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Think highly of a life armed with heart: True Father

Bruno Klotz
February 17, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here again some inspiration based on the words of True Father and beloved Heung Jin Nim in spiritual world:

"The ideal of unification will be fulfilled when you treat everyone as your Abel."
Father in "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom", Vol 1, Pg 65.

Wow! Everyone!

What "Abel" is Father here talking about? Who is Abel? Father explains it this way:

"Think highly of the life armed with heart. Those who have more heart than I are Abels to me."
Father in "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom", Vol 1, Pg 142.

This makes it clear. It is all about heart. Is that surprising? Those who have more heart then Father, are Abels to him! Those who have more heart then us, are Abels to us! To those who have less heart then us, to those we are Abels.

What does it mean to have more heart? It means to have a warmer heart, to have more love. It means to resemble God more, God's way of thinking, God's way of loving. More heart means more divinity.

It is easy to love people who have more heart then us and whose love we feel. We are attracted to such people.

But what Father is saying here is that we are not supposed to love only those who have more heart then us. That is the key point here. Only if we love EVERYBODY ELSE just as much, then we "fulfill the ideal of unification", where there is no division. Only then we contribute greatly to the establishment of CIG. Otherwise we are not really using our full potential of heart.

Father expresses the same thing like this:

"If you are cross at someone, unkind to someone, that may determine your fate -- an ill fate. I want you to be always humble, kind, loving and understanding of others, even though the person visiting you may be a cross or evil person -- even unforgivably evil. God can then turn him and use him [of course also her] to help you, to make you a success."
Father in "Victory or Defeat, 3. March 1973 (From "The way of tradition, II, Pg. 230/231).

Even unforgivably evil! This is clearly showing us what Father means when he is talking about true love. This is the standard of true love, nothing less! This is the love that Jesus demonstrated, that True Parents demonstrate. This love is victorious love!! And how great it is that we have the potential of heart to train ourselves to reach that same standard!! Praise the Lord for that!

In addition to this Father explains:

"You must love those in the satanic world as much as you love God and as much as you love me. It is only upon that condition that you will be given approval by God and myself. That is God's way. God and I will not complain at all if you love the satanic world most."
Father in "True Parents' Day from the Historical Point of View", 18.4.1977. Taken from "God's Will and the World", Pg. 365, 3. chapter.

What all this means is that we have to even love unforgivably evil people as much as God, and if we do not do this, then we do not have God's approval. Wow!

What does this mean? God then is not happy with us, no matter how much we praise Him or how hard we work. Because then we are not on a straight line with Him and True Parents. Then we do not resemble God and do not become His embodiment.

But if we seriously make effort to love the way God does, then this comes to pass:

"When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved."
True Father in "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom", Vol. 1, Pg 142, first paragraph.

That word of Father is dynamite and tells us what really matters. It is a real bomb shell!

We need to seriously and consciously strive for God's standard of heart and love day by day in all our relationships if we want to get anywhere.

Beloved Heung Jin Nim expressed it this way:

"... before we talk about reviving the nation or even before we talk about reviving the Christian ministers, and before we talk about reviving our movement, each one of us needs to be revived in the spirit of God and in the spirit of our True Parents and in my spirit of victory. Please understand that. It begins with each one, with each one of you."
Heung Jin Nim in "The victory of love", Page 72, second paragraph.

A huge Aju and amen to that! Yes, we can only become a true love movement, capable of revolutionizing the whole world, if each one of us strives to inherit True Parents' and Heung Jin Nim's spirit! The more of us do this, the faster the Kingdom comes. That cannot be more clear. We need to inherit True Parents' divine love and heart, their faith, their spirit, inherit their fire and passion, their enthusiasm and then things will move! Then there will be no stopping! We can only revolutionize the world by totally revolutionizing ourselves in the ways of True Parents and Heung Jin Nim, as well as Jesus. Otherwise things will remain stagnant, no matter how hard we work.

Therefore we better not just sit there and wait for the church or family federation or even True Parents to change the world. It all depends on EACH one of us, because we are ALL supposed to be owners of CIG, central blessed families, tribal messiahs etc. We are ALL representing God and True Parents, and as such we all are responsible for the providence, because each one of us can have a big impact. The more we strive to embody God and True Parents, and the more we strive to inherit their heart and spirit, the spirit of true love and victory, to that extent we move heavenly fortune and the providence.

Praise to God that we have it in our own hands to make a huge difference, to make great things happen. We are immensely blessed to live in this most incredible time, where we can bring God's power down on the earth as never before!! It all depends on how much we strive to love the way God does. Love is the key, as Heung Jin Nim rightly said. Another big aju and amen to that!

And Heung Jin Nim and Jesus always want to help us with inheriting divine heart. But we need to specifically ask them for this, as often as possible. That is highly important!

Let us look at two other explosive and amazing words of True Father:

"If you truly want to become sons and daughters [of True Parents], you have to inherit the spirit of True Parents -- my spirit and my way of thinking."
Father in "God's preparation for our church and its early days", 1. May, 1977. Taken from "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom", Vol. II, Page 360, 2. paragraph.

"When we become one with God's love, we will be able to practice God's love. The unification of the world then will be realized automatically."
Father in "Blessed Family and the Ideal Kingdom", Vol II, Pg 294, 4. paragr.

Wow!! That puts things into divine perspective really! Hallelujah! Big praise to God and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and humankind! Big applause for them!

Love from Bruno 

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