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True Father: It does not matter how many times another deceives you or betrays your expectations

Bruno Klotz
April 9, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Father, True Mother and Heung Jin Nim:

[On the bottom of this email you find the sources of the quotes I used]

True Mother on 3 April 2013:

"All of you here are church leaders and responsible persons. You have such an important responsibility of harvesting the seeds of life as many as possible. For that sake, you should not have even one day to take a rest.

With the heart of parents who care for their children days and nights, I think you should raise each person. "[1].

Mother is talking to church leaders here, but what she says applies certainly not only for church leaders but for all of us.

All of us have to treat the people we meet with the right heart, with divine unconditional love, or -- as Mother says -- with the heart of parents. And this applies to meeting someone for the first time, but also later. It applies to the time when someone accepts True Parents and after that, and it cannot stop at any point in the future. It applies just as much to people who are not interested in God or even oppose us. Divine love shines on everyone, even on enemies. They are all God's beloved children, and as such we need to treat them all.

Everyone is looking for true love. Also new members are looking for true love, genuine love, parental love. That is why True Father says:

"Words of truth only open a person's door. After that he must be nurtured heartistically." [2]

Aju! Just theoretically explaining to people about True Parents and Divine Principle is surely not enough. That is only words. That is why Heung Jin Nim spoke to elder members in the following way:

"Maybe you think you are the one who is feeding the world. You old members particularly, and I know you older members here, you are feeding everybody -- with what? What are you feeding them? Words? Yes, I feel anger -- not personal anger, believe me. But I am angry at the way Satan tricks us so many times! I want you to take them to your breast, those new members, and feed them the milk of life. But first, you have got to nurse yourself..." [3]

The "milk of life" that Heung Jin Nim is talking about is more than just words, it is parental love, divine love, love that encourages people, lifts them up, embraces them and turns them into people that one day also can practice divine love, inspired by our loving example! But of course, in order to give milk of life to people, we ourselves need to have plenty of it, means we have to make sure that we have plenty of love in our hearts.

True Father: "You have to be able to make others feel as if they were children embraced in the bosom of their parent when they are consulting you." [2]

Hallelujah! How profound!

True Mother asks us to be humble when dealing with people. Humility is certainly a very important aspect of true love. This is what Mother says: "You must be humble in terms of embracing brothers and sisters. You should embrace them even if they have some flaw." [4]

We need to embrace people no matter how many flaws they have. That is the heart of parents, that True Mother is talking about in the above quote. That is what Father calls "nurturing heartistically". It applies particularly to new members, but of course, we need to invest our heart and love in everyone. And if we do this then this will happen, according to True Mother:

"If you practice the principle of being humble when dealing with others, people will come to you -- in fact, they will flock to you!" [4]

Praise the Lord! People will flock to us, means to God and True Parents!

But if we are not humble, not loving, then -- according to True Mother -- this happens: "If you emphasize your pride and position, they will leave you and not respect you."[4]

My goodness! Does not sound very inspiring, but nevertheless, it is very true.

This is also what True Father is relating to in his speech "How to witness". Here he explained, that, while many members joined, also many left. True Father:

"Many people are presently coming into the Church but many members are also leaving. We can easily diagnose why: instead of giving respect and love to them their leaders have been treating them in an opposite way. If you only want them to love and respect you then your relationship with them will not last too long." [5]

Wow! Another bombshell of True Father! And very true! People need to be treated in a loving and humble way. If we do not do this, then not only do we put the people off, chase them away, but we ourselves cannot grow in heart, and certainly we lose God's support and blessing! That certainly does not only apply to leaders, but to all of us!

Father said something very similar to foreign missionaries in Hannamdong, Korea. He explained to them why the mission in their countries did not develop so well. Here True Father's words:

"Our missionaries in the field may have a wrong concept. One of the major reasons that our foreign missions have not improved or really developed is because of this wrong concept and attitude -- thinking that your people have to follow and respect you." [6]

Yes, it is pretty easy for all of us to fall into the trap of demanding respect or whatever from others, based on age, based on position, based on education and titles, based on blessing group, based on number of years in the movement and whatever else. It is pretty easy to feel "entitled" to receive respect. But demanding respect simply does not work. If the husband thinks he can demand respect from his wife because he thinks "I am the subject", well, it does not improve the relationship. It rather creates friction and tension. God will not be inspired.

