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5th Proclamation Rally in South London

Bruno Klotz
January 29, 2011

The witnessing team here in South London, on its 5th Proclamation Rally, continues to share the Breaking News and profound proclamation that the Messiah is here on the earth: The team were out most days, come rain, shivers or shine.

We had a very nice surprise this month (in fact the day before the rally), as we were joined by one of our North London members, Peter Graham. Peter is a vocalist and guitarist and came down for the day to share with us and to add a flavor of 'Peace. Love and Blessing' to us all. (Which is also the name of his new album.)

It was in great compliment to our witnessing, having Peter with us for the day -- performing exuberant and appealing songs like Country Roads, Hallelujah, I Saw The Light, and many other beautifully strung out and emotional sounds as we testified to the Lord of the 2nd Advent. Many people neared. Many smiled. Many hearts were uplifted.

On the day of our Rally, our MC, Edward Mukasa, gave the welcome address: We could feel the dynamics embracing us from the spirit world as he sent forth a strong message to all: "This day is a day of declaration!" Throughout the meeting Edward continually appealed to the audience to take this message with utmost sincerity...

Our two main speakers were Derrick Davis and Jenny Thompson:

Derrick read True Father's speech (entitled "The New Future of Christianity"), with articulate enthusiasm and clarity; perpetuating the theme of earnestly and giving out a devout message of hope, love, and truth that needs to be heard and received by this Nation.

During the second part of our event, Jenny read the message of Jesus (which testifies that True Father is the Messiah of the Completed Testament Age). Jenny retold this speech (which comes directly from Jesus) with great passion and empathy; bringing the spirit of Jesus into the room. She left us with a truly thought provoking mindset as to what we had just heard.

Both speeches struck a deep chord of ambiance with the audience: There was a great aura of spirit in the room and this rose as we all joined in singing some very well-chosen songs.

After the video overview of True Father's life we heard the testimony of Peter Graham, our guest singer and guitarist. It was an amazing testimony that took Peter through some of his early days in the church and to when he found himself intrinsically guided to stay on that path: It also substantiated how God has selected each one of us, in our own individual and unique way, to bear direct witness at this time.

There were around 20 people in the meeting altogether, with three guests.

In the end Edward Mukasa reminded us of True Father's autobiography (which was available to purchase), along with some of the enchanting CDs that Peter Graham had brought along with him; introducing us to his new album.

We had a final hymn which made a delightful conclusion to another very well organized meeting, leaving us with much hope and promise of even better events coming up this New Year.

Then Derrick concluded the event with a powerful and moving prayer.

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