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True Mother: You have to go beyond the feeling that North Korea is your enemy

Bruno Klotz
April 16, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Father, True Mother and Heung Jin Nim:

[On the bottom of this email you find the sources of the quotes I used]

True Father:

"My philosophy is very simple. If you have the attitude to love your enemy, then you can overcome any situation and there is no obstacle that can block you." [1]

Wow! And we know that Father had/has this attitude all the time, just as Jesus. Father wants us always to be ready and willing to wholeheartedly embrace and forgive even an enemy, even the worst one. Satan is powerless against such love. His only option is to surrender, voluntarily.

Such love is powerful beyond imagination! By Father practicing such love in Heung Nam prison, he laid the foundation for God to be able to liberate him from prison. And there are many more examples in True Father's life.

True Father in this context says the following very profound words:

"It would be normal for you to love only those who respond to you in love. But when you sacrificially give of your love to those who are hostile to you, you begin to reflect the real quality of God's own love. True love moves in this way. Its quality does not change regardless of the response of the people." [2]

Big AJU to that! Simply speaking, by practicing such love we come to resemble God more and more! We inherit the heart of God and become God-like! Mansei! Our mind becomes a divine mind:

True Father:

"Once you reach the divine mind within you and come back out to the world, you will find that God is already before you. Thus nothing will be able to disconnect you or overcome you." [2]

This sounds as if you have to leave the world to reach the divine mind. But we have to understand it right. We reach the divine mind by loving people with divine love.

True Father explains further how powerful divine love is, love that can love the enemy:

"If you put yourself in the position of God or Jesus -- trusting persons while they betray you, loving persons when they don't deserve it, wanting to live and care for those persons while they are not qualified - the world will change." [3]

That is heavenly dynamite! It shows the real power of divine love. It has a far reaching effect. It has tremendous effect that should not be underestimated!

That is why Heung Jin Nim encouraged brothers and sisters with the following words:

"My generals, go forth into the battle, armed with the shield of true love, and Satan will fall before you without touching. The power of your love will strike him down. Believe! Amen!" [4]

Divine love is our weapon, it is our spiritual nuclear weapon! And Satan does not have such a weapon. He is powerless in the face of our nuclear weapon of heart, namely divine love!

It is not difficult to guess what Satan tries to do? He uses all his tricks to prevent us from realizing what kind of weapon we have in our heart. He tells us lies about ourselves, how terrible we are, how useless we are etc. And he tries to divert all our attention on external, practical matters, on plans, strategies, etc. etc. He tries to place all our hope into these kinds of things.

What Satan fears most is that we make great effort to bring our heart up to the level of God's heart. So he tries everything to make us look into a different direction. He blocks us from reaching our own heart. My goodness!!

Heung Jin Nim:

"Many of you have not reached your own hearts... And [Satan] is stopping you from going to your own heart with lies. He cannot really stop you. Not if your heart is true. I speak to you through the center of your heart today... I want you to come and live there with ME! And not be wandering out in the highways, because they are full of corruption..." [5]

Aju! How profound that is! It is a real shocker! What he really says here is, that if we do not grow in heart then we are heading for corruption. That is in line with what Heung Jin Nim said in that same speech:

"You obey, but if the heart does not grow, then what you build on the foundation of your obedience, I am sorry to use the word, is corruption. In your hearts and in your minds. Because anything that is not growing is dying. Please understand, this is your time to grow. And I want to see you grow." [5]

According to Heung Jin Nim's words we have only two options, either we grow in heart or we die spiritually. We better do the right choice here!

Also if we do not have the right heart, we might be very ineffective, according to Heung Jin Nim:

"If you do not have the right heart first, all the organization in the world won't make any difference. The heart is the most important thing, the heart. What is your heart? What is the content of your heart? What is the level and depth of your heart? What is the level and depth of embracing people and feeling responsible?" [6]

We can be the best in every field, but if we do not "have the right heart", we go nowhere. What is the right heart? Well, it is the heart that strives to love as God loves, that makes effort to expand and deepen every day. If we go in that direction of heavenly heart, then this applies:

Heung Jin Nim:

"By investing your heart in people... completely to the limit, your heart is growing, you are learning. I know it is difficult to believe this. It is difficult to understand -- that this really could be the foundation for the victory. But all the organization that you are doing now can be based on heart, can be successful and can be done once the heart is in the right place. Trust that." [6]

We better trust that, because it it's very true. And those who do not want to believe it blindly, they can make their own experiences with divine love, and then they WILL believe it, they will KNOW it.

Let us see what our True Mother said about divine love, especially about loving the enemy! True Mother:

"If you truly come to feel God's heart, how can you settle accounts [take revenge] with your enemy? On the contrary, what you should do is mobilize people to help your enemy. Wanting to embrace your enemy and to become one centered on love means that you will come to stand in front of the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. There the heavens and the earth will be moved and God, also, will start to cry. God will say: 'You resemble me!' and He will be so joyful. Because God is like this, we can come to understand the words 'Love your enemy.' That kind of power is not caused by knowledge, money or authority. It is caused only by true love.

Therefore, just as you live for your lovely children and parents, you have to go beyond the feeling that North Korea is your enemy and you have to desire unification with sacrificial true love in your hearts.

The unification of North and South Korea, which we desire so much, is only possible with the spirit of sacrificial true love, through which we can love even our enemies." [7].

Hallelujah! Praise to God and True Parents! It cannot be more on target! God, True Father, True Mother, Jesus and Heung Jin Nim are all on a straight line, when it comes to divine love! If we make constant effort, WE ALL can sooner or later place ourselves on the same line. In the Kingdom of God every single soul will be on that same straight line of heavenly heart and divine love! Because everyone has the same potential of heart. Everyone is created for inheriting the heart of God, substantially. There is not even ONE exception to this! Everyone is destined to reaching his/her destination, the true love of God, the heart of God! We just have to realize it and stop being tricked by Satan, who is trying to tell us that only True Parents have such a potential of heart. We all have that potential, and God waits for us to use it.

True Father:

"What is a true man [woman]? The true man [woman] must know the truth, and by the truth he [she] must attain a God-like personality." [8]

Just knowing and teaching the truth is not enough. We need to use it, practice it, practice divine love, to become God-like people of heavenly heart, who are always ready to embrace even any enemy, forgive that enemy and pray for the blessing for that enemy. The more of us go this way, the faster the Kingdom of God comes about!

Aju! Mansei!

Love from Bruno

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