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Chung Song and Humility

Bruno Klotz
August 29, 2008

Beloved brothers and sisters,

These days we hear a lot about Cheon Song Conditions, and also about the necessity of being humble.

If we just focus on cheon song conditions and not -- at the same time -- on humility and right heart, then what can easily happen?

We might start to feel to be "better" than those who do less cheon song, we might start to look down on them, we might judge their "standard". We might accuse them. We might accumulate such wrong pride, arrogance.

That would be the moment where we get separated from God, where we end up in deep spiritual minus, and not in a great plus, as we might think.

That is the moment where we cut ourselves off from God and people, by our self-righteousness, our arrogance.

Then we become what Hyung Jin Nim told us NOT to become, judgmental and self-righteous. Then we are back in the era of "indemnity". Far away from the era of liberation and freedom.

We have to be very careful not to become like the Pharisees at Jesus time. It is very easy for religious people to go in such a direction. It is one of the main tricks that Satan uses to separate religious people from God.

Remember, not long ago Hyun Jin Nim said to the second generation: "You are like the Jews." Lets reflect why he might have said that.

Many people got separated from God by becoming self-righteous and judgmental, and did not even notice it, still thinking they are so great, so much better than others. Have we not all met such people, in all kinds of religions?

So we need to really make sure that we remain (or become) humble, embracing, empowering and encouraging. That is the best way to not fall into the trap of religious arrogance and pride.

If we just try to NOT be judgmental, that is not enough. Judgmental thoughts will still poison us. We have to overcome those thoughts by actively embracing and encouraging people. Thus we will become genuinely loving people, not just pretending.

Much love from Bruno 

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