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The first step in witnessing

Bruno Klotz
March 14, 2013

The first step in witnessing is to think, "I myself must become perfect." Sun Myung Moon

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration, based on the words of True Father:

True Father:

"What kind of promise can inspire God? -- 'Oh, my God, I have power and talent and great scholarship. I became a great doctor and I can wield authority. I am a capable president; through my orders I can control everything.'-- Such words cannot inspire God. You can boast of none of those things." [1]

Such words of Father might not be surprising for us. But then True Father says the following:

"If you say, 'I have raised many sons and daughters,' you still cannot be proud of yourself or inspire God." [1]

Wow! This is dynamite again! Not even raising many children can inspire God! We might have thought that this would inspire God, especially if we raise many spiritual children. But according to True Father this is not enough to inspire God. Wow!

We may wonder what then can inspire God!! True Father reveals it to us:

"Only one promise can inspire God: 'I have decided to be a sacrifice in order to establish the tradition of Your love. I have been trying to live for others. All I want to do is continue living this way.' Then God will reply, 'Oh, I understand you well. You have accomplished the principles of loyalty, filial piety and fidelity.' Otherwise you have no true pride before God, even though you work hard witnessing and fund raising, trying to do something for the world." [1]

This is really an incredible statement of True Father! Even working hard in witnessing is not enough to inspire God, even if we do it for the world!! My goodness!

But True Father tells us clearly what inspires God. According to his above words we inspire God if we are willing to to be a sacrifice in order to establish the tradition of God's love. And when we talk about God's love we talk about true love, divine love, true parental love.

And if we establish such a tradition, then God will call us children of loyalty and filial piety! Hallelujah! The establishment of such a tradition is the most important thing for God. That is pretty obvious! Big AJU to that!

So what all this means is this: Even when we do all those things like witnessing, raising children etc we might still not be right on target. We might still not fulfill God's hope for us. We might still not make God as happy as could be. How can that be? How can witnessing and raising children not inspire God?!

Because doing all this does not necessarily mean that we establish the tradition of divine love, even if our motivation is for the world. We may think that witnessing and raising children is the same as establishing the tradition of divine love. But is it? If it is, why does Father speak the way he does in the above quotes?

The answer may be found in True Father's speech with the title "How to witness: To State Leaders." Here he says the following very interesting words:

"The first step in witnessing is to think, ' I myself must become perfect.' Then you will be able to give goodness to other people..." [2]

We might do witnessing with the thought to find prepared people, to educate them and to bring them to God and True Parents.

But Father tells us to witness with THE FOLLOWING MINDSET: "I myself must become perfect." Some might wonder if witnessing with that mindset is not self centered. But it is not at all, far from it!

Because how do we become perfect? By practicing divine love towards everyone. So when Father asks us to do witnessing with the thought to become perfect, then what he is telling us is this:

In witnessing we need to practice divine love. We need to love people the way God loves them. Developing and expressing such love must be our real FOCUS while we are witnessing to people.

And of course, if we want to love as God, then we cannot limit ourselves to certain "witnessing times". The love of God is around the clock and for EVERYONE. So anytime and anywhere people should be able to see God's heart and love in us, being expressed by us. Our love should be the real testimony. Our testimony should be seen in how we relate to people, how we embrace them and smile at them, forgive them, lift them up, empower them, give them hope etc etc etc. If the people, no matter who and where, see the highest standard of divine love in us, that's the testimony that nobody can dispute. And this is what everyone is looking for! Praise the Lord!

Such witnessing is MUCH DEEPER then just trying to find people. Just trying to find people, to send them here or there for education, does not really make us perfect. After a while, especially if we get disappointed by people (which easily happens), we might quickly burn out and lose power and give up altogether.

It is difficult to find joy in just trying to find people for this and that, but joy is being found in focusing on unconditionally LOVING EVERYONE with the embracing love of God. That is where joy and energy comes from. That creates passion and empowers ourselves and others. And this moves God and spiritual world to create miracles.

If our FOCUS is to become perfect, which means to establish divine love in our hearts and spread this love; if we even do this in every situation of life, then we are heading for fast spiritual growth. Our heart will more and more resonate with the heart of God. Hallelujah!

And attracting people to God and True Parents comes on this foundation of heart. It will be a natural thing, where we do not need to push or force anyone.The more we grow in divine love, the more the people will feel attracted, and also the spiritual world can work much more on the foundation of heart and divine love. And we will see God working around us. We ourselves will be inspired by all this.

True Father: "The Messiah comes as the substantial being of truth and speaks the word of truth, but he speaks from a position of oneness with God's love." [3]

How wonderful! And that is our job as well, not to only speak words of truth, trying to convince people, but to speak from a position of oneness with God's love. When our hearts resonate with the heart of God, then speaking words of truth will be much more powerful and full of enthusiasm. Words of truth will naturally come out of us. And people will see the living word within us.

And if more and more of us live with such a heart and mindset, then our movement faster and faster turns into a substantial true love movement, into a love nest, as True Mother mentioned, where people want to be a part of, and which can save the world: "In order to save the world through a movement of true love, you yourselves must first of all become substantial beings of love. You are to blossom proudly, becoming like fireworks of love". [4]

Fireworks of love! Praise to God and True Parents! How electrifying!

We need to become such substantial beings of love. True Father: "With God's love as the core, you should become a person who maintains the law of love, whom no one can break or destroy, and you should become a substantial being of love by serving God. You serve God by harmoniously interacting with everyone in the world and becoming united with all things. This is the highest ideal for man and for woman. This has been the hope of God since He created human beings and all things." [4]

Establishing such a tradition of divine love is of utmost importance. Father: "...regardless of life or death, the Unification Church should form a tradition of love.... the members of the Unification Church should form a new tradition centering on the parents' love that God and the Messiah desire. You should know that these are the important responsibilities of the Unification Church and its members." [4]

What that means is that we all are requested to inherit the parental heart of God and True Parents. Nothing less. And this is surely no utopia. This is simply what the first blessing is all about. And nothing is more important! Absolutely nothing! Aju!

True Father: "Children of filial piety are those who feel a parental heart. It does not matter what worldly knowledge or position you have. The only thing that matters is whether you have the heart of heaven." [5]

Creating the heart of heaven in ourselves means to establish the tradition of God's love. And that is what can inspire God in His/Her deepest heart. Such people He/She calls His/Her children of filial piety. Because what matters is nothing but the heart of heaven.

Such people of filial piety will move the providence, and a movement of such people will definitely save the world and create the Kingdom. Because such people are the owners of true love and the owners of the providence and the owners of CIG. Hallelujah and praise to God!

And such filial children of God will surely liberate God and True Parents, by taking the burdens from them!

Aju! Aju! Aju!

Love from Bruno


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