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True Father: God can then make you a success

Bruno Klotz
October 16, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father: "Even though you are persecuted by all of this world, which is the realm of the enemy, you must love the evildoer WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART. That is the condition you have to fulfill. God is MOST CONCERNED about that condition, so those people who are striving to be God's children should also be most concerned about it." [1]

What a bombshell! Father is asking us to make a "condition" of loving the enemy. Wow! Who is the "enemy"? Not only those who might want to kill us. But also those that simply hate us or do not like us, avoid us, talk bad about us, give us headache, etc. And of course, also those that we ourselves rather avoid.

Is True Father asking too much from us? Not really. He knows that we are all on different levels. Father does not expect the perfection of our heart over night. He knows that it takes time, but he wants us to grow in heart, not stagnate.

He wants us to realize how important this love "condition" is, and then make conscious effort to go in that direction, no matter what level we are at now.

As soon we go in that direction, trying to be always nice, embracing, respectful and loving towards even those that are not nice to us, then our heart grows fast, and God's blessing is bound to come in mighty ways.

So True Father does not expect too much. He just shows us the way to bigger blessing and faster growth of heart. He shows us the way to our own revival, our own happiness, joy and success.

True Father: "Man's ability to respond to the true love of God was killed due to the fall. People cannot even recognize God's true love, much less vibrate with it. The whole purpose of salvation is to restore that ability of human beings to vibrate with the love of God. Once the spiritual body of man can receive the vibration of God's love, his whole self will resound with it. His entire physical body will respond to God's stimuli. That would be the total satisfaction of love. Nothing could be more desired by anyone." [2]

Because of the fall we never became able to vibrate with the love of God, to love the way God does. To learn this is real restoration, real indemnity. How can we learn it? By exercising our heart in matters of loving and embracing especially those that we would prefer to not see at all.

Jesus: "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven … If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." [Matthew 5:43-48]

Praise the Lord! Jesus asks us the same thing as True Father does, to love the enemy. In this context he asks us to become perfect as God is perfect, in love. Jesus indirectly says that we come closer to perfection by loving the "unlovable", that we become children of God by loving the enemy. Makes sense, because by loving the unlovable our love is equal to God's love, and only then can we be children of God in the truest sense.

True Father: "A great movement of restoration only comes from this ideology of love. Only the power of love could begin the new history and new age. When a person has the power to even love his enemies, he is truly a giant and there is nothing he cannot deal with or embrace. Ultimately that person shall conquer the world in Gods way. Christianity has always possessed that ideology, and God sees that as long as Christians pursue that doctrine then they will win the world to God. [3]

Christianity, according to Father, has always possessed this ideology of loving the enemy. Because of that, Christianity could spread all over the world, in spite of all the obstacles.

What Father is actually saying here is, that whoever applies loving the enemy will make a big contribution to bringing the world back to God. Praise the Lord! Father himself can testify from his own life experiences:

True Father: "When people oppose me, I take the attitude that they do so because I could not carry out what I wanted to do and give them more love. Because I could not achieve what I had pledged – to love people before God -- and because I could not prepare the right position for them they persecute me so loudly. But I love them even though I am persecuted. When I do this, the world changes. [4]

Mansei! The WORLD CHANGES, into God's direction, of course. This shows us clearly how important it is to make effort to keep loving, no matter what people do to us. Such love moves history.

True Father: "Reverend Moon is one man who has been embracing everyone, including good people and evil people, trying to melt all their qualities with the true love of God. No one has thought in that fashion, let alone lived his entire life that way. Without a doubt, all mankind shall come under this one tradition. The True Father and Mother have committed their lives for the sake of their mission, for embracing the enemy world."[5]

Hallelujah! Big applause to True Parents!

True Father: "Therefore the true measure of your happiness is whether you are close to the CENTRAL STANDARD of true love. Happiness or unhappiness cannot be determined by how much money you have, but only by the purity with which you exercise true love." [2]

Loving the enemy is surely very close to the central standard of love. In fact, it IS the central standard. What kind of love can be greater than love for the enemy? The closer we get to that standard, the more happiness we will experience in our life. Seen from this viewpoint, the following words of True Father make a lot of sense:

True Father: "The purpose of life of faith is to realize self -- perfection and feel infinite love, thereby enjoying infinite happiness." [6]

Mansei! And if we practice the love for good and bad alike, for everyone, even the enemy, then that -- to a great extent -- determines our happiness and the blessings that come from Heaven.

True Father gave us the following words, because he hopes that we, by applying those words, will all become happy, overflowing with happiness, joy and spiritual life:

" I want you to be always humble, kind, loving and understanding of others, even though the person visiting you may be a cross or evil person – even unforgivably evil. God can then turn him [her] and use him [her] to help you, to make you a success." [7]

True Father: "Change your old nose into one which can absorb the worst odors with forgiveness and tolerance." [8] True Father: "Look upon a person who hates you with love, and eventually he [she] will change. Begin sending out messages of love to those around. Pull out your old vision and replace it with "new eyeballs" of true love." [8]

Those messages of love may not be emails or post cards. They may simply be positive thoughts, loving thoughts.

All the above [and more of that kind] is what it really means to live for the sake of others. Living for the sake of others is a matter of heart and love, of respect, forgiveness and embrace for everyone.

It is a matter of going "down" [humbling oneself] in order to lift others up with love, to consciously and constantly strive to exercise a parental heart, heavenly heart, towards each and every child of God that comes across our way. If we exclude even ONE person from our love, then our love is not divine anymore. Then we are not anymore people of divine love.

The more we practice divine love, the more we get aligned with God and True Parents. Because they have such a heart for the whole world. And they want all of us to inherit that heart, the sooner the better. That is our "mission" Nr 1, the by far most important one. That is what we are here for.

True Father: "Once the heart of God dwells within you, no matter how lonely you may be you will be filled and the universe will be filled. A person who is completely filled is a joyful person because he lacks nothing." [9]

Amen and aju! Our hearts will be filled with joy, the more we go the road of divine love. We will all become new creatures!

Love from Bruno

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