the Heart of God and of True Parents, according to Father's above words.

True Father: "Father is looking at you, literally looking at you, and wishing that one day you will be the SECOND GOD, you will be the small God, and that is what Father is waiting and praying for, NOTHING ELSE. Whether Father has tremendous influence in the world or anything, that's SMALL compared to what Father looks [wants] you to be." [6]

There is nothing more important for God and True Parents than us becoming the SECOND GOD, with regards to love. Why is this so?

Because in the Kingdom of God EVERYONE is a SECOND GOD. Therefore the Kingdom of Heaven has to start and develop in our heart, by us becoming the SECOND GOD, becoming the owners of divine love. And that will influence the whole world.

True Father: "The world will follow nothing other than the source of love. You must become a MAGNET OF LOVE and then the world will be attracted. ONLY IN THAT WAY can one gain dominion of the world." [7]

Aju and Amen! Only in that way! By no other means!

And that dominion is a dominion of love, not of power or of force. In the world of love those with the greatest love have the greatest influence, because everyone is attracted by love, divine love.

True Father wants us to become even better than himself, in terms of love of course. He has told us this pretty often. In case someone thinks that Father does not really mean it, here are Heung Jin Nim's words in that context:

Heung Jin Nim: "Actually you may have heard Father say that he wishes that we'd be greater than he. And I know that … people thought that Father doesn't really want that because Father's position is ultimately the greatest authority in Heaven.

But actually Father's desire for us to be greater than him is VERY SINCERE: He wants his children to be greater than him because Father thinks only in terms of GOODNESS. And greater goodness is Father's only desire because this is Heavenly Father's only desire." [8]

That is clear! Yes, Father is not joking when he tells us that he hopes that we become better than him. And if not all mankind can become one with God, then how can God's Kingdom come, the world where everyone is in God's image, not only True Parents and Jesus? God's ideal is about all mankind becoming the perfect expression of God Himself. There is not even a single exception to this.

And Heung Jin Nim wants to help us to grow in heart and love fast:

"It's very very essential that when you hear my words and we communicate together, that what we share is more than anything else a COMMUNION OF SPIRIT AND HEART, and that you experience in your heart -- on a day to day basis, through your constant communication [with Heung Jin Nim] -- a liberation of heart and a deeper sensation of an experience of the love of God for you and love for others.

Otherwise actually we are not really progressing as Heavenly Father desires. I really want you to feel this.

This is something that cannot be communicated very easily in words. It requires your own prayer and not just a voice coming to you through a channel, but requires my voice coming to you IN YOUR HEART.

Really it requires this constant attitude of filial piety before Heaven and a WILLINGNESS to receive a GREATER SPIRIT." [8]

We need to be willing to receive from Heung Jin Nim. We need to ask. We must be eager.

Indeed, we need to ASK True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus constantly for help and guidance with our growth of heart. They are desperately waiting for us to do this step, if we have not already done it. And they will make sure that our hearts get transformed into hearts that radiate the love of God, that vibrate with the love of God.

They will help us to become BOMBS OF SALVATION:

True Father: "Once you harness the POWER OF THE HEART OF GOD, you will have the energy to be a lightning bolt, LIGHTING UP all of the nation. The important thing is whether you have that explosive power IN YOUR HEARTS.

You are now like LIVING BOMBS, just waiting to be ignited and then explode, not for destruction but FOR SALVATION." [9]

How do we get the explosive power into our hearts? What is this explosive power anyway? It is the power of divine love. And the way to get it into our hearts is constant love training, heart training, and asking True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus for help in the process.

If we think we can do it without their help, we are losing a precious opportunity, we are losing precious time. It is highly recommendable to ask for the help that we certainly need.

Love from Bruno


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