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True Mother: If you emphasize your pride and position, people will leave you and not respect you

Bruno Klotz
June 25, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Father, True Mother and Heung Jin Nim:

True Mother: "If you practice the principle of being humble when dealing with others, people will come to you -- in fact, they will flock to you! If you emphasize your pride and position, they will leave you and not respect you." [1]

Real restoration is about winning the heart of people. How can we win the heart of people? By investing our heart and love into them, unconditionally, without second thought, without hidden agenda.

Pride, arrogance and position thinking do not lead to winning the heart of people and thus do not do anything good for God's providence. They rather lead to self righteousness, to looking down on others, to feeling ENTITLED to DEMAND respect, honor, recognition, service and love from others.

Such attitude of course puts people off, because it somehow restricts their freedom. They feel forced to fulfill such demands, although respect, recognition, service etc should come from the heart, voluntarily.

To just demand respect and love seems the easy way, especially when someone feels entitled to do so, but it leads to the breaking down of relationships, it even prevents good relationships to emerge in the first place. It creates resentment and can hurt the heart of others. Aigu!

But if we invest our heart and love into people, unconditionally, then they feel more and more drawn to us, NATURALLY. And this is the real restoration. True Father:

"This is the law of recreation, simply to WIN THE HEART of people." [2]

Praise the Lord! Real restoration is all about making victories based on divine love, winning the heart of people.

True Father: "When you give yourself totally for the sake of Cain, then they will be moved and inspired by HEART to NATURALLY follow you, respect you and lead other people to you." [3]

This is called natural surrender, and this is what God wants to see. NATURAL, VOLUNTARY surrender, like in the case of Jacob and Esau, not surrender based on pressure, demands or force. It must be based on divine love. Otherwise there is no benefit for anyone. Only Satan will be happy.

The Kingdom of God does not come about by demanding things from people, by pressurizing people, by manipulating or forcing them to do this or that. There cannot be such things in the world of heart, and thus such things do not help to build the Kingdom of God either. They are really dangerous for restoration. They block every restoration from happening, rather create damage:

True Father: "One of the major reasons that our foreign missions have not improved or really developed is because of this wrong concept and attitude -- thinking that your people [the people in your nation] have to follow and respect you." [3]

Aju! To feel ENTITLED to be respected, recognized, honored, served and loved by others just because of some position, age, gender or whatever does certainly not lead to any success, and certainly not to heartistic growth either.

Only by WINNING THE HEART OF PEOPLE through divine love can we be successful for God and at the same time raise the level of our heart and love. Praise the Lord!

In the Kingdom of God there is only love, divine love, everywhere, anytime. And so, if we want to establish such a world, we need to FOCUS on divine love, and that means that in dealing with people we need to focus on WINNING THEIR HEART, no matter who they may be, even if it is the worst enemy. The world of divine love can only be established by spreading such divine love.

If we can even win the heart of such an enemy, then that kind of victory is really gigantic. And God will shed tears of joy!

Heung Jin Nim explains what the heavenly way is in every relationship:

"When the subject is always down [humbling himself/herself], lifting all others up, God has confidence. All historical central figures did this. Why? Because they came to serve, not to be served. Do you want to be known? Come down and push [lift] people up. Then you will become known."

And not only will we become known [what we are not here for anyway!], but also we will win the heart of people, by treating them with humility, loving them with divine love, serving them, lifting them up and empowering them. That is the tradition that True Parents, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim want to see. All of us are requested to win the heart of people, in the way Heung Jin Nim explained in this quote, namely by being humble towards everyone and trying to lift everyone up.

Heung Jin Nim [probably to some brothers and sisters in leadership position]:

"Please be like Jesus, like a hen who longs to gather her brood under her wing. He wanted to gather all of Jerusalem together. You be like that. Gather your members, gather your brothers and sisters, touch their hearts, lift off their burdens. Then they can rush forward. They can support you very much. And you can be much, much greater. Not just one super leader with some difficult members that he feels resentment about, and tries to replace or kick out or something. But be a more humble leader, who waits for a while for them to catch up, and then goes forward together." [4]

Mansei! If we touch the heart of people, we can WIN their heart. Everything else does not work. Humility works, arrogance, pride and position thinking don't.

True Father, in his speech "How to gain spiritual help": "Always give honor to other people." [5]

Wow! This is certainly the right attitude. Instead of demanding others to honor "ME", instead of feeling entitled to be honored because of all kinds of reasons, we need to forget such thoughts completely and simply FOCUS on honoring others. That way we win the heart of people and thus greatly contribute to God's providence and of course to our own spiritual growth.

And this is in line with what divine love is all about:

True Father: "God's love does not say: "You must first of all love ME!" God's love says: "I will first of all love YOU." [6]

Mansei! This is exactly how divine love is. There is no thought of getting or demanding this or that from others, but the only thought is to INVEST into the heart of others, to give love to others, to lift others up, to honor others etc etc.

Even God Himself/Herself is absolutely obedient to such love, and He/She, of course, wants us to get to that point as well. Because He/She wants us to inherit His/Her very heart.

The more we get there the more we are living a true life, God's life. And then tremendous blessing is bound to shower down on us, and God's providence can advance greatly! The Kingdom of God is where everyone is absolutely obedient to true love! How wonderful! Being absolutely obedient to divine love is the shortest way to the heart of God, the shortest way to deepen our relationship with our Creator!

Aju! Amen! Hallelujah! Mansei!

Love from Bruno


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