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Sun Myung Moon: Even God Himself will be resurrected

Bruno Klotz
April 5, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here some inspiration again, based on the words of True Father and Heung Jin Nim:

True Father: "Members of the Unification Movement of East and West must be kindled and explode together in heart throughout the world. Such a heartistic explosion will bring about the resurrection of the world. Even God Himself will be resurrected because His heart will be liberated." [1] Strong heavenly dynamite from True Father! Really powerful! This is what True Father wants our movement to become, a movement where true love is the center, a true love movement. And such a movement, centered on heart, where everybody is striving to become God-like with regards to love, will definitely save the whole world, and of course will liberate the heart of God and True Parents. No doubt about this. True Love has this power! Praise God!

Heung Jin Nim, in this context, speaks of the family of heart: "... we can make such a great family of heart, where we do not even have to speak. Where we feel such heart. Where we do not feel embarrassed or shy or anxious or insecure or anything like that. But we just feel God's heart, together. Loving each other, loving each other with True Love -- God's love." [2]

Great family of heart! Where everyone can express himself/herself, where everyone can be who he/she really is without being condemned, judged or looked upon! Where everyone puts himself/herself down to lift all the others up, unconditionally.

Such a family of heart will be made by those who strive to be absolutely obedient to divine love, who strive all the time to love everyone as God does, who try to express the heart of God around the clock. Then our movement will be very attractive and will send waves of love across the globe, even into the spiritual world. Our movement will be a place where everyone can find peace and joy. It will be also be a place where people get empowered to live a life of divine love as well. And thus a tsunami of love will sweep all over the world. That is the heartistic explosion that Father is mentioning above. This will not only resurrect us and others, but even God Himself/Herself. How wonderful! It will bring about the Kingdom of God.

True Father: "The absolute values of true love that I am teaching you today will bring a revolution of character within humankind. Those who follow my teachings will achieve individual perfection and participate in the construction of the ideal of Heaven on earth." [3]

Aju! All this means that the Kingdom of God can only come through the power of divine love. Father:

"... this revolution of love will make possible the realization of the ideal for which God and all humankind have been waiting and hoping since the beginning of human history." [4]


True Father again: "No one can deny the truth, that nothing else other than a new movement or a revolution of true love can save today's world." [5]

Wow! Right on target! Revolution of love! And those who want to participate in this revolution have, of course, to revolutionize themselves. How else can they make a revolution of divine love?

True Father: "We must become perfected individuals who match the standard of original, perfected individuality. To do this, we must continually revolutionize ourselves..." [6]

How do we revolutionize ourselves? By going forward in our hearts, going to deeper and deeper levels of heart, and thus more and more becoming able to show True Parents to others, by our own standard of heart and love. Then, as the Bible says, we will be recognized by our fruits. Those fruits are nothing but divine love.

True Father: "The Unification Church's philosophy and conviction are connected to the center of the universe -- the heart of God. We shall become the shining examples of that love and heart." [7]

How wonderful! Of course, without revolutionizing ourselves we will not get there. But nothing can stop us to do just this! We only need to have the desire and take initiative. It must come from the heart. It must be based on our own realization.

And as we grow in heart and divine love, then God can really use us a lot more than ever. Heung Jin Nim: "Every one of you can go forth and save a whole country. You just need to grow up a little bit. That's all. The time has come for your potential to be realized, for the full spiritual power to be unleashed on this earth." [8]

Wow! Amazing! Probably we need to grow up quite a bit, not just a little bit. But that is no problem.

And Heung Jin Nim is trying to tell us who we really are or at least can be: "You are far greater than you realize. Please try to throw away your concepts of yourself and listen to the Divine Principle. Listen to what our Father and Mother are trying to tell you. Listen to your own heart." [9]

Yes, we have to understand who we really are, each one of us, and what we can do if we stand up to our true stature!

If we realize who we really are and go about to realize our full potential of heart and divine love, then brothers and sisters of East and West can indeed be kindled and explode together in heart. And then more and more the whole world will explode in heart.

Then we will see the hearts "explode" in divine love, in East and West, in North and South! How wonderful! The time has come to take serious action with regards to making our full potential of heart available for God's providence!

As Father said in his speech "How to witness": "You are going to do a lot of work from now on, which means that you are going to do a lot of loving from now on." [10]

Yes, a lot of growing of heart and divine love is what will bring the big success for God.

Heung Jin Nim: "The inner content of your heart is what is going to bring the great success... if you come into that direct dominion of heart, the dominion that some of you felt you weren't capable of, then so much can happen." [11]

Biggest blessings will shower down on us!

And then Heung Jin Nim introduced a "new school": "There is a new school that's opened its doors: the school of the heart. And God wants you to graduate." [12]

And guess who is the teacher in this school? Heung Jin Nim tells us: "At this time I've been appointed the dean. And there was never a dean that wanted to see you graduate so much. I'll give my life blood for that." [13]

Wow! And I would not be overly surprised if True Father is residing in that "school" now with the assistance of Heung Jin Nim and Jesus. All of them give their "life blood" for us to graduate in the school of the heart.

Hard work and determination are not bad, but without divine love we do not get far. The only thing that will save the world is divine love. Nothing else has that power! And the more divine love we have in the heart, the more determined and hardworking we are anyway, out of own motivation. But again, the decisive factor is divine love. Divine love is God's and True Parents' weapon, as well as the weapon of Jesus. And this weapon is available for each one of us. We just need to realize.

Aju! Aju! Aju! Mansei!

Love from Bruno


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