The Words of the Klotz Family

3rd Rally to proclaim the Messiah

Bruno Klotz
September 18, 2010
South London, UK

An unstoppable group of members was determined to share the Breaking News with everyone. They consistently went out almost every day to boldly proclaim that the Messiah is on the earth.

We were challenged in many ways. Nevertheless we had the faith that God can work based on our testifying to the returned Lord. We covered each other in areas of lacking, giving the Rally a smooth flow.

Our MC, Mr. Edward Mukasa, has made the mission of John the Baptist his own. In his welcome address you could feel multitudes in the spirit world cheering as they heard him say: "Today is a day of declaration!"

His introduction of each speaker, his sharing and closing remarks left no doubt in the minds and hearts of all as to what this meeting was about.

Our two main speakers were Mr. John O'Neill and Mr. Ashley Crosthwaite.

John read True Father's speech (from "The New future of Christianity" -- with an addition from the peace messages), and Ashley read Jesus' message (which testifies that True Father is the Messiah of the Completed Testament Age).

Edward's guest commented that both speeches "did it for her" this time (she already came to our previous two meetings). She said they were both read with passion, which moved her and gave her a clearer understanding of who True Father is.

Prior to the speeches and at the finale Mr. Ashley Crosthwaite gave his heart with some uplifting songs.

After the video overview of True Father's life we heard the testimony of Mrs. Annerose Adams. How God guided her to the Messiah was amazing, and it confirmed how God has handpicked each one of us to bear direct witness at this time.

This meeting had the most guests to date (13 new and 6 from previous meetings), with 24 members in attendance.

Pastor Franklin Fortune concluded by reminding us of True Father's autobiography, of the upcoming Little Angels' performance, and of our regular Divine Principle weekend workshops. His profound prayer gave God's blessing and was the perfect conclusion to a successful meeting, which left us energized and looking forward to greater things to come.

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