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Report On Second Proclamation Rally In South London

Bruno Klotz
July 6, 2010

Report on the 2nd Rally to proclaim the arrival of the Messiah, the Savior and Lord of the Second Advent on 6th July 2010 South London Peace Embassy.

Our new guests encouraged us to hold our second rally, even though it was scheduled at a very busy time, providentially.

Two members of the organizing committee (Bruno Klotz and Jenny Thompson) were already on their way to Korea. Ironically after Bruno had just gotten on the plane on his way to Korea he had a call from someone he met during street witnessing with Karu Chen.

The purpose of the call was to find out details of our event.

This person came to our rally and promptly signed up for DP study, he also expressed a strong desire to support our church (he came the following day to start his study).

The rally started with our MC Mr. Edward Musaka eloquently taking charge in guiding us, and reminding us of the evening's main theme. His introduction to True Parents as Messiah, Savior and Lord of the Second Advent was passionate and powerful. He truly prepared his audience to receive a very special blessing.

We were blessed by the presence of Mrs. Margaret Ali and Mr. Simon Rosselli who volunteered to do the readings. Margaret's delivery of True Parents' speech touched our hearts. It reawakened us to the truth of Divine Principle (DP) and the reality of God's kingdom being established now on earth.

Mr. Simon Rosselli expressed his gratitude to everyone who came and for the sacrifice they made to be at this important event. Simon became one with his speech (Jesus' message to all people), so much that one brother asked if it was the same speech he had heard in the first proclamation rally. The content was so revealing and moving.

After a short break True Parents' video was shown (an overview of True Parents' life taken from the recent autobiography). Our evening closed with a detailed testimony by Barbara Van Praag on how God and Jesus had led her to meet the True Parents. Finally Rev Prof. Okeeme overviewed his book dedicated to True Parents and aimed at Ambassadors of Peace, to give them deeper insight on True Father's mission.

Eight guests attended with four new, a total of twenty two people. As our MC said, with God we are the majority, even though numbers were down.

All the glory to God and True Parents! May the success of this event support the overall providence at this time. 

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