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Father is wishing that one day you will be the Second God

Bruno Klotz
September 3, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again an inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

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True Father:

"The purpose of the Unification Church is to educate you to become the people who embody the love of God, who can receive the love of God, and who also deserve the love of all humankind. So we must become a master of the love of God and the love of humanity.

The purpose of the Unification Church is to transform you into people who love humanity and God, who are the FRUIT OF LOVE representing the world. You must become the recipients of such love from humanity and God.

You are not to be people who just receive love and long for love within the Unification Church. The FOCAL POINT of our activities is loving humanity and loving God." [1]

Wow! Fruit of love, representing the world! Master of love! Words that hit the heart! Words that can only come from the Messiah! Praise the Lord! Becoming such masters of love is our focal point! What a great and noble goal!

Here we can see clearly what the hope of True Parents for us is, what God's hope is. Nothing less than us becoming the master of love! Well, is that surprising? Not really.

True Father:

"Reverend Moon is like the professor in charge of the members of the Unification Church. The subject of learning is true love; I push you out into situations in society that will train you and season you as TRUE LOVE CHAMPIONS.

You do not sit in classrooms but learn through activities. The purpose of all those activities is to enable me to sign your true love certificate." [2]

Wow! True love certificate! True love champions! My goodness! Praise to the King of Love, our True Father!

Of course, we cannot become true love champions by just learning knowledge in class rooms. Becoming true love champions is not just a matter of getting our heads full of knowledge. Of course, ignorance does not lead to perfection. But knowledge alone is definitely not enough. Because reaching perfection is a matter of the heart, not of head or intellect alone.

Acc. to Father we learn through "activities." But if in all those "activities" we forget to focus on loving people with Godly love, we miss the point. If we just focus on planning and organizing, on strategies, methods and events, on conferences and the like, then we are too external. Then our heart does not grow. Then we become experts and champions of activities, but not of heart and love.

Our growth of heart and love is first and foremost a matter of struggling and making effort day by day, 24/7, in real situations, to deepen, widen and broaden our hearts, so that we gradually can love the way God loves. Hallelujah! Is it even possible for us to love the way God does? Of course it is. All of us have this potential in our hearts. It is time to discover the resources we have in our heart. We are divine sons and daughters for a reason.

God is giving us enough situations, "activities", where we can grow in heart, if we focus on this. If we just focus on external results, then – as I said above – we miss the mark. Aigu!

In witnessing for example there is the constant temptation to focus on "bringing" people, "educating" them and making them "members" of this or that. Even if we do this for years, this does not automatically make our heart grow. We rather "burn" out after some time, simply because we are too focused on the external. We are just focused on numbers and "results". But the real result must be the growth of heart, must be our own perfection.

Father therefore asked us this:

"The FIRST STEP in witnessing is to think, "I myself must become PERFECT." Then you will be able to give GOODNESS to other people." [3]

Why does Father say this? He has a very good reason:

He wants us to advance towards perfection of heart. Mansei! And how do we get there?

We get there if we focus on training ourselves day by day to love all kinds of people, good or bad, old or young, posh or simple, kind or aggressive, humble or arrogant etc.

We need to make effort to love ANY TYPE of person, even the most unlovable one, with Godly love. Father wants us to be in constant training of love, unconditional love, that expects nothing and wants nothing at all. He wants us to challenge our heart all the time so that it can grow in love very fast.

That is the way to perfection of heart. The more we go this way, the more we embody divine love, and then we can give more and more "goodness" to people. Then we can move heavenly fortune, as we pledge in Nr. 6 of the Family Pledge:

"Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to become a family that moves heavenly fortune by EMBODYING the Heavenly Parent and True Parents..."

If we just focus on bringing people here and there to make them church members, then we miss the target. Then we are too external, kind of mechanical, working with the head rather than with the heart. Then we end up just working hard, but that is not what God and True Parents really want. What do they want? Here the answer:

True Father:

"Our personal REFORMATION IS DUE now. Do you understand? You are going to do a lot of work from now on, which means that you are going to do a LOT OF LOVING from now on." [3]

Pretty clear! Father wants us to love a lot, to love in a Godly way, so that he can give us the true love certificate. We cannot get such a certificate by just WORKING HARD, making great effort, bringing people here and there. True Father wants us to LOVE A LOT and grow in heart, rather than to just WORK hard. True Father wants us to deepen our personal relationship with God by us raising the level of our heart and love. The more we love, the more we attract God.

We can only become true love champions and get the true love certificate from True Father by making our heart grow with great persistence, using all the opportunities in real life.

And then not only will we get the true love certificate, but also a personal reformation will come over us. What kind of reformation? Inheriting the heart of God. Mansei!

And this kind of result is what Father is looking for and praying for:

True Father:

"Father is looking at you, literally looking at you, and wishing that one day you will be the SECOND GOD, you will be the small God, and that is what Father is waiting and praying for, nothing else.Whether Father has tremendous influence in the world or anything, that's SMALL compared to what Father looks you to be." [4]

Father is waiting for the time that we become the "second God" He is praying for this. For nothing else, as he said. Incredible! Us becoming "second Gods" is more important than anything else.

And as soon as we seriously make effort to become the "second God", then God is more than inspired and we can shake Heaven and Earth. And what else? This:

True Father:

"When you are living with this 100 percent commitment of true love, you don't have to worry or have ulcers. You can always have serenity and peace of mind, knowing that as you stay in the center, everything always comes back to you. YOU ARE THE WINNER." [2]

We will be the winners! Praise the Lord! Even no ulcers anymore! What more do we want?

True Father:

"Once you have true love in your hands [hearts], you have absolutely EVERYTHING ELSE in the universe." [2]

If we try to achieve all kinds of things, but forget to strive seriously to inherit the love of God, we hardly achieve anything. If we strive to become masters of divine love, we achieve everything. We will be the winners! This is the iron rule and great news at the same time.

Big Aju to that! Hallelujah! Mansei!

Love from Bruno

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4. Father to missionaries in East Garden, 1.6.1984 

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