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Cain and Abel

Bruno Klotz
October 6, 2010

Question from Benjamin Benito:

This made me think that Hyun Jin has a direct communication to God. Since he is one of the Holy Sons of the Messiah, he no longer needs his younger brother just to be connected to God. I think, it's pretty much explanatory. From the Divine Principle, it says Cain does not have a direct communication to God. So, in order for Cain to connect to God, Cain has to go thru Abel. In the case of Hyun Jin, Hyung Jin, In Jin, Kook Jin and the rest of their blood lineage, I think, they don't need to channel their communication to God thru someone else's; to be clearer, Hyun Jin does not need Abel, In Jin does not Abel, Kook Jin does not need Abel.

What do you think?

But also, my special concern is, the human part of these all. My eyes is still wide open as to what these brings to the overall leadership. I knew how Christians were divided into sects, denominations, etc... We're not there yet. But I am seeing similarities. I am seeing similarities because all of these True Children, are very competitive. They don't back down. They're pretty much like their father (who never backs down). They're mostly very subjective.

God Bless the whole humanity.

Dear Ben,

I think the whole Cain Abel complex is not about communication, but restoration of heart.

Cain can communicate with God just as Abel can. Abel does not have a monopoly in this field of communication with God.

Dear Ben, if you were right with what you say, then none of us can communicate with God, because we are all "Cains" in one way or another. Why would we even bother to pray if only "Abel" can communicate with God?

If for example Cain has a question, then he or she can ask God directly, and He can answer in different ways. He can answer through Abel or in other ways, through other people, even a small child, or giving an intuition to Cain directly. The same with Abel. God can answer him directly, but also through other people, through Cain. God can more easily get his answer across to people who are very humble and loving with true love, no matter if Cain or Abel.

Cain and Abel is about restoration of heart. If we have good relationship with people, God can work. But if we are not humble, just creating difficulties in relationships, then God has difficulties to work us, no matter if we has the position of Cain or Abel. Then God has even difficulty to tell us something, because our heart may not be open enough.

I don't want to go into the question if in True Family we can talk about Cain and Abel, apart from that Father said that Abel is the one with the bigger heart. Surely God can work with a True Child better, if this True Child is very loving and supportive to the other True Children.

Apart from that I wonder if it would not be better if we forget about those terms of "Cain and Abel". I think its better to speak of people closer to God and others not so close. In the end we are all Gods children, brothers and sisters, a family of God. The talk about who is Cain and who is Able does not really help to create family atmosphere. Those who are closer to God simply help those who are bit more distant to also get closer to God. And then God can work.

Next point:

The way you write makes one wonder what the Kingdom of Heaven might be. Just a place of fighting between "competitive" people?

Father may seem competitive, but first and foremost he is humble and totally centered on God. So there is no ego. That's important to see. In true love there is no selfish competing.

Hyung Jin Nim asks us to complete, instead of competing. That makes sense to me. In completing others there is no ego, there is true love. There is the desire to make the other person better then oneself.

And if I see how In Jin Nim for example relates to her younger brother Hyung Jin Nim, I see that she supports him, completes him. And remember how Young Jin Nim supported Hyung Jin Nim, even sacrificing one year of his study.

And if you look into the relationship between Heung Jin Nim and Jesus, there is so much love and support. Jesus always bows down to Heung Jin Nim, but Heung Jin Nim says that Jesus is much better than him. One tries to uplift the other.

I think that's the Kingdom of heaven, not a place where everyone is just trying to put himself or herself up. The Kingdom is the place where people put themselves down, while putting others up. Otherwise its not the Kingdom, but a place of conflict.

Love from Bruno 

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