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North-South-Unification will be no problem at all: True Father

Bruno Klotz
August 8, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father and True Mother:

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True Father: "What is a true man [woman]? The true man [woman] must know the truth, and by the truth he/she must attain a God-like personality." [1]

Wow! God-like personality! That is our goal, nothing less. We can also call it perfection of heart.

Father says that we must know the truth in order to become true people. What is the truth? We say, Divine Principle. And Father tells us what the MOST BASIC principle is:

"Heaven is created by those people who love here on earth with unselfishness and an absolute, God- centered love. This is the most basic principle, and all other principles you learn are the expansion of this basic truth." [2]

In short: Absolute God-centered love creates Heaven. That is the MOST BASIC PRINCIPLE.

Hallelujah! As simple as that. And it makes sense!

But HOW can we love with absolute God-centered love?

True Father: "If you are ready to receive NOTHING IN RETURN, then you become like God, because God is always giving out love with His whole being, getting nothing in return. THAT'S THE POINT WHERE GODLINESS STARTS." [3]

True Father again in the same matter: "It would be normal for you to love only those who respond to you in love. But when you sacrificially give of your love to those who are HOSTILE to you, you begin to reflect the REAL QUALITY OF GOD'S OWN LOVE. True Love moves in this way. Its quality does not change regardless of the response of the people." [4]

And Mother has this to say: "Love is not just loving somebody who is easy to love, but ENDURING, FORGIVING AND EMBRACING people in order to fulfill the providence. Father is now showing us this kind of love."

In conclusion:

Our giving has to be unconditional, not expecting or wanting anything, not having second thoughts, not having hidden agenda. We need to embrace and forgive everyone, even those that are hostile, that do not like us or that we do not like. And such love must never change, but go on and on, forgetting what has been invested, and invest again.

Training ourselves day by day to practice such a love, we become more and more God-like. Aju!

True Father: "The more you practice the way of life of God, the more you resemble God, the more you become God-like. When you live God's way of life, you will emerge as a leader in your own world. You will become the central figure, just as God is the central figure of the entire universe." [5]

To become "central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents" is what we are pledging in Nr 2 of the Family Pledge. And the greatest attendance of God and True Parents is to love as God does. That makes us to people of greatest filial piety, as we can see here:

True Father again: "The person who invests love continuously without expecting a direct return becomes a central being, the one who inherits everything, and the person of greatest filial piety." [7]

That is mighty dynamite and shows what happens if we practice God's way of loving.

And even more happens:

True Father: "If you are becoming the consummation of the love of God, then you are becoming a perfected man [woman], and those who come near you will melt in the spring atmosphere of that love. Then sadness, hardship and pain will melt away without reason." [6]

Hallelujah! People around us will be positively affected by us, the more we become people of God's love. They will feel like being in spring. Mansei!

And of course, as a result of training to love the way God does, we ourselves will become new people with new life:

True Father: "Once the heart of God dwells within you, no matter how lonely you may be you will be filled and the universe will be filled. A person who is completely filled is a joyful person because he [she] lacks nothing." [8]

True Father knows what he is talking about, and he wants us to get there as well. To have God's heart dwell in himself is definitely not True Father's monopoly.

We ALL are created and destined for that. And having been liberated from Satan's lineage we can do it, if we make a constant effort to train our heart to love as God does.

By focusing on Godly love we can go from strength to strength, from victory to victory, from blessing to blessing. We can "move heavenly fortune", as we pledge in Nr 6 of the Family Pledge.

And another incredible thing results from us learning to love as God does:

True Father: "Once we develop our hearts of love, North-South-Unification will be no problem at all. That is not all. Problems between East and West and the worldwide North-South-Problem involving differences among rich and poor nations can also be completely resolved through the true love of God". [9]

Aju! Amen! Father is not joking here. He knows the tremendous power of divine love. And he knows, that, as we use this power, the world will change completely, into the Kingdom of God, the world of the heart.

Of course, Satan is highly interested in us NEVER using the power of divine love in our life. That would knock him completely out. So he makes us focus on all kinds of external things, which are not really dangerous for him.

But we should not be tricked anymore by the lies of the devil. As divine sons and daughters of God we need to stand up to our true stature and make our utmost effort to learn to love the way God does. We can do all the other things, but if we do not constantly develop our love, by training all the time, then we go in circles and are not effective. Then the Kingdom cannot come.

And we better constantly ask True Father, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim to help us in that so decisive process. These incredible giants of love are here to help us from the spiritual world. We need to pull them down into our life. That will make a huge difference. Mansei! Hallelujah!

Love from Bruno

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