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I do not wait for God's command: Sun Myung Moon

Bruno Klotz
January 27, 2013

Anyonghaseyo, dear brothers and sisters!

Here some inspiration based on the words of True Father and Heung Jin Nim:

"I do not wait for God's command. I am always busy, always tense, impatient, always impatient to do things. If you have that attitude, you don't have to pray. What you are thinking and doing is more than prayer, and you are in a position to have realized the prayer. Is that possible or impossible in the world of the heart? You must even think of what to do after death."
Father in "Our desire", 23. Jan. 1973. The Way of Tradition, Vol. II, Pg. 164.

Wow! How inspired must God be by True Father's heart! How excited must He be to see True Father in action with such a heart! Such thinking of True Father is more precious than prayer and it makes the providence advance.

Through his deep words True Father shows us what it means to be an owner of CIG. And it goes without saying that he wants all of us to be like that. That is crystal clear. No doubt about it.

And of course he wants us to establish a personal relationship with God and seek God's guidance, just as he does. But on the other hand he does not want us to DEPEND on God's order. And he does not want us to depend on him either:

"If you only follow after me and depend on me for instruction then you have not done your own work. You have to take the initiative. Before I give instructions about what to do, you can anticipate what needs to be done and put your ideas into action. Your victories and accomplishments will inspire God to begin to trust and depend on you always."
Father in "God depends on us alone", 1.6.1977. The way of tradition, Vol. II, Pg 169

If we just sit around and depend on God or True Parents to tell us what to do, then we are not showing the mature and responsible attitude of an owner of CIG. And then how can we inspire God and True Parents like that? They want to see us passionate and taking initiative, being creative owners of CIG, inheriting True Parents' spirit.

Also our beloved elder brother in the spiritual world, Heung Jin Nim, wants to see us being responsible and mature owners of CIG. That is why he challenged us with the following words:

"Are you just the servants who work hard on Father's projects and beat your brains out every day? That is not God's desire for you. It is not our True Parents' desire for you. They want to bequeath more to you...."
In "The victory of love", Pg. 113.

And what is True Parents' desire for us, according to Heung Jin Nim?

"They [True Parents] want you to inherit their very heart...."
In "The victory of love", Pg. 115.

That is right on target! Inherit their very heart, their love, their spirit, their passion, their creativity, everything! What a blessing it is to be able to inherit the heart of God and True Parents! There is actually no limit to our heartistic growth. This is the merit of the age we are living in. True Parents have opened the flood gates. They have done it! We can become like them. Indeed, Father wants us to become BETTER than him!

And then Father makes things even MORE clear with these words:

"I must make you into fighters. You should not be people who are resigned to being here or who reluctantly, passively approach your responsibilities. I must transform you into people who just cannot help but live this way of life. You must be born champions, born revolutionaries."
Father in "The ones who can receive God's love", 1.10.1977. The Way of Tradition, Vol. II, Pg 169/170.

What awesome words! Born champions! Born revolutionaries! And if we are not born as such, well, then Father wants to transform us into such, as he said above! But of course, he cannot just make magic and transform us. It has to come from within us, as we can see from the following words:

"I never want to feel that you are just following my instructions but rather that you have really perfected yourself in the image of God on YOUR OWN INITITIATIVE."
Father in "The ones who can receive God's love", 1.10.1977. The Way of Tradition, Vol. II, Pg 170.

Even if we would follow all instructions of True Father to the word, still Father would be far from happy with us. Because the main point is that we perfect ourselves, which means to inherit the very heart of God and of True Parents. This cannot be instructed, but has to come from within us, from our heart and desire, on our OWN INITIATIVE, based on our own realization.

Taking own initiative and being creative and passionate are very important characteristics of an owner of CIG. And we all are supposed to be such owners of the providence, owners of CIG, as we say in point 1 of the Family Pledge:

"Our family, the OWNER of CIG, pledges to seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, by centering on true love."

The more we inherit the spirit of True Parents and act with a responsible and mature heart of an owner of CIG, the more the providence will advance. And God, True Parents and we ourselves will be happy and excited!

Love from Bruno 

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