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True Father: Be a hero of love and a hero of heart!

Bruno Klotz
November 3, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father: "We are truly on the threshold of the most gigantic and glorious task in history. When you embrace the universe, you embrace yourself. What kind of self? The TRUE SELF. " [1]

Aju and Amen! These are really gigantic words! And so is our task, as Father says. Our task is not only gigantic, but glorious.

What is this task all about? It is about "embracing" the universe. Embracing the universe means to embrace God and all humankind, every single person in the world, every possible type of person, hostile or friendly. And the embrace has to be with divine love, of course.

True Father: "If you want to become a son [daughter] of God you have to resemble God's heart. Since God's heart is planted in the world, you have to love the people of the world."[2]


Planted in the whole world, and certainly not only in certain countries. God's love is for people of all races, nationalities, cultures etc. God's love does not discriminate, it is simply for all, just like the sunshine. After all, we are ALL God's beloved children, we are all His family.

God therefore sees no boundaries of race, nationality or whatever. Those do not exist in God's mind, and they cannot exist in our mind either, if we want to resemble God. God only sees in terms of love, and so should we:

True Father: "Once you come into the world of love, everything is love and you cannot help but see everything that way. If you looked at an Oriental man you would see his love before you would see that he was Oriental. Whether a man was Western or not wouldn't matter. When you look through the glasses of love, you see only in love." [3]

True Father wants us to see the whole population of the world through the eyes of love, to be ready to embrace any kind of person with the love of God, with the Heart of Heaven. Even the most disagreeable people are definitely included. God never cuts anyone off:

True Father: "God's heart embraces even His own enemy, and will never denounce or cut him off. This is the force governing and uniting you people." [4]

Mansei! This is the Heavenly Standard! In the family under God everyone is included.

The more we train ourselves to become like that, the more our true self emerges. We become who we are meant to be. We become who we really are. We become substantial divine sons and daughters of God, we become owners of true love, we become central to Heaven and Earth. Mansei!

And as divinity grows in our heart, what happens?

True Father: " When fruits start to be borne, flowers and leaves drop off. Similarly, when divinity grows in your heart, all your shortcomings will FALL AWAY." [5]

Hallelujah! The way to get rid of our shortcomings is simply to increase our divinity by making effort to love the way God does.

And the more we become our true self, then what?

True Father: "When a person achieves that [reaching the true self], his mind and his body are entirely harmonious and united. In that case, you will never put the desires of your body before the desires of your mind. YOUR MIND WILL BE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY.

When your mind is filled with true love, your body will be obedient to your mind. That was God's original ideal." [1]

Mansei! Why will the body be obedient? The body will still try to follow its own desires. But it has no choice but to obey the mind [heart], simply because the mind [heart] filled with divine love is very strong and motivated. It will not allow the body to go against divine love. The power of divine love is stronger than the strongest body. The more love comes into our heart, the more the body has to just go along with the mind [heart]. That is what we call mind body unity. Only love can unite mind and body, as Father often told us:

True Father: "In a way, love is like glue, binding and cementing together all the cells of humanity. This is why love is universal and love is good. The action of love is ultimate. Therefore, without love everything would fall apart. The action of love unites subject and object and mind and body." [6]

Aju and Amen!

We can try to "unite" mind and body without the power of love, just based on will power, forcing ourselves. But that is not the ideal:

True Father: "Without love the interaction between subject and object is VERY CLUMSY. However, with the power of love we can experience total freedom of action, and freedom of movement between east and west, north and south. In a way, love is a shocking intoxication which can make everybody drunk. That is why love is good." [6]

Interaction between subject and object, that is not based on love, is very clumsy indeed. Real joy cannot come about in this way. There will not be total freedom in that relationship. People might even try to force or threaten the other person to act according to one's own will.

But unity cannot come about like that, cannot be based on "You must". Unity must be voluntary, natural, based on heart and divine love, on free will and desire. Otherwise we cannot talk about unity.

All frictions and difficulties in relationships are based on lack of divine love. As soon as divine love will be exercised in a relationship, not only the particular person will grow in heart, but also the whole relationship will be affected in a positive way. More and more real unity, unity based on heart and free will, emerges.

So our task is to make sure that divinity grows in our heart, all the time, by exercising our heart. Then we find our true self, find joy and happiness, find total freedom. Then we can get rid of fallen nature, can subdue the bodily desires. Then we can heal relationships. Then we become heroes:

True Father: "Be a HERO of love and hero of heart. No matter how great a man [woman] you may be, you will be a failure unless you conquer the heart of mankind." [2]

To conquer the heart of mankind means to make effort to love all kinds of people the way God does.

True Father: "According to how many people you can love and to what depth you have been loving those people -- this will define your qualification for the Kingdom of God." [7]

Mansei! Everything depends on our ability to love. Nothing can be more important than this. And the more we advance in divine love, the more we inherit True Parents' spirit:

True Father: " If you truly want to become sons and daughters of True Parents, you have to inherit the spirit of True Parents -- my spirit and my way of thinking." [8]

And True Father always thinks in terms of divine love.

True Father: "As blessed couples, you are inheriting that tradition [True Parents' tradition]. You must receive it and uphold it, clean and pure. In order to inherit that tradition, you must become like the True Parents. You must live like them and EMBRACE HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE ENTIRE WORLD AND HUMANITY. Then you can say, "Yes, Father, we inherited that tradition." [1]

Indeed, the real tradition of True Parents is to embrace "Heaven and earth, the entire world and humanity" with divine love. As we inherit that tradition, we become like True Parents. Then there is no way to be a failure.

Instead, we become victors and heroes of heart and love! Then indeed we have inherited True Parents' tradition.

But that is not the end:

True Father: "Even when I am no longer here, you must carry on the tradition and teach your own children the same tradition that I taught you. Your children in turn will teach the same tradition to the ENTIRE WORLD. This tradition will go on, and THIS IS MY ONLY AMBITION." [1]

Aju and Amen! All of us need to pass on the tradition of divine love to all people of the world, by loving them with divine love. That way the Kingdom of God emerges, the culture of heart, one family under God! There is no other way.

Love from Bruno


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