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True Father: I came about to bring about reformation of the heart

Bruno Klotz
November 10, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father: "When you are about to get engaged or married, for example, some people think, "Father, match me with the most wonderful person." But who are you centering on in that case? Yourself! Instead, you should think, "Father, do your will. Give me the worst person; let me take care of that person and serve him [her]. I will love the ugliest person more than I would love the most handsome or beautiful person." If anyone is thinking in that fashion, there is no room for Satan to come near him [her]." [1]

No room for Satan! Mansei!

And why is there no room for Satan? Because loving someone who is difficult to love, is resembling God's way of loving. God loves the most disagreeable people, unceasingly, unconditionally. He is always ready to forgive and to embrace, he never gives up on anyone. If we train ourselves to do the same, Satan is defeated. He retreats in front of such a love, voluntarily. Divine love has this power. And exactly this power is needed for the salvation or restoration of the world.

True Father: "World restoration is such an awesome task that you should not want to be matched to an easy love. If you are on the opposite end of the spectrum from your spouse and love comes only with difficulty, you can become one only after you make much effort. That is the kind of effort NEEDED to unite the world." [1]

Aju! God needs that effort of divine love. Such effort, such love, moves the providence.

If husband and wife are very opposite, they might want to run away from each other. If they are even like enemies for each other, the impulse to give up is even stronger. And some might indeed give up or have given up.

And others may NOT give up, but persevere, for the sake of the blessing, for the sake of the children, for God, for the sake of "indemnity", but having much pain of heart all the time, much suffering. They might fight with their spouse at many occasions, trying to change that person in some ways. And the spouse may try to do the same. And as a result of this, clashes happen all the time. They may even wonder if True Parents did the right matching.

But True Parents DID the right matching. True Father matched extremes, because God needs our effort to overcome such difficulties. And God needs it for the sake of saving the world.

But what kind of effort does God really need? Does he need the effort of the husband to change his wife so that she does what he wants, or vice versa? Does he need our suffering, that we might call "indemnity"?

God needs the effort of husband and wife to become the way God WANTS them to become. And God wants them to become GOD-LIKE! Wow!

And how do we become God-like? There is only ONE way to do that. And that is by practicing divine love. And exactly that is what God wants to see, divine love being practiced and applied and trained all the time. And that is much more than just persevering and suffering. And that is the real "indemnity", the real restoration. It is something active, while persevering is more a passive thing.

True Father: "Marriage is for the purpose of blending men and women into GOD-LIKE FIGURES, to put people into the IMAGE OF GOD so that when they are elevated into spirit world they can enjoy a relationship with God together." [2]

Wow! God-like figures! In the image of God! And that does not happen automatically, or by just enduring or even fighting. It happens through conscious training of heart, of divine love, a love that gives and gives, forgets and forgets, and gives again. A love that forgives endlessly, and is always ready to embrace, no matter what. A love that expects, demands or wants nothing from the other, but only pushes oneself to higher and higher levels of love and heart.

The more we focus on training our heart in divine love, then the more the difficulties in the blessed marriage, even in any other marriage, in any other relationship, will decrease, even if the other person does not even change. We will come to see the difficulties not anymore as suffering, but will see them as challenges for our own heart growth. In the end we might even welcome these challenges, because then we have more chance to grow fast, to resemble God, to become God-like.

Some difficult relationship in our own family gives us more suffering than a difficult relationship outside of the family. But also it gives us the greatest training of heart. If we see things from that angle, then we can rise ABOVE suffering, persevering and "indemnity", towards conscious training of heart, conscious growing in love, becoming more and more God-like in the process. That is a much more positive and inspiring way of looking at the same thing.

In God's providence everything is about divine love. And so is our matching, our blessing. Restoration of love is all that really matters. And without it the Kingdom of God cannot come. But with it the Kingdom is around the corner. The achievement of divine love, of inheriting the heart of God, is the most important goal in our life:

True Father: "Those of you who were matched yesterday, do you feel you deserve that honor? There is only one thing we must accomplish, one thing we should have in our minds: to achieve human responsibility and enter the realm of the DIRECT DOMINION OF GOD. In other words, achieve TRUE UNION with God and become the BEARER OF GOD'S TRUE LOVE. You have NO OTHER or more important GOAL in life than this because in a way, you will be QUALIFIED to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." [1]

Indeed, there is no more important goal in life than to become the bearer of God's divine love. That is what God and True Parents want to see:

True Father: "The couples I create will march forward as flag bearers who can LOVE THEIR ENEMIES. Together they will become princes and princesses of God. This is the exciting life we live." [3]

Aju and Amen! We will become the princes and princesses of God, the kings and queens of love. Father calls this kind of life exciting. And in deed, he is very right. We become more and more like True Parents, if we practice divine love all the time:

True Father: "As blessed couples, you are inheriting that tradition [True Parents' tradition]. You must receive it and uphold it, clean and pure. In order to inherit that tradition, you must become like the True Parents. You must live like them and EMBRACE HEAVEN AND EARTH, the entire world and humanity. Then you can say, "Yes, Father, we inherited that tradition." [4]

Mansei to True Father! He wants to see us inheriting True Parents' tradition of divine love. That is what True Parents are actually here for:

True Father: "The MOST IMPORTANT thing God wants me to do is to resurrect or recreate or reform the hearts of the people, and make them HEAVENLY PEOPLE. I came to bring about REFORMATION OF THE HEART." [5]

Hallelujah! That is True Parents' most important mission. To make us all new, into heavenly people, people who are God-like, who love the way God does. There is nothing greater than this!

And for the purpose of reformation of our heart some of us, if not all, have received a matching from True Father, that allows us to train our heart not only sometimes, but often, if not always! This is indeed a very special gift from God!

Praise the Lord! Aju and Amen!

Love from Bruno


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