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True Father: You must become Kings and Queens of Love

Bruno Klotz
September 28, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father:

"You must love those in the satanic world as much as you love God and as much as you love me. It is only upon that condition that you will be given approval by God and myself. That is God's way. God and I will not complain at all if you love the satanic world most." [1]

Parents cannot be happy, if their children are focused on loving only THEM. If the children do not love each other, do not treat each other the way the parents desire, the "love" for the parents is not real. The parents would not be happy, no matter how much that child would try to show love to them. It would be in vain.

Because in order to love the parents, a child needs to love those that the parents love, which are the other children.

That is why True Father is asking us to love "those in the satanic world" as much as we love God and him. God and True Father would be even happy if we love those people MORE than them!

Because what we do to God's children, we do to God and True Parents.

That is also what Jesus expressed in Matth. 25:40:

"Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye [you] have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren [children], ye [you] have done it unto me."

Right on target! Praise the Lord! The heart of Jesus is totally parental. That is why he could say such a thing. He did not want people to just love HIM, but rather each other.

God would not be happy with True Father, if he would exclude certain people from his love:

True Father:

"I cannot return to God until I love the children of my fiercest enemy. Then MY RESPONSIBILITY will be accomplished. We have to subjugate our opponents, not by force but by LOVE, the natural process of the universe. That is our ideology. This is the most profound ideology anywhere, the perfection of religion." [2]

Wow! God would not be happy with True Father if he would not love even the worst enemies. Why? Because God loves them, wants to save them. And to be in complete unity with God, there is only ONE way: To love all those that God loves. Whatever we do to our fiercest enemies, we do to God. Wow!

To "subjugate" such enemies by love simply means to win their heart. And that is indeed the perfection of religion. It is the perfection of love.

Father calls it his responsibility, to love that way. And certainly it is our responsibility as well. It is even the most important one, to love even those that give us nothing but a hard time:

True Father:

"Even though you are persecuted by all of this world, which is the realm of the enemy, you must love the evildoer WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART. That is the condition you have to fulfill. God is MOST CONCERNED about that condition, so those people who are striving to be God's children should also be most concerned about it." [3]

Wow! God is most concerned about us loving our "enemies". Enemies are not necessarily people who want to kill us, but also those that simply do not like us, or even those that we ourselves do not like.

True Father:

"Heavenly Father personally told me so many times, "Go out, relieve their suffering. My comfort cannot be found in your attendance to me. If you really love me, do your love not unto ME."

Do your love not unto ME, but unto my children! Mansei! This again shows that God is extremely interested in us loving and saving the people of the world. He values that much more than us worshipping Him and singing songs of praise, trying to glorify Him, trying to show our love for Him.

And True Father is just the same:

"You should rather have the living tradition of your teacher than celebrate his birthday." [4]

The living tradition is the tradition to love people in a God-like way. If we do not do that, then it is not so much point to try to make Father happy by celebrating his birthday or glorifying him in other ways.

True Father did not come into this world to be celebrated or glorified, but to exercise divine love, teach us the divine way of love, help us get transformed into Godly people and thus to bring about reformation of the heart. That is his mission, the mission of the Messiah.

True Father:

"The Unification Church is the church of vibration, the vibration of true love. You did not come here for the sole purpose of singing "Happy Birthday" to True Parents. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO COME FOR THAT. I want you to become SOMEBODY. Become a Moonie of true love vibration. From today, as a birthday gift take back with you the vibration of true love. You are starting to VIBRATE today for the sake of the world." [5]

Mansei! Father wants us to become people of "true love vibration". Hallelujah! And someone with true- love-vibration does not only love God and True Parents, but loves all the people of the world. He or she vibrates love for the sake of the world, for the sake of each of God's children, without any single exception.

Because true love vibration is like the sun. The sun shines on everyone, equally. Divine love is just like that. It shines in all directions, it makes no difference whom to shine upon.

God and True Parents want us to be people with a parental heart for the whole world's population, just as they are.

As we strive to develop that kind of heavenly heart in ourselves, we become those that God and True Parents call children of filial piety.

True Father:

"Children of filial piety are those who feel a parental heart. It doesn't matter what worldly knowledge or position you have. The only thing that matters is whether you have the HEART OF HEAVEN". [6]

Wow! Nothing else matters, but inheriting God's and True Parents' Heart of Heaven.

Of course, also other things are important, but to develop the Heart of Heaven is by far the most important one. This requires all our attention, all our focus. We may achieve many other amazing things, we may "work hard", make many conditions, but if we "forget" to focus on heart, and divine love, we miss the target that we have in this world. We lose precious time. We miss precious opportunities in which we could make our hearts grow.

And this Heart of Heaven loves all people of the world, "high" or "low", "important" or "unimportant", kind or unkind, atheists or theists, of any colour or nationality, educated or uneducated. It is for church members or non members, for people of all religions. It is for beggars, presidents and kings alike. It respects them all. It tries to win all their hearts.

It abandons nobody. It blesses them all, curses nobody. It tries to understand all of them, ready to forgive all of them. It has a smile, at least in the heart, for all of them. It tries to encourage, uplift and embrace everyone. It judges or accuses nobody. It has compassion for everyone. It is patient. It is humble towards everyone. It is happy for the success of others, instead of being jealous. It wants others to become better than oneself.

Divine love does not expect anything for being given out. It just wants to give. And then it forgets. And it gives again. Without wanting, without expecting, without demanding.

There are no strings attached to divine love. No hidden agenda. No second thoughts. It is certainly not about getting people to do what we think they should. It is all about investing of heart, just investing, investing again and again, no matter into whom. Endlessly.

To love people to make them do things that we think they should do, is not the highest form of love, has strings attached. Our love should be unconditional, should be genuine, should be there no matter what the situation is, no matter how people respond to us. Our love should be of the highest quality.

True Father:

"The mission of restored man [woman] is to demonstrate a higher quality of love than EVER existed in the satanic world." [7]

Aju and amen! The quality of our love has to become higher than ever existed on this planet. Indeed, it has to become the highest quality imaginable. This means we need to reach the level of God's heart, through constant and conscious love training, constant exercise of heart. This is what we are here for. God desires nothing less. True Parents desire nothing less. This is our real mission. We need to be relentless in this matter.

Father wants us to have true love vibration. If we have this vibration, then God can express His heart through us at all times. And then, how can we not have His approval, that Father mentions above? Not only will we get His approval, but He will be highly excited and inspired by us.

And meanwhile we can create the ideal world that is nothing but a world of such kind of love.

True Father:

"When you live with the heart of God and the heart of parents, constructive and creative power is generated.... we can truly become dynamos to create a new world culture." [8]

By becoming people with true love vibration we become more and more energized ourselves. We become dynamos. We become new people with a new heart, the heart of heaven. And as more and more people become like that, the new world culture emerges on that foundation, the culture of the Heart of God. In the end we will have one family under God. And here one last word of True Father that sums it all up:

"You are born as the princes and princesses of love. You must become kings and queens of love and create the kingdom of love. That is God's ideal and that is the TRUE PURPOSE for your being born. Human dignity and value is that great. WE WERE BORN FOR THE PERFECTION OF LOVE. Do you follow? "[5]

What a bomb shell!! My goodness! Aju and Amen! Can it be more clear?

Love from Bruno


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