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My experiences with Proclaiming the Messiah, True Parents!

Bruno Klotz
May 16, 2011


I would like to share from our direct witnessing (Proclaiming the Messiah) in South London:

In South London members (including myself) found inner liberation and new life through directly proclaiming the Messiah. They go out to the busy places and proclaim without fear. They are determined and inspired. In the past you did not see them witnessing that often, if at all. This all has changed.

While proclaiming the Messiah we experience the spirit world at work. God is working. Of course it's not always easy. But nevertheless, members are enthusiastic and alive. And surely the spirit world gets stirred up and kept busy. The Holy Spirit comes down.

Of course, we all approach the people in different ways, but the basic message is the same: Christ has come again, True Parents are on earth!

Each of us uses the leaflet that he or she prefers (you find my leaflet attached). Surely we do not beat around the bush and do not waste time with time wasters. We are there to testify to as many as possible, and not to discuss and debate, especially not with people whose heart is closed and who just want to tell us that we are wrong. Of course, if someone has questions, we do answer them to some extent, but always ask them to study the websites on the leaflet and to come to Sunday Service. "Do your homework!"

Also we are not there to "prove" what we are proclaiming. People often want prove. I tell them that they can find proof for themselves, by studying and asking God and Jesus. We are there to testify, not to prove. Again: "Do your homework!"

Some people take our leaflet, others do not. But even those have got the message, at least with their ears. Very few people tell us that we are from the devil, heretics etc. But we do not care. We either say nothing in response or wish them God's blessing.

If someone is very open, we give some literature, also True Father's autobiography. We ask open minded people for their email address, and so later we can quite easily invite them to this and that and also send them some spiritual food from time to time. We can keep in connection via internet, at least. Often we meet people again and again out there in the busy places.

The leaflet I am using gives a short overview about restorational history (see in attachment). I find that very helpful. Often we see people reading the leaflet, right after they get it. So they got the basic message right on the spot. They can never forget it, even if they do not believe it now. But spirit world can more intensely work on them.

Plenty of people get the breaking news this way. I am sure that this is the best way for spirit world to work, for God to create miracles. Of course we cannot tell God when these miracles will happen and what they have to look like. It is up to God. He knows best.

When I am out there I try to not think about the response. My concern is that people get the message, by leaflet or at least acoustically. That for me is the most important thing.

We are out there to give God's gift to the people, not to GET anything from them. We are there to give the breaking news, and to love the people this way. 2013 is fast approaching, and we feel that there is no time to waste.

We are doing what God, Heung Jin Nim, Jesus, St. Paul and other high spirits cannot do, namely to be out there and to proclaim. They can push people once those have got the message. But we have to do the proclaiming.

Actually we are creating a witnessing culture. That is the foundation for many external results, like new members, to come. We need this faith and conviction, and then God can work.

I am sure that what In Jin Nim recently said, is true: ".... I can testify that the stronger I am and the bolder I am in talking about my faith and my parents and how incredible it is to have True Parents here with us, the more people want to hear. People want to study more. People want to read our True Father's autobiography....."

It is our spirit, our conviction, determination, joyfulness and perseverance that are so decisive. This moves people on earth as well as in spirit world. People need to see us being alive and full of the Holy Spirit. That's very important. And by proclaiming the Messiah, our True Parents, we come to be alive! And God's blessing can come down, in many ways.

Love from Bruno

Here is the leaflet 

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