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True Father: I am telling you this is the way to go

Bruno Klotz
August 12, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

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True Father: "You must inherit the realm of God's heart. You have the theory, and when you practice it, you can become one with God. You must establish such a tradition." [1]

Father wants each one of us to become one with God. And that happens when we inherit His/Her heart, when we reach His/Her level of heart and love. This is the tradition that True Father wants us to establish. Nothing less. Praise the Lord!

And what is the "theory" that we need to practice to inherit the realm of God's heart? It is the Divine Principle in general and True Parents' teaching about divine love in particular.

Father is very serious when it comes to establishing the right tradition of heart and love:

True Father: "No matter how difficult is may be, you should inherit our True Parents' TRADITION to be patient and OVERCOME WITH TRUE LOVE. You cannot harbor any hatred or grudge. There is NO WAY you can, because God and True Parents have not done that. You should EXACTLY FOLLOW TRUE PARENTS' FOOTSTEPS." [2]

Mansei! True Father does not want us to just follow His instructions. What he wants to see is that we walk 100% in his footsteps, which means that we inherit his tradition to overcome with divine LOVE. Overcoming everything with divine love is True Parents' tradition. Praise the Lord!

Father considers this content as extremely important. That is why he said in that same speech:

"You are the leaders, therefore I am telling you THIS IS THE WAY TO GO. This is MY MOST IMPORTANT TEACHING to you today on this Day of Victory of Love. You are the ones to propagate and disseminate this message throughout the Unification Church and entire world. Are you going to do that? Let us raise our hands and pledge, "Yes, Father!". Thank you."

Aju! Amen! Father was so serious, extremely serious. He wants the tradition of love divine love being practiced by as many people as possible. Why? Because divine love is the key, is the way to go. That is why Father was so adamant with the leaders regarding the spreading of his speech with the above words. Those words mean new life, those words mean revolution of heart, those words show the way to the Kingdom. Hardly any other words can be more important.

Only if we strive to establish the tradition of love, can we inspire God:

True Father: "Only one promise can inspire God: "I have decided to be a sacrifice in order to establish the TRADITION OF YOUR LOVE. I have been trying to live for others. All I want to do is continue living this way." Then God will reply: "Oh, I understand you well. You have accomplished the principles of loyalty, filial piety and fidelity." Otherwise you have no true pride before God, even though you work hard witnessing and fundraising." [3]

What then is the tradition of God's love? It means to love the way God does. That is the tradition that God and True Parents are most interested in. We can do whatever we want, but if we do not establish this tradition, then we miss the target.

What is the way God loves? True Father: "God's heart embraces even His own enemy, and will never denounce or cut him off." [4]

Hallelujah! If we want to establish the right tradition of divine love, then we need to practice such a love unceasingly. Apart from that our love has to be unconditional, expecting or wanting nothing from others. Our love has to be kind, patient, embracing, uplifting, understanding, humble and non -- judgmental. We cannot look down on others, which would be self-righteousness.

True Father gives further explanation here: "You have to be able to make others feel as if they were children embraced in the bosom of their parent when they are consulting you." [5]

Wow! This way we can surely win the heart of people. As we win one victory after the other in this realm of heart, all the time, without stop, then we can become one with God. Then the world will change, because we are spreading the right tradition of heart and love, God's and True Parents' tradition. As this tradition spreads, God can exercise His/Her full power. And the Kingdom of God will be reality sooner than we think.

Praise True Parents! Mansei!

And if we ask True Father, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim for education of heart and guidance in the realm of heart, if we make a deep and living relationship of heart with them, then they will teach us how to love. If that is not wonderful, then I do not know what is!

Love from Bruno

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4. The greatest of all is love.

5. The way of God's will 

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