If we go to the Christian Ministers with an arrogant attitude, looking down upon them, thinking we are their "Abel" because "we have the truth" and come from True Parents, and so they "have to listen to us and respect us", well, everyone can imagine how that would work. Humility and divine love certainly work better.

And why does demanding respect not work? Respect and love cannot be demanded, commanded or ordered.

Divine love, however, gives FIRST and continues to give, forgetting that it has given. Divine love does not expect anything, and it continues even if nothing comes back. And such love creates respect and love in others. And of course, it attracts God's blessing and support.

Heung Jin Nim:

"But love, love is the burning fire, it makes the brand that is never forgotten. When you love each other, when you truly can learn to love, this is the testimony that nobody can dispute. Nobody can accuse you if you love them. If you love them first, then they can receive." [7]

To love first, and to love forever, unconditionally, this is divine love. Divine love embraces everyone, encourages everyone, lifts everyone up. It never boasts. It is always humble and forgiving. And divine love is for everyone, no matter if inside or outside, no matter if friend or enemy. Divine love asks for nothing in return. Divine love just wants to be given out, no matter to whom. And such a love of course does not ask for respect or whatever. But by being practiced, such a love creates respect in the heart of the people who receive such a love. And even more, it creates love as well. And it creates bonds of heart. And bonds of heart create the family of heart, that everyone wants to join and nobody wants to leave. Bonds of heart are the foundation for the Kingdom of God. Hallelujah!

True Father said to the foreign missionaries: "I never go out and say, 'I am Abel, so you must serve me.' There is no such phrase in the history of restoration. God does not want that." [6]

When Father went into Heung Nam prison or Danbury, he did not tell the people that he is the Messiah, and so they have to respect him. Rather he went down and lifted everyone up with divine love. He just gave out love and served all the time. And in this way, gradually, he became the central figure there, according to his own teachings:

True Father:

"Those who love more, invest more, who give more and forget what they have given, will become central figures. This is cosmic law." [8]

Wow! Cosmic law! True Father practiced this all his life, and certainly still does. He loved and embraced and forgave people, who did not deserve it, seen from humanistic eyes. His whole heart was and is in giving out love, endlessly, unchangingly.

And what is the result of such way of life?

True Father:

"Judaism, established Christianity and especially communism have opposed me. Most people would want revenge. But I do not. I have no thought of revenge. I am willing to forget everything, as soon as possible. I am willing to forget even though I have been kicked and maligned. When people oppose me I take the attitude that they do so because I could not carry out what I wanted to do and give them more love. Because I could not achieve what I had pledged -- to love people before God -- and because I could not prepare the right position for them, they persecute me so loudly. But I love them even though I am persecuted. When I do this the world changes." [9]

The result of Father's way of life is that the world changes, because of just one person! Absolutely mind blowing!

And the following words of Father are very much in line with what I just quoted. They are from the speech "How to witness":

"It does not matter how many times another deceives you or betrays your expectations. Do not give up because you will not lose. I was actually betrayed many times and know that I will continue to be betrayed, but I am secure in my way and I go on. I have never found that my position gets worse; instead it is always improving. That is the heavenly standard..." [5]

Aju! True Father of course wants us to inherit that standard, nothing less! That is our real job! That standard of love and heart is not the monopoly of the Messiah! It is our job to develop the same heart. Hallelujah! True Mother confirms it!

True Mother:

"The path to become true children... is most of all to experience Father's heart, understand Father's heart and then make Father's heart you own heart." [10]

Exactly! Make Father's heart our own heart! That is what God and True Parents really want to see! That will bring God's power down and shake the world!

And those who do this are walking the path of paths!

True Father:

"To pioneer heavenly heart is the path of those who walk the path of paths." [2]

We are so incredibly fortunate that each of us can be a pioneer of divine love and heavenly heart! Through this we will surely turn the whole world upside down!

And to become such a pioneer we have go forward in our hearts and make them grow and expand at a fast speed, by practicing and focusing on divine love all the time and by pushing ourselves forward on this path! And we can ask True Father, Heung Jin Nim and Jesus to help us in the process! They are just waiting to help us in this extremely important matter! There is nothing more important than this, to become people of heavenly heart!

Aju! Aju! Aju! Mansei!

Love from Bruno

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