The Words of the Klotz Family

True Love Has Incredible Power - Let Us Use This Power

Bruno Klotz
October 2007
National Messiah to UK

Father wants us to use the incredible power of true love to move the providence forward. This is also Heung Jin Nim's [HJN] desire, who is always asking us to make victories of true love, so that we can be more successful. "Heart is the way, love is the way". HJN.

And Father is asking us to "focus on heart". "If we focus on the heart, we can go beyond anything in the world. If we don't go this way everything will be burnt." Father. Father himself is always using the power of true love in his effort to move the providence. He wants us to do the same and thus take big burdens from his shoulders.

If we focus only on organization and strategy, we can progress slowly at best. But, if we use the potential of love in our heart, than nothing can stop us from advancing quickly. "Satan will fall you before touching. The power of your love will strike him down." HJN. And not only will Satan become blocked by the power of love, but God can exercise His power at the same time. Then things can really start to move.

That is why Jesus was asking our brothers and sisters in Moscow (1993) to not depend only on strategy, but rather focus on attitude: "Don't worry about strategy. Worry about your attitude." Attitude and love are of course very much connected with each other. Heung Jin Nim told us: "But you don't love, and without love, which is the strongest force in the spirit world, we can't do anything. Even a cold shower, for forty days, forty minutes a day, without an attitude of love, is not as valuable as one half a second of love."

So all of them, TP, HJN, Jesus, all are waiting for us to become experts of true love, under their guidance, especially with the help and direct education from HJN, Jesus and DMN from spirit world.

As we use the incredible power of true love, we will see the coming of the kingdom over night. But we have to use this power constantly and consciously, in daily life, everywhere, with whomever we meet. True Mother said: "The truly most important thing is to truly love the people whom you are dealing with."

Father and HJN are speaking of "Love Olympics". This is what they want to see. Love Revolution. But that requires of us to become owners of such love, to become such love. We need to make effort to practice this love in all our relationships. That will make the difference. This will bring God down into our lives and heart.

And this goes by daily challenging our limits of love, by exercising our hearts and stretching them to the limit, by always making sure that we are as humble as possible towards everyone.

And not only that, we need to constantly make effort to be kind, patient, embracing, forgiving, uplifting, understanding, compassionate. The more we do this the more our fallen nature will be pushed out by the growing divinity in our hearts. The more true love we practice the more God can work. Because love is a power with unimaginable proportions, as Father said. And Heung Jin Nim told us: "This is the key. It is so simple. If you can love one another as I have loved you."

True love is the key, true unconditional love. True love is like a spiritual atomic bomb. The question is if we realize this and put it into practice. Let us use the incredible power of true love that we all have in our hearts.

Let us use and develop our capacity to love. "Your capacity to love is greater than you think, greater than you dream." HJN We can use the power of true love all the time at any place in all kinds of relationships, in all kinds of situations. There is no limit to it enough opportunities every day.

The more we use the power of true unconditional love the more we shake heaven and earth. This way we can shorten the providence.

